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Piranha Plant
A dangerous Piranha Plant.
Species Origin Carnivorous Plant
Rarity Common
Alignment Bad
Affiliation(s) Koopa Troop
Venus Fire Trap
Venus Ice Trap
Pale Piranha
Spiky Piranha Plant
Fake Fire Flower
Fake Ice Flower
Dry Piranha
Notable Members
Petey Piranha
Dino Piranha

The Piranha Plant (Known as Planta Piraña in Spanish) is a flower species, and also a common enemy from the Super Mario series. There appearance is that of a normal flower with a round head replacing the flower. Their heads are usually red with white spots, but they can come in a variety of colors, which occasionally affects their abilities. They are most commonly found in pipes, but have also appeared growing freely in the ground. While most are stationary, a select few have mutated, allowing them to freely walk around.Some are able to breath fire balls.

Game Appearances

Smash Tactics

In Smash Tactics, Piranha Plants are the defensive structures of the Mushroom Kingdom team. Piranha Plants can be built, and they are upgraded to Bungee Piranhas (which do extra damage to, and hit multiple, ground units, but cannot damage air units). Another defensive structure is the Firebar, which does very much damage and only hits air units.

Yoshi's Island 2

According to a recent magazine article, Piranha Plants will appear in Yoshi's Island 2. They appear to act the same as they did it the original.

Bass and beyond

A Piranha Plant like the one seen in Mario Party DS has been confirmed as the bass line player in Mario Guitar World. Although he is not a playable character he may be playable in a future game, about extending the range of guitar to a full band.

Mario Kart Blast!

Piranha Plant is a new playable character.His name is spelled "Phirana Plant".You unlock "him" by beating every course on time trials in under 1:10 minutes.

Mario Super Party

Piranha Plant appears in Mario Super Party as an Ally.

Mario & Luigi: Powered-Up

Piranha Plants reappear in Mario & Luigi: Powered-Up as common enemies debuting in Pine Woods. They appear all through out the area, starting at the area where Mario and Luigi land from the Sky Bridge. In addition, a species of Piranha Plant called the Pine Piranha Plant is also found, inhabiting Warp Pipes. In order to use the the pipes, the Bros. must whack them with hammer/


Mario Kart Silver

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