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Inkling Splatters the Competition!
Universe Splatoon
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances Newcomer
Availability Starter
Final Smash Ink Blaster

Inkling (暗示, Anji) appears as a newcomer in Super Smash Bros. VRevealed at E3 2018 in their reveal trailer along with the Official Trailer for the game.

Inklings are the characters players can control in Splatoon. Inkings can alternate between a humanoid form and a squid form that bears a resemblance to the Bloopers from the Super Mario video game series.

The humanoid form has a black marking resembling a mask around their eyes, pointed ears, and "hair" that resembles a squid's tentacles. They possess pointed teeth that appear to be similar to a squid's beak. The squid form resembles a brightly-colored cephalopod with two pronounced tentacles and two large eyes that seemed to be joined.

Inkling is confirmed to have no alternate costume.

For their appearances in SSBV, The Inklings don’t have a voice actor but they do “speak” in their artificially made language.



  • Average weight with the Splat Roller/Charger

  • Fast Faller.

  • Good Field control thanks to Ink

  • Moves very fast while Traversing Ink

  • Good Kill Power

  • Strong Special and Smash Attacks


  • Pretty weak regular attacks with the Splashooter.

  • Lightweight (with Splashooter) and relatively slow especially with the Splat Roller/Charger

  • Completely empty ink gauge means any ink consuming move cannot be used.

  • Short jump height.

  • Some special attacks can be hard to hit.


Inkling is a loaded character, literally. They come packed with Ink and powerful, powerful attacks. The Side Special you run decides your weapon and your weapon decides your attacks and power. They have really good kill power with their attacks and their Special and Smash attacks are really powerful. Their Ink feature really helps them out in battle and will be discussed in a separate section.

One of the bad things about the Inklings is that they are relatively slow, especially with their 2 heavier weapons. Being slow combined with a medium-light weight usually isn’t a good thing. You may feel that their Special Attacks may be hard to hit at times.

Inklings jump height is much higher with the Splashooter.


Inkling comes packed with a special feature known as Ink. The can damage with the ink, recover with it (Alt Up Special), and cover the ground with the Ink. When the Ink is covering the ground, Inkling can travel through through it in squid mode and move about much faster. The ink will disappear splatter after splatter as Inkling is damaged (can range from 16% to 30% taken). Taunting keeps the Ink puddles staying a bit longer (ranging from 4%-10% (damage taken) longer). The Ink can effect opponents that step on it. Opponents who are on the ink can trip at random times (similar to Brawl’s tripping effect) and they’re jump height is reduced.

Players that use the Ink well can really be forces to be reckoned with.

(May seem overpowered but it really isn’t.)


Ground Attacks

Name Damage Description
Neutral Attack Splashooter: 3%, Splat Roller: 6%, Splat Charger: 4.5% Attacks opponent with weapon. The Splashooter melee the fastest. The Splat Roller is the strongest and the Splat Charger is a mix between the two.
Neutral Combo
Dash Attack 3%, 2% (late) Slides foot first into opponent.
Side Tilt Splashooter: 2%, Splat Roller: 5%, Splat Charger: 4% With the Splashooter, fires a small ink pellet that functions similar to Megaman's Neutral Attack in SSB4 but less faster. Simply stretches out the other 2 weapons to attack.
Up Tilt Splashooter: 4%, Splat Roller: 9%, Splat Charger: 8% Swipes weapon upward. Very good juggle and combo capability. The Splashooter has the best juggle and combo capability out of the 3, though.
Down Tilt Splashooter: 3%, Splat Roller: 7%, Splat Charger:6% With the Splashooter, does a quick leg sweep. Simply sweeps with the other 2 weapons.
Side Smash Splashooter: 11%, Splat Roller: 14%, Splat Charger: 15% With the Splashooter, rapid fires a series of ink (10 to be exact; counts as the Ink Shot meaning it runs gauge) at the opponent, the final ink pellet doing large knockback. Slams the Splat Roller onto the opponent. Uses the Splat Charger as a spear. The Splat Roller and Charger KO a bit earlier than the Splashooter.
Up Smash Splashooter: 10% (each), Splat Roller: 15%, Splat Charger: 14% With the Splashooter, shoots 3 shots of Ink in the air (Up-Left, Upwards, the Up-Right) which deal immense knockback if hit with. Counts as Ink Shot so runs gauge. With the other to simply swipes them upwards.
Down Smash Splashooter: 12%, Splat Roller: 16% (each side), Splat Charger: 14%, 17% (tip) Spins around with weapon hitting both sides. Opponents can be caught in both hits if hit at the base.

Aerial Attacks

Name Damage Description
Neutral Aerial 2% (each hit) Inkling goes into squid mode and spins similar to a flying disc.
Forward Aerial 6% Inkling goes into squid mode and swipes a tentacle forward. Good knockback.
Back Aerial 4% (each) Inkling goes into squid mode and swipes both tentacles backward.
Up Aerial 11% Inkling goes into squid mode and claps both tentacles together. Good kill move at higher percents.
Down Aerial 10%, 13% (sweetspot) Inkling goes into squid mode and swipes one tentacle downward. Sweetspotted (center part of tentacle) can spike.

Grabs and Throws

Name Damage Description
Pummel Splashooter: 1.6%, Splat Roller: 3%, Splat Charger: 2.5% *Turns hand tentacle and grabs with it, medium range*

Hits opponent with weapon.

Forward Throw 2% (spin), 7% (throw) Spins opponent then tosses them forward.
Back Throw 2% (spin), 6% (throw) Spins opponent then throws them overhead backward
Up Throw 2% (spin), 8% (throw) Spins opponent then throws them overhead skyward. Can KO lighter fighters at 124%+
Down Throw 7% Slams opponent into the ground.


Name Damage Description
Floor Attack (front) 7% Gets up spinning in squid mode.
Floor Attack (bank) 7% Gets up spinning in squid mode.
Floor Attack (trip) 5% Swings weapon.
Edge Attack 7% Gets up attacking with tentacle in squid mode.

Special Attacks

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Sink and Traversion 9% (normal), 12% (reverse) Inkling sinks into the ink. You can now move left or right and can press B to pop out. If you pop out near the opponent, and attack animation will ensue and you attack the opponent coming out. Double tap B to pop out jumping; this is useful for opponents who may be on platforms. Has good damage and high knockback and is also a good kill move. If the ink disappears while you’re moving you automatically pop out. Can be hit while in squid mode as long as moving. Can also jump into a separate group of ink by tapping B right after you jump out. If there’s no ink to sink into, an animation involving the Inklings looking behind them will occur.
Alternate 1 Electrified Sink and Traversion 3% (both normal and reverse) Sink and Traversion with electricity. When you pop out attacking the opponent they’re instead paralyzed similar to Zero Suit’s paralyzer effects. Attack is based off the electric eel.
Alternate 2 Slippery Sink and Traversion 5% (normal), 9% (reverse) Sink and Traversion that has a higher “jump-pop out” and can trip opponents sometimes. Lower damage and knockback than the Sink and Traversion.
Side Special Ink Shot 4% Inkling fires Ink from the Splashooter. Does good damage and pushes opponents back. Covers ground much slower but fires pretty fast and consumes less Ink from the ink gauge. 24 shots before Ink gauge needs to be fully recharged.
Alternate 1 Ink Roll 2% Makes weapon the Splat Roller. Inkling rolls the Splat Roller covering ground. Covers ground faster than the other 2 weapons. The rolling does very small damage to opponents and pushes them back. Can roll for 6 seconds straight before Ink Gauge needs to be fully recharged.
Alternate 2 Ink Charge Shot 15% Makes weapon the Splat Charger. Inkling charges the Splat Charger. Release Side B to shoot Ink in the direction inputted. Covers more ground with one shot compared to the Splattershot and is much more powerful and has really high damage but leaves you vulnerable. Two shots before Ink Gauge needs to be fully recharged.
Up Special Inkling Launch 6% (immediate contact), 4% Inkling goes into squid mode and launches into the air. Has very good range. The pressure on Inkling can damage opponents. Immediate contact can send opponents flying and potentially KO at higher percentages.
Alternate 1 Boosted Ink Launch Inkling travels much farther but this version has no hurtboxes.
Alternate 2 Ink Jet 1% (splatters) Inkling uses its Ink Gauge to travel in any direction it wants. Can travel for 5 seconds before Ink gauge needs to fully recharged. Also drops Ink.
Down Special Ink Bomb 8%, 11% (Full Charge), 1% (radius splatter) Inkling drops a bomb which detonates after 1-2 beeps depending on the distance. The distance can be adjusted by holding the input down. Has a medium-large radius and splatters ink as well. Has high knockback.
Alternate 1 Killer Wail 8% Inkling sets up the Killer Wail which then deals decent damage while blowing opponents back quite a distance depending on their percentage. Can only be used once a stock and takes 3 seconds to setup. Lighter opponents can be blown off screen view from the middle of Final Destination at 90% or higher. The blast can be shielded but you’ll still be blown back, only thing is you won't go off the stage. The blast also takes away a lot of shield.
Alternate 2 Splash Wall 2% A reflecting move. Inkling rapidly pulls out and sets up (at the end of they day it's still a videogame haha) the Splash Wall which reflects projectiles back stronger with more knockback and drops a small amount of ink on the ground after use. Does slight damage on immediate contact.
Final Smash Ink Blaster 5% (each drop) Inkling Hops of the stage and there’s a transition to an animation of Inkling setting up the Ink Blaster and firing it off into the air. The Ink drops fall all over the stage (even off the stage!) hitting anything it touches dealing high knockback. Somewhat similar to PK Starstorm. When its over the whole stage is covered in ink, which of course disappears after the ink time limit, and Inkling returns back to the stage.

Animations and Misc.


About the same height as Mario.


SIDE - Inkling giggles and says something in its language.

UP - Inkling celebrates by jumping twice while laughing.

DOWN - Inkling transforms into squid mode and bounces twice on the ground.

Character Selection Screen Animation

Inkling is shown laughing apparently loudly, weapon withdrawn.

On Screen Appearance

Inkling appears in squid mode in a puddle of Ink, pops out and shakes the ink off. The ink disappears right after.

Victory Animations

  • Only with Splashooter: Jumps about happily while holding Splashooter, does a final high jump, lands, then poses with Splashooter slightly in the air.

  • Only with Splashooter: Jumps, pulls Splashooter, then does a gunman pose.

  • Only with Splat Roller: Rolls Ink Roller onto the scene. Brings it up then pulls out a big smile.

  • Only with Splat Roller: Swipes the roller about then places it on its shoulder with its back towards the screen.

  • Only with Splat Charger: Spins around with Splat Charger twice, pumps it in the air, then points it at the screen.

  • Only with Splat Charger: Spins around with Splat Charger twice then takes aim.

  • With All: Traverses ink in squid mode pops out and giggles, weapon withdrawn.

Losing Animation

Inkling is seen clapping with a small smile.

Crowd Cheer


Victory Theme

A flourished remix of the Splatoon Victory Theme.

Fighting Stance

Stands slightly hunched holding weapon and bouncing from side to side.

Idle Poses

  • Inkling looks around then giggles.

  • Inkling kicks the ground.


Simple walk while holding weapon.


Dashes while holding weapon.


To be added.

Palette Swaps and Alternate Costume w/Palette Swap


Color Origin/Description
Male Default Blue Male Inkling's default appearance. Blue Ink
Female Default Orange Female Inkling's default appearance. Orange Ink.
Male Second Turqouise A turquoise coloration of the male Inkling. Turquoise ink.
Female Second Lime Green A lime green coloration of the female Inkling. lime green ink.
Male Third Purple A purple coloration of the male Inkling. Purple ink.
Female Third Pink A pink coloration of the female Inkling. Pink ink.
Male Fourth Emerald An emerald coloration of the male Inkling. Cyan ink. His skin tone is darker.
Female Fourth Yellow A yellow coloration of the female Inkling. Yellow ink. Her skin tone is darker.

Reveal Trailer

Here To Make a Mess

The Reveal Trailer Starts off with Mario, Fox, Link, and Kirby running through an urban area. They come up to a large puddle of orange ink. They then hear a loud giggle and are then attacked by ink shots. They then proceed to evade the shots. They look up, and they see Inkling holding her Splashooter laughing. Then she gets serious really quick and points her Splashooter at the screen and then her promo comes in: "Inkling Splatters the Competition!". She then begins to fire orange ink as the screen is then covered in orange.

Now comes the gameplay. The Music used in the gameplay portion is the Splatoon Main Theme. Inkling is shown shooting ink all over various confirmed stages. It also shows off her main special moves and then shows her alternate side special and everything else that has to do with her moveset. It also shows Splatoon-Copied Kirby. It then shows her out of ink as she runs away chased by Donkey Kong. Then it shows her performing her Final Smash on Mario, Fox, and Link. That follows up with her doing her side taunt. To end off the trailer it shows shooting ink everywhere then finally at the screen. The post-trailer shows the Male Inkling running up to her tired from running then female Inkling proceeds to hug him happily. It then shows a battle betweem Mario, Link, Pikachu, and male Inkling going on at Blackbelly Skatepark; confirming it as a new stage in the game.


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