"Inkling gets the battlefield dirty!"

(Introduction tagline)

NSM InklingGirl
Splatoon symbol
The Squid Squad!
Series Splatoon
First appearance Splatoon (2015)
Recent game Splatoon (2015)
Availability Starter
Final Smash Kraken
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Inklings, the Squid Squad, join the battle in Super Smash Bros. NeXt! These humanoids squids are well known because of their trend to have massive fights 4v4 in huge areas, making the battlefield so dirty! In Super Smash Bros. NeXt, you can choose either female or male Inkling. They however share each attribute. Also, Inkling is the only character in Smash NeXt that has to use a color-matching palette for Team Battles. Sakurai stated that he's decided this because he felt that it would match better Splatoon and because Inklings can swim in their team's ink. Having the same ink color would be more recognizable for players.


In Splatoon, Inklings spread their ink on the whole battlefield and then swim in it as squids. Sakurai himself stated that: "We wanted to recreate Inkling with their own abilities in Smash, but Splatoon is an FPS while Smash a fighting game. So we decided to add the ink/squid gimmick! With Inkling, you are able to transform in the Squid form, which allows you to move faster but only in the ink that you can shoot while human. However, ink disappears after 6 seconds and by shooting too much, you'll run out of ammo. You can recharge your ink tank by swimming as a squid or just waiting. Also dodging and, in general, each action that transforms you in the Squid will recharge the tank." Definitely, Inkling is a tactic character, very good in camping and taking control of the battlefield. However, Inkling is quite slow in movement and she isn't agile, hindering her combo ability. Also she is somewhat floaty making her a great target for jugglers. Luckily, in Squid form Inkling is faster (she's one of the fastest characters in the game) and has better air speed.

Pros and cons


  • Great camping game.
  • Many attacks have good range and disjointed hitboxes.
  • In Squid form, she's one of the fastest characters in the game.
  • Good air mobility.
  • Other Inklings who walk in other Inklings' ink are slower and are less agile.


  • In humanoid form she's quite slow and not so agile.
  • She can finish ink.
  • Hard-to-land finishers.


Ground attacks

Move Name Damage Description
Jab Combo Splattershot 3% Inkling shoots an ink projectile. After some time, the projectiles falls on the ground, covering the ground with ink.
Side tilt Burst Bomb 11% Inkling throws a powerful bomb, that explodes once touches the opponent or the ground.
Up tilt Splat Bomb 15% (explosion), 2% (bomb) Inkling throws upwards a powerful bomb that only explodes after 1 second. Touching the bomb until it hasn't exploded inflicts few damage and no knockback. The explosion starts KOing at 90%.
Down tilt Splash Wall 1% (per hit), 4% (explosion) Inkling puts a barrier of falling ink. It doesn't inflict knockback and the Splash Wall explodes after 8 seconds. While inflicting few damage, the explosion can KO at 120%.
Dash attack Squidrill 1% (hits 1-3), 4% (hit 4). Inkling turns into the Squid form drilling on the opponent. This move has high ending lag but low start-up.
Forward Smash Blaster 17% (ink), 22% (explosion) Inkling uses her Blaster to shoot a powerful ink bomb. After some time, it explodes, inflicting higher damage and knockback. This move uses the most ink in Inkling's moveset.
Up Smash Squid jump 37% (sweetspot), 19% (jumping), 7% (landing) Inkling transforms in squid and jumps upwards at low height. This move has a very powerful sweetspot right on the point on the head when she just starts jumping. The sweetspot starts KOing at 85% when fully charged. This move recharges the ink tank.
Down Smash Double Tsunami 12% (front), 14% (back) Inkling transforms in squid and swims in circle, attacking first forward then backwards. The backwards strike is stronger and stars KOing at 122%.

Aerial attacks

Move Name Damage Description
Neutral aerial 1% (hits 1-9). Inkling transforms in squid and spins nine times like a drill. The first 8 hits have low, fixed knockback with a vacuum effect.
Forward aerial Jet Squelcher 6% (close) 4% (far) Inkling shoots a weak projectile, that can fall on the ground, covering it. The recoil allows Inkling to move backwards, making this move a great spacing tool.
Back aerial Aerospray MG 2% per hit. Inkling shoots eight times backward. While this move's projectiles can't cover the ground, they are a great racking damage tool. This move doesn't use ink.
Up aerial Luna Blaster. 8% (ink), 14% (explosion) This move acts like the forward Smash but in a weaker form and aiming upwards. This move uses less ink than forward Smash. The recoil moves the Inkling downwards.
Down aerial Trap. Variable (-% Disruptor, 12% Ink Mine, 5% Seeker). Inkling drops a trap in this order: Disruptor, Ink Mine and Seeker. If the trap goes on the ground, it will have an effect different for each weapon. Disruptor slows down the opponents and uses the least ink between the traps, Ink Mine inflicts the most damage and knockback while using the most ink and Seeker chases the closest opponent.

Grab and throws

Move Damage Description
Grab -% Inkling grabs the opponent with the left hand.
Pummel 1% Inkling batters the Splattershot on the opponent.
Forward throw 5% (throw), 3% (shot) Inkling throws the opponent forward shooting a projectile without using any ink.
Back throw 5% (throw), 3% (shot) This move acts like forward throw but launching the opponent backwards. They also share the same knockback.
Up throw 13% Inkling stun the opponent and puts a Suction Bomb on him. The bomb explodes after 30 frames and launches the opponent upwards. Due to fixed knockback, this move always connects with up tilt.
Down throw 7% Inkling transforms in squid and jumps on the opponent, inflicting damage to him.


Move Name Damage Description
Floor attack (front) 4% Inkling becomes the squid and attacks first forward, then backward. Then gets up.
Floor attack (back) 4% Inkling becomes the squid and attack first backward, then forward. Then gest up.
Ledge attack 5% Inking uses her Splattershot as a hammer while returning on the stage.

Special moves

Move Name Damage Description
Standard Special Splat Charger 12% Inkling charges her Splat Charger, then she shoots a powerful projectile that covers a great area, making this move an useful way to cover the battlefield.
Standard Special: custom move 1 E-Liter 3K 18% Gains some power and range while becoming slower. Also changes the weapon and may the victory pose.
Standard Special: custom move 2 Classic Squiffer 9% Loses some power while becoming faster. This variation uses less ink too and changes the weapon and the victory pose.
Side Special Splat Roller 18% (shake), 11% (Roll) Inkling holds her Splat Roller. She can move around by holding B and by moving she spreads ink. The start-up when Inkling shakes the roller has high knockback.
Side Special: custom move 1 Dynamo Roller 22% (shake), 27% (Roll) This variation makes Inkling moving slower and uses more ink while gaining some power. Also, this version is less powerful when shaking the roller, changes the weapon and the victory pose.
Side Special: custom move 2 Inkbrush 10% (shake), 6% (brush) With this variation Inkling can't move freely as she dashes forward. This variation is also less powerful but uses the least ink. The weapon and the victory pose change too.
Up Special Squid Jump -% Inkling jumps upward in squid form. During the start-up, she gains light armor and you can aim her direction. However, once she's jumped you can only slightly aim the direction of the jump.
Up Special: custom move 1 Squid Beakon -% This version drastically change this move: the first time you press Up B, Inkling will put a Squid Beakon where she is. By pressing Up B again, she'll jump to the Squid Beakon. The Beakon can be destroyed if it takes 20% of damage.
Up Special: custom move 2 Squid Missile 1% (hits 1-14), 4% (hit 15) Loses the direction's choice and some height while gaining a powerful hitbox that traps the opponent and attack 15 times. The last hit has good knockback, making this move a good finisher.
Down Special Squid form -% Inkling transforms into the Squid form. In this form, she can swim faster in the ink and has better air speed. Press Down B again to return the Inkling.
Down Special: custom move 1 Ninja Squid -% Inkling is slower and takes less ink in the tank but it's impossible to see where she is.
Down Special: custom move 2 Swim Speed Up -% Inkling takes the least ink in the tank but swims faster (now being the fastest character in the game).
Final Smash Kraken Inkling becomes for 14 seconds a Kraken. In this form, she's invulnerable and moves as fast as she is a squid. The only way she has to attack is by jumping but this move is very strong.



  • Shakes her foot.
  • Points her Spattershot forward.


  • Up: checks her ink tank
  • Side: faces the screen and moves her head forward as she say "Man, the fight is there."
  • Down: crouches. During this taunt, she charges up her ink tank.

Fighting stance

Similar to Splatoon's, as she keeps her Splattershot horizontally and she moves like she's dancing.

Victory poses

Note: each victory pose strongly resembles a winning pose from Splatoon.

  • Jumps happily with her blaster. The blaster can either be the Splattershot, the Blaster or the Aerospray MG.
  • Holds her roller on her shoulder. The roller changes depending to the custom move as it can be the Splat Roller, the Dynamo Roller or the Inkbrush.
  • Points her charger upwards. The charger changes depending to the custom move as it can be the Splat Charger, the E-Liter 3K or the Classic Squiffer.

Losing animation

Note: Inkling is the only character with three losing animation. Each one strongly resembles a losing pose from Splatoon.

  • Desperate, kneels one the ground slamming her blaster. The blaster can either be the Splattershot, the Blaster or the Aerospray MG.
  • Holds her roller on her shoulder saying "No" with the head. The roller changes depending to the custom move as it can be the Splat Roller, the Dynamo Roller or the Inkbrush.
  • Jumps very angry with her charger, then gets her hair and looks down, sad. The charger changes depending to the custom move as it can be the Splat Charger, the E-Liter 3K or the Classic Squiffer.

On-screen appearance

Comes out from an ink puddle.

Walking and dashing animations

  • Walk: walks with her blaster pointed horizontally.
  • Dashing: runs with her blaster pointed horizontally.


  • Dodging: quickly becomes the squid and moves forward/backward.
  • Spot dodge: quickly becomes the squid and dodges in a puddle.
  • Air dodge: quickly becomes the squid and twirls.

Crowd cheer


Victory theme

A remix of Splatoon's victory theme (from 00.00 to 00.10)

Trophy description

These guys are Inklings. They are known to do massive 4v4 matches in which the team that covers the most ground with their color wins: the Turf Wars! Inkling are also famous for their transforming ability: in fact they can become Squids to swim in faster in their ink. In Smash Bros., Inklings come with their great selection of weapon including shooting weapons, charger weapons and rollers. They are able to transform in Squid too! But attention: they can also finish the ink...

Appeared in: Splatoon (U, 5/15)

Revealing trailer

Trailer's name: Get ready for the NeXt generation!

The trailer starts with a red and a blue Smash logos that collide becoming a bigger purple logo. Then the scene starts with Mario who's holding a flag that says "Get ready for the NeXt generation!" on a peak. After that, the other Original 8 are seen arriving: who's running, who's driving a starship, who's riding a horse or a star. Some gameplay sequences start with the veterans fighting each other. At some point, DK is fighting against Like who uses his boomerang and attacks the Kong. After this, a storm of ink comes on him: INKLING GETS THE BATTLEFIELD DIRTY! New gameplay footage featuring Inkling is seen:

  • female orange and male blue Inklings are seen fighting each other.
  • Male cyan shoots some ink and swims away as a Squid. Arrives a female blue that can't walk well.
  • Samus is seen charging her Charge Shot when female orange shoots with the Splat Charger to her.
  • Fox is seen outrunning a male orange but he transforms in squid and he's faster.
  • Eight Inklings, four orange and four blue are seen fighting like in a Turf War.

Female orange and male blue Inklings are now calm when appears a giant green hand and a voice says "You forgot my father, but you won't forget me!": MATTHEW SHOWS HIS PSYENERGY! A gameplay footage starring Matthew starts:

  • Link, Samus and Inkling are charging their weapons, then they shoot but Matthew reflects the projectiles with his Move psyenergy.
  • DK launches him out of the stage but he returns with the Bramble. Then he says: "Do you really think I don't have my tools?"
  • Attacks (in order) with these moves, showing their effects and saying their name: Haunt, Thunder, Ragnarok, Thunder, Annihilation, Cure, Spire, Growth, Helm Splitter and Gaia. At the end he say: "Finally... JUDGMENT!" and shows this attack.

Then the Smash logo returns, showing the game's name: Super Smash Bros. NeXt.

Special thanks

Credits to Inkling's artworks go to Arsty Omni and the Smashified group. So thank them to the wonderful work they are doing!

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