"Inkling makes the battlefield dirty!" (Introduction tagline)

Inkling is a strange character: he doesn't attack by using melee hits but he shoots! You can control the direction of the shoots by using the Control Stick and he can also shoot while he jumps! If you shoot on the ground, you will color it (but only for a minute)! He is a Ranged character and he hasn't got a main element.

Special Moves

Standard Special: Ink Roller. Inkling takes an Ink Roller, which inflicts 12% of damage, and colors the field. Maybe you are thinking why he does it. Under there is the answer.

Side Special: Squid Form. Exactly! Inkling can move in his Squid Form. In this form he's speeder but he can only move into ink-marked battlefield zones.

Up Special: Squid Jump. Inkling jumps very high inflicting 18% of damage to everyone he meets.

Down Special: Ink Bomb. Inkling throws an Ink Bomb which colors a large area of the battlefield and inflicts 24% of damage.

Final Smash: Invincible Squid. A great Ink Bomb colors all the battlefield and you can move like a squid but you are invincible and touching the opponents in squid form inflict damage! The bomb inflict 29% of damage and touching the opponents inflicts 15% of damage.

Special Ability: Ink Cannon. Inkling can't perform melee attacks but he/she can shoot by pressing the Standard button. He/she can walk, jump and modify the ink direction.

Unlock Criteria

Meet him in Story Mode or do 2 Multi-Man Matches.

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