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Note: this page talks about this character in Super Smash Bros. Devastation.


Inkling in SSBDevastation

Inkling makes the battlefield dirty! This strange character with a great appeal has appeared for the first time in Splatoon, in 2015 so she's fought in the first level of the All-Star Mode.


Inkling is another unique character: she doesn't have any jab combo, side tilt and neutral aerial attack: instead, she shoots. Inkling's shoots are also different because once they hit something or after a little period, they will explode, tainting the battlefield. The ink's dirt will disappear after a little time or once the Inkling runs into this in his Squid form. Inkling's main flaw is the absence of a true finisher. However, Inkling has a great defense transforming in a Squid and swimming in the ink. This feature, makes her invulnerable.

  • Weight: 6/10
  • Speed: 7/10 (8/10 in Squid form)
  • Jump: 6/10 (9/10 in Squid form)
  • Throws: 7/10

Special Moves

  • Standard: Squid form. Inkling becomes a squid. In this form, she can swim in the ink and take no damage, even from the Final Smashes! Customization: Cutter Squid/Swordfish.
  • Side: Ink Roll. Inkling's shooter becomes an ink roll. This move inflicts 9% of damage to each enemy which touches and makes a great ink line. Customization: Acid Ink/Speedy Roll
  • Up: Ink Jump. Inkling jumps upwards. This move deals no damage but dirties the battlefield. Customization: High Ink Jump/Diagonal Jump
  • Down: Ink Bomb. Inkling makes a bomb and then she can throw it. This move deals 15% of damage, a low set knockback and dirtied the battlefield. Customization: Mighty Bomb/Squirting Ink.
  • Final Smash: Ink Wave. Inkling summons a wave of ink, which inflicts up to 59% of damage and dirties all the battlefield.
  • Ability: squid form. Inkling can be a squid while holding the special moves button. In this form, she can move only in the ink and can't attack but is invulnerable.
  • Ability: ink. For 15 seconds after the shot, the ink remains in the battlefield.
  • Ability: no punches. Inkling's jab combo, side tilt and neutral aerial are shoots. In particular, neutral jab is a normal shot, side tilt is a walking shot and neutral aerial is a diagonal shot in downwards.

Technical Facts

  • Air dodge: Brawl
  • Wavedash: no
  • Traction: medium
  • Taunt: adjusts her glasses.
  • Entrance: transforms in Inkling from being a squid.
  • Weight value: 102


  • There are only females Inklings in this game, Blue Male Inkling is a scenario element.

Palette Swap

  • Adventure Lime (default)
  • Known Orange (red team)
  • Rival Blue (blue team)
  • Dirty Green (green team)
  • Speedy Pink
  • Strong Light Blue
  • Personalized Inkling
  • Old White

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