Inkling Smash5
Series Splatoon
Recent Game U Splatoon
Availability Starter
Final Smash Inkstrike

The Inkling stars as a newcomer in Super Smash Bros 5. Aesthetically Inklings look how they do in the game Splatoon. The Inkling’s new feature is that it can cover the ground and walls of the stage in ink that comes into contact with it. Almost all of its moves have this ability. If the ink takes enough damage it will be destroyed and it can also be covered in another Inklings ink. The colour of the ink is determined by which costume you use. When you are in your own ink your attacks are slightly stronger and you will be able to swim through it in squid form.


Attack Description Attack Description
Standard Jab Takes a few shots with the Splattershot which can cover the ground and/or walls in front of it in ink. Side Tilt Takes a few shots with the Splattershot while walking.
Up Tilt Swings its gun upward. Down Tilt Does a small kick along the ground.
Dash Attack Dashes for a few steps then swings its gun forward. Neutral Air Takes a few shots with its Splattershot.
Forward Air Swings its gun forward in an arc. Back Air Thrusts its gun behind itself.
Up Air Fires a few shots of ink upward. Down Air Fires some ink downwards.
Side Smash Fires a flurry of ink forwards covering the ground in ink. This move is similar to the Mii Gunner’s Side Smash. Up Smash Same as side smash but fires directly upwards.
Down Smash Fires ink from the Splattershot to both sides of the Inking.
Move Name Description Custom Move
Neutral Special Splat Charger The Inkling charges up the Splat Charger and releases a powerful shot of ink. The longer it is charger the further it shoots and stronger the ink is. The ground under the shot gets covered in ink. E-Litre 3K – Takes longer to charge but has more range and does more damage.
Side Special Splat Roller Charges forward with the Splat Roller covering the ground in ink and damaging opponents. If the special button is pressed again while you are charging forward the Inkling will stop and perform a huge splash which launches a large amount of ink forward. Ink Brush – Goes faster but does less damage. When the button is pressed again a flurry of ink will be launched.
Up Special Squid Jump The Inkling turns into its squid form and launches upward. The direction can be changed slightly by moving the control stick left or right. This move does no damage and when the move is over the Inking turns back into its standard form. Damaging Squid Jump – The move does damage to opponents but does not go as high.
Down Special Squid Dive The Inkling turns into its squid form and can freely swim through its own ink. This move also allows the squid to swim up walls covered in ink. If the move is used for over 10 seconds however the Inkling will emerge and transform into its standard form. Kraken – The Inkling turns into the Kraken which hurts opponents who come into contact with it. However the Kraken cannot hide in ink and the move only lasts 5 seconds.
Final Smash Inkstrike The Inkling fires a rocket upward into the air which then explodes into a huge torrent of ink which does high damage to opponents.

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