Splatoon-Inkling Render 001
Series SSB Splatoon Series
Lifespan (2015)Splatoon
Availability Secret
Victory Theme [Splatoon]
Home Stage Octopus Army Corps
Final Smash Paint Bomb

Inkling is a fighter that appears in Super Smash Bros. Blitz, and another heavily requested character amoung fans after the game's realese. Inkling, as expected has a special mechanic that allows her to shoot ink and then swim in it as a squid.


Inkling is a very unique character, as she has her own special mechanic. Her Neutral Special allows her to spray ink on the battlefield which sticks to floors and walls and even coats opponents. If an opponent is coated with ink, they'll spread paint just by walking around but they'll only spead ink for a certain time, which will last longer the moare they are sprayed. Then by crouching in her own ink she can swim around and jump for a limited time, while in ink she is uneffected by most atatcks and is extremely fast and agile, able to move up walls even. Opponents that walk in Inkling's ink become slow and clunky too.

Her basic attacks which mainly consist of her use of her tentacle hair and gun bashes, get added effects if used in her own ink, such as summoning giant spikes, tentacles and other things up from the ink which are made of paint. But without being in ink, her attacks are some of the weakest in the game, barely surpassing Jigglypuff from previous titles. And she has no stats to make up for her weakness like other weak characters do, having slow speed and low jump. This is why spreading ink is crucial to Inkling's moveset, especilly when ink dissappers after awhile.

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