Injustice 3: Infinite Crisis
Developer(s) Phazonworks Engineering Division, NetherRealm Studios
Platform(s) PlayStation Neo, Xbox Scorpio, RiiVolution Advance.
Age Rating(s)
T (Violence, Mild Blood, Suggestive Dialogue)
Genre(s) Superhero, Fighting
Series Injustice
Predecessor Injustice 2
Cost $60.00 (Standard), $99.99 (Ultimate)
Injustice 3: Infinite Crisis is a DC fighting game released for the PlayStation Neo, Xbox Scorpio, and the RiiVolution Advance; set in the Injustice universe as part of the final chapter of the series, settling any loose ends left by the comics, the games themselves and any hinted dialogue.

Taking place approximately 2 years after Injustice 2, Injustice 3 (with Batman's ending being canon to this story) shows Batman's efforts to clean up Earth after Brainiac's attack, the Regime's efforts to bring Superman back from the Phantom Zone, Black Manta's new Secret Society of Supervillains, and Trent Morrow's efforts to stop Darkseid's grand scheme from coming to fruition.


For the full story, see Story.

For the alternate endings for each character, see Arcade Endings.

The story opens on Earth, with the Justice League wrapping up a press conference at the Daily Planet covering Superman's exile to the Phantom Zone and the reformation of the League.

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Character Real Name Trait Voice Actor Description
Superman Kal-El/Clark Kent Solar Aura George Newbern "I just keep thinking... that maybe this has gone too far."

When the Joker killed his wife Lois Lane, Superman went off the deep end and into the abyss, ending up as a supreme dictator over all of Earth, killing every hero and villain who opposed him; years later, he ends up in the Phantom Zone, powerless and still believing in order through the Regime. But with the weakening between worlds occuring at a rapid rate, Superman's promise of returning is about to come true; though his time in the Phantom Zone has given him much to reflect upon the deeds he committed through the Regime, and even he starts to doubt the Regime's true purpose.

Batman Bruce Wayne Bat-Drones Kevin Conroy "I've got one power: I never give up!"

Though Brainiac's attack left him heavily pre-occupied and semi-retired, Bruce Wayne's vow to protect the innocent remains strong, as he's been working part-time on developing countermeasures for when Superman inevitably escapes the Phantom Zone; although he's had the Justice League and Brother Eye keep tabs on the metahuman population as well as the second incarnation of the Society, Batman is still unaware of Darkseid's alliance with former world collector Brainiac, though knowing the Dark Knight, it won't be long before he finds out.

Wonder Woman Diana Prince Power of the Gods Susan Eisenburg "You can't show mercy to these animals without regretting the consequences later."
Green Lantern Hal Jordan Ring Power Steve Blum "Green Lantern stands his ground."

After his tenure in the Sinestro Corps, Hal Jordan is back with the Green Lanterns and ready to overcome the fears he succumbed to as a Regime member; but several outside influences are making his tenure as the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 a bit more difficult: Atrocitus's Rage is slowly irritating him, his ex Carol is now the Star Sapphire, an Zamaron-loyal emissary of love, and Larfleeze AKA Agent Orange got attracted to Earth's massive stores of treasures. Not to mention that Sinestro's free.

The Flash Barry Allen Speed Zone Taliesen Jaffe "Next time, try stretching first!"

Though he retired after his bout with the Regime, Barry Allen was forced to redon the Flash costume after Brainiac invaded, but with Bruce retired and other new heroes in need of training, Barry and Green Lantern Hal Jordan co-lead the Justice League, training heroes like Blue Beetle, Firestorm and more recently Supergirl; he's even mended fences with Leonard Snart, better known as Captain Cold (who's in the League as well), though he remains haunted by the deadly Reverse-Flash.

Cyborg Victor Stone Power of the Mother Box Khary Payton "Booyah!!"

A longtime Regime supporter, Cyborg lost more than his friends at the Metropolis attack, he lost his hope as well; his loss of this tempered his loyalty to Superman, and even allowed him to endure Brainiac's invasion as well, though he was rather put off by the birth of Grid, his technical side embodied in a physical form.

Still loyal to the Regime, Cyborg's loyalty may be put to the test - between Starfire's return and Superman's doubts, the Titan may have to make a major decision in where his loyalties lie.

Hawkgirl Shiera Hall Soaring Hawk Maria Canals "You wanna take me on?"

No longer brainwashed into serving the Regime, Shiera Hall is out to avenge the death of her husband at the Regime's hands, though she still remains wanted as a Regime enforcer throughout the world; knowing that Kandhaq is a very possible hideout for any leftovers of the Regime, Hawkgirl is determined to punish the Regime members that killed her husband - even if she has to beat them senseless.

Martian Manhunter J'onn J'onzz Martian Malleability Carl Lumbly "I couldn't fight for my world, but I will fight for this one."

Though he remained initially opposed to the Regime, and was thought to be dead for a long time, J'onn J'onzz has been hiding out in Atlantis as one of Aquaman's advisors - though that was the plan initially; now he sides with Trent Morrow's Insurgency, hoping to prevent Darkseid from gaining the one thing he's always wanted - universal subjugation.

Supergirl Kara Zor-El Heat Vision Laura Bailey "Sounds like a job for Supergirl!"

Though she was too late to save her cousin from going off the deep end, Kara Zor-El proved herself in the fight against Brainiac and the Regime, which eventually culminated when she joined the newly-formed Justice League courtesy of Batman, who gave her a place where she would fit; training herself among the league (with her mentor Harley Quinn and her boyfriend Blue Beetle), she's proven that the symbol she wears can still give hope to those who need it.

Talon Damian Wayne Boy Wonder's Weapons Scott Porter "I'm no prodigal son!"

Formerly the 4th Robin after Tim Drake (who went on to become Red Robin, a prominent member of the Teen Titans), Damian fell out with his father after Superman killed Joker, who then himself went on to kill Dick Grayson and assume his Nightwing identity (his father never forgave him for that); now adopting a new costume and new identity as Talon, Damian still fights ardently for the Regime, and continuing to openly defy his father.

But with Superman's doubts of the Regime being the right choice, Damian's gonna have to make decisions if Clark decides to change his mind about the Regime.

Green Arrow Oliver Queen Trick Arrows Alan Tudyk "Got an arrow for every occasion!"

Though the Green Arrow of this universe was an early casualty of Superman's Regime, through Doctor Fate's intervention, this Green Arrow came to the Injustice universe as this Black Canary's technical second husband; having lost his own Black Canary so long ago, Oliver Queen is happy to be here - with all the Trick Arrows in his quiver, too.

Black Canary Dinah Lance Canary Cry Vanessa Marshall "I don't have a sister, so I wish people would quit asking."
Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes Beetle Blades Anthony Del Rio "My reputation precedes me."
The Atom Ryan Choi Bio-Belt Matthew Yang King "Morrow is a genius, almost like Professor Palmer."
Firestorm Jason Rusch

Martin Stein

Nuclear Force Ogie Banks (Jason/Fused), Fred Tatasciore (Martin) "It's weird having a voice in your head but I'm used to it."
Star Sapphire Carol Ferris Heart of the Predator Jennifer Hale "Love is the most powerful emotion."
Harley Quinn Harleen Quinzel Bud & Lou Tara Strong "Ready for some slapstick?"
Deadshot Floyd Lawton Trick Bullets Matthew Mercer "I'm a professional. I can handle it."
Red Hood Jason Todd Stun Gun-Fu Cameron Bowen "Should I kill you? Let's take a vote!"
Starfire Koriand'r Starblast Kari Wahlgren "Princesses shouldn't be killers."

The crown princess of Tamaran exiled to Earth by her bitter older sister, Koriand'r didn't take long to find a new home on Earth with her teammates the (then) Teen Titans: Robin (Dick Grayson), Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Kid Flash (Wally West); along with her friends, she then led the Titans of a newer generation for a while - until the day Joker nuked Metropolis and killed most of the Titans. Now after a term in the Phantom Zone and a brief struggle with the world, Starfire is back - and ready to avenge Dick Grayson's death at the hands of Damian Wayne.

Catwoman Selina Kyle Cat-Scratch Grey DeLisle "I'm hoping Bruce will settle down after this."
Aquaman Orin (Atlantean),

Arthur Curry (human)

Water of Life Phil LaMarr "Atlantis isn't going to back down without a fight!"
Swamp Thing Alec Holland Abigail's Garden Fred Tatasciore "It is... good to be back, even as the Swamp Thing."
Doctor Fate Kent Nelson Nabu's Spellbook David Sobolov "This chaos ends now!!!"

After his death onboard Brainiac's Ship, Kent Nelson returns with the Helm of Nabu on his head and the magic of the Lords of Order flowing through him; though his true motives are hidden from them, Fate's duty to order and humanity wrest within him, causing him to seriously consider interfering with Darkseid's plot for universal subjugation.

Amazo Trenton Oliver Morrow Meta Databanks Quinton Flynn "I attended all the world's colleges to LEARN, not interact with irresponsible partyers."

Nephew of the infamous Thomas Oscar Morrow, Trenton Morrow inherited his uncle's brains and more, but not his morals; using technical knowledge and the namesake android taken from Professor Ivo, he used Amazo's memory banks to create power-granting nanites that would give him the powers (and weaknesses) of almost all the Justice League. Forming his own team to stop the "coming storm", Trent's motives remain clouded to all factions, except his own.

Captain Cold Leonard Snart Cyclotron Charge C. Thomas Howell "I'm less frozen now."

Being used for Grodd's Society of supervillains that was really the pawns of Brainiac put Leonard Snart on a path he never anticipated; after being used and completing a couple of heists of his own volition, Captain Cold kept getting haunted by how easily he was duped into serving an alien destroyer and how crime basically caused all of his problems: the Joker, the Regime, his sister's death, and Brainiac. A period of soul-searching later, Captain Cold changed career paths and started fighting crime in the Central-Keystone area instead of commiting it; burying the hatchet with Flash and the new Justice League, Cold has now found the true way to honor his sister's memory - by making sure the Regime and Brainiac never happen again.

Duck Dodgers (DLC) Duck Edgar Dumas Aloysius Dodgers Eager Young Space Cadet Joe Alaskey "Duck Dodgers in the 24th-and-a-half Century!!"

A general from a somewhat old-timey future, Duck Dodgers is not too bright of a hero or too brave - or too heroic either; really, even though he told stories of his heroics in the 21st century, he was really just a waterboy for a football team.

Now he's fighting the Martian Army of the 24th (and a half) century, determined to keep the peace in a future he knows needs it.

Ben 10 (DLC) Benjamin Kirby Tennyson Omnitrix Heroes
  • Tara Strong (Ben)
  • Steve Blum (Heatblast)
  • Dee Bradley Baker (Wildmutt)
  • Richard McGonagle (Four Arms)
  • Jim Ward (Diamondhead)
  • Michael Dorn (Benvicktor)
"It's hero time!"
General Zod Dru-Zod Phantom Wraith Nolan North "I'm glad to see Kal-El now understands how to save a world."
Black Manta David Hyde Aqua Jetpack Ogie Banks "I know this - today, the Atlanteans die!"
The Judge (DLC) Harvey Dent Scales of Gotham Troy Baker "GUILTY!!!"

In the first year of the Regime, two-faced criminal Harvey Dent held a film crew hostage before being confronted by Superman, who destroyed his precious coin and locked him up, leaving Dent in even more pieces than when Vincent Maroni threw acid in his face; when Harvey picked up the pieces and put himself back together, he found himself a new man: the violence and darkness of Two-Face mixed with the judicial dedication of Harvey Dent to make a new personality from the ground up, one that believed that Batman had failed Gotham and that criminal blood was the only thing that would clean Gotham of evil. With his scales, Steel's hammer and Azrael's Sword, The Judge is set to slaughter all who commit crimes against Gotham's people, even Superman.

The Joker Unknown Dead Man's Hand Richard Epcar "HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"
Larfleeze Larfleeze Vicious Avaricious Dee Bradley Baker "Get away! That's mine! It's ALL MINE!!"
Bane Unknown Venom Boost J.B. Blanc "I have only known Venom's benefits myself."
Lex Luthor Alexander Joseph Luthor LexCorp Shield Mark Rolston "Things change, but I never did."

In this universe, Lex Luthor never slipped into a life of crime, instead using his billions to protect the secret identities of the Justice League, only to end up losing his life in the fight against the Regime. Back from the dead courtesy of a reality-altering wave, he aids Amazo's faction in preventing a "coming storm" that could destroy reality.

Darkseid Uxas Gateway to Apokolips Michael Leon Wooley "The streets will run red with the blood of billions."

The dread lord of Apokolips who rules the demonic world with an iron fist, Darkseid's intentions of seizing the Anti-Life Equation for himself have taken a backseat in recent years, with his focus shifting to taking vengeance on Superman for killing his son Kalibak and destroying his invasion force; with the help of his Molders (with Brainiac unwillingly aiding them), he'll achieve his mission of vengeance, in ways that could shake up reality to unprecedented proportions.

Atrocitus Atros Dex-Starr Ike Amadi "Darksied and his minions will know the wrath of the Red Lanterns!"
Scarecrow Jonathan Crane Inner Fear Robert Englund "Fear is what drives everything."
Black Adam Teth-Adam Orbs of Seth Joey Naber "You'd fight six gods, not one man."
Cheetah Barbara Ann Minerva Claws of Death Erica Luttrell "I'll make quick work of this hunt!"
Poison Ivy Pamela Isley Night Shade Tasia Valenza "No matter the odds, nature always wins."
Sinestro Thaal Sinestro Become Your Fears Troy Baker "You could never trust a Guardian, defected or not."
Brainiac Vril Dox Beta Strike Jeffery Combs "Is this what one of the greatest minds in the universe has been reduced to?"

After he was defeated by Earth's heroes during his attempted collection of Earth, a lot of Brainiac's actions were undone: he was cut off from his betas and the Skull Ship, his collection fell into the hands of Batman's Justice League, and most of the cities (counting all of Earth's collected cities) in his collection were restored across the galaxy; but things quickly went from bad to worse for Vril Dox of Colu, as in the conflict between Superman and Batman, Darkseid quickly took him captive and used his biomechanical abilities to make his own Parademons stronger.

Now he unwillingly serves Darkseid for the Dread Lord's own nefarious purposes, though he secretly wishes to regain control of his ship.

Premeire Skins (DLC)

Character Real Name Skin of Voice Actor Description
Power Girl Karen Starr Supergirl Sara Cravens "Time to prove I can move a mountain!"
Green Lantern John Stewart Green Lantern Phil LaMarr "Ring, do your thing!"
Reverse-Flash Eobard Thawne The Flash Liam O'Brien "How would you like being trapped in the past?!!"
Vixen Mari McCabe Cheetah Megalyn Echikunwoke "You're fighting the entire animal kingdom, you know."
Bizarro None Superman Patrick Seitz "Me am Bizarro! Bizarro Number 1!!"

Crime Syndicate Skins

A slightly different take on Premeire Skins, the Crime Syndicate skins have pre-existing enhancements that stack onto their existing gear and modifications; meaning not only does the skin change the character, they have a slight change in how they play.

Character Real Name Skin of Trait Voice Actor Description
Ultraman Kal-Il Superman Kryptonite Fury Brian Bloom "Hmph, as if you're any different, Superman."
Superwoman Lois Lane Wonder Woman Titan's Power Michelle Forbes "At least I'm true to what I've been chosen for."
Owlman Thomas Wayne, Jr. Batman Talons Diedrich Baker "Owls eat Bats, little brother."
Grid None Cyborg Nano Circuit Khary Payton "I will do ANYTHING to feel something."

For years, Grid existed as a subsystem within Cyborg's programming, nothing more than an anomaly within his programming; at least, he was until Cyborg got affected by Brainiac's interferance and separated Grid completely from Cyborg's physical form. Now Grid seeks one thing: human emotion, to "complete" his evolution; and he sides with the Crime Syndicate to acheive it.

Black Siren Dinah Drake Black Canary Siren's Note Tricia Helfer "Would you rather me have sing Ricoletto?"

The devil-may-care counterpart of Black Canary, Dinah Drake of Earth-3 had her metagene scream with her for a while, but she kept it a secret from her billionare husband until she murdered him and took his fortune to live a life of a carefree biker, until Ultraman forced her into the Syndicate by putting an explosive choker on her and took the freedom she so loved; while she does enjoy beating people to a pulp, she doesn't enjoy doing it against her will.

Power Ring Unknown Green Lantern Volthoom's Barrier Adam Baldwin
Johnny Quick Jonathan Quick The Flash Speed Freak Yuri Lowenthal
Fernus J'onn J'onzz Martian Manhunter Fiery Martian Patrick Seitz
Deathstorm Martin Stein Firestorm Nuclear Death Jamieson Price
Sea King Arthur Curry Aquaman Cold Tides Phil Lamarr
Doctor Chaos Burt Belker Doctor Fate Magic of Chaos John DiMaggio
Red Beetle Daniel Garret IV Blue Beetle Beetle's Stingers John Kassir


Faction Members Goal Description
Justice League
  • Batman (Leader)
  • Green Lanterns
    • Hal Jordan
    • John Stewart
  • The Flash
  • Vixen
  • Supergirl
  • Captain Cold
  • Green Arrow
  • Black Canary
  • Firestorm (dies, both halves)
  • Blue Beetle
  • Catwoman
  • Harley Quinn
Preserve Justice and Protect the Weak After Superman was banished the Phantom Zone alongside Brainiac, Batman was asked to retire from crimefighting to head up the relief effort for Brainiac's attacks on the world, leaving the newer generation of heroes with Flash and Green Lantern to act as mentors; though the new Justice League welcomes new recruits no problem, they have their hands full with the Regime's remnants, the Society and other minor problems (like the New Insurgency, and various romantic entanglements).
One-Earth Regime
  • Superman (Leader)
  • Zod (dies)
  • Cyborg
  • Sinestro
  • Black Adam (dies)
  • Wonder Woman (dies)
  • Talon
Restore complete dictatorial control of Earth.

Set up the first year Superman killed the Joker, the One-Earth Regime had a major agenda: stop all crime before it happened, by any means necessary; but like Batman said, "[they] couldn't see that [their] good intentions were leading them down a path of tyranny and evil." There were many willing (like Black Adam, Wonder Woman and Sinestro) and unwilling members (like reconditioned supervillains such as Bane, or oppressed heroes like Shazam) to the Regime, but after an alternate Justice League (and Joker) helped the Insurgency overthrow the oppressive dictatorship, the Regime's remnants haven't had much luck re-establishing the Regime; Superman got beamed into the Phantom Zone, and even former ally Aquaman turned against them.

But even though the Regime's remnants still hold strong beliefs, Superman's doubts might just spell the end for the oppressive government.

Secret Society of Supervillains
  • Black Manta (leader)
  • Bane (dies)
  • Poison Ivy (dies)
  • Scarecrow (dies)
  • Reverse-Flash
  • Cheetah (dies)
Destroy the Justice League and Rule the World
The New Insurgency
  • Amazo (Leader)
  • Martian Manhunter
  • Swamp Thing (dies)
  • Starfire
  • Deadshot
  • Atrocitus
  • Lex Luthor (dies, again)
  • Bizarro (dies)
  • The Atom
Prevent the Molders from achieving their goal.
  • Aquaman
  • Red Hood
  • Doctor Fate
  • Larfleeze
  • Star Sapphire
  • Hawkgirl (dies)
  • The Judge (DLC)
  • Ben 10 (DLC)
  • Duck Dodgers (DLC)
They have their own goals and interests.
Darkseid's Forces
  • Darkseid (Leader)
  • Brainiac (unwilling)
  • Steppenwolf (NPC)
  • Granny Goodness (NPC)
  • Female Furies (NPC)
The Crime Syndicate
  • Ultraman (dies)
  • Owlman (dies)
  • Superwoman (dies)
  • Johnny Quick (dies)
  • Power Ring (dies)
  • Grid ("dies")
  • Black Siren (dies)
  • Fernus (dies)
  • Doctor Chaos (dies)
  • Red Beetle (dies)
Rule the multiverse.


Amazo's Laboratory

Gear System

A system of customizing fighters introduced in Injustice 2, the Gear System was a way players could customize their fighters in ways the whole world could see, whether that be through the numerous patterns and stat changes equipped gear brought on or brand-new attacks via abilities; Gear (aside from abilities) changed the appearance of the character by equipping it with different visual aspects that are often accompanied by stat boosts and on occasion side augments, some that work only in the Multiverse.

The gear in Injustice 2 came in 4 levels of rarity:

  1. Common: The most common variation. Changes in appearance are minor, stat boosts are minimal, and side augments typically don't appear.
  2. Rare: Slighty better than Common. Changes in appearance are noticable but not typically major, stat boosts are moderate and side augments appear more often.
  3. Epic: Best possible variation. Changes in appearance are often drastic, stat boosts are large, and side augments are commonplace for this rarity. Can sometimes be in gear sets which give added bonuses for how many pieces are equipped.
  4. Legendary: Gear level that only can be acquired through Legendary Multiverses; typically has a unique appearance and augment that can make a fighter far more powerful than before. Has a powerful all-around stat boost, a side augment that is normally obtained through Gear Set, and an augment that ups the fighter's power by a large degree, typically through adding a latent ability, extra attack, or augmenting the character power.

These levels of gear all return in Injustice 3, with some significant changes.

  • Common and Rare gear pieces can now come in sets, with Common Gear sets being in 4 piece sets, and Rare Gear sets having 3 pieces.
  • Common, Rare and Epic Gear can now be used in Gear Enhancement processes, in which a piece of gear can be infused with a side augment of another gear, but destroys the gear that previously held the augment in the process.
  • A new level of gear is Mythical, a white-colored gear piece that's a new level of gear in-between Epic and Legendary gear; it typically has strong stat boosts and an augment unique to the character typically only obtained through Gear Sets (Common, Rare or Epic). Mythical Gear can be part of a set, but typically Mythical Gear Sets have 5 pieces (the maximum number) and are incredibly rare; they are worth the reward, as some Mythical Gear Set modifiers are very powerful.

Before in Injustice 2, gear was only obtained through Mother Boxes or within the Multiverse, either via completing multiverse towers, goals or obtained as random drops after matches; now there is a brand-new method to obtain gear alongside these classic methods: gear looting. After fighting an opponent in the multiverse (which has 5 random pieces equipped to them), the player has an option to "loot" an opponent and take one of the 5 pieces of gear they have equipped (or an ability if they have it equipped); while opponents often have common gear equipped in lower difficulties, typically the higher the difficulty, the better gear the opponent will have equipped, maybe even having a Mythical gear piece if the difficulty is high enough. This allows players to gain better and sometimes a specific gear piece more easily, since they have the option to choose which one they want - or they could skip the choice option since some gear isn't that useful.


Another type of interchangeable gear piece introduced in Injustice 2 is Abilities; in Injustice 2, players could equip special abilities to fighters that either added new attacks or replaced ones already available.

There were 4 primary types of abilities:

  • New Power Abilities, that gave characters new attacks to use in battle.
  • Replacement Abilities, which often replaced existing special moves with new ones (or old ones for returning characters).
  • Meter Burn Abilities, that equipped Meter Burn capability to special moves that didn't previously have one.
  • and on rare occasions, Supermove Startup Abilities, Abilities that completely change up how a Supermove got started.

Some abilities were even locked behind requiring both ability slots to be used, as they would come into conflict with other abilities or were just too powerful to be used alone; in Injustice 3, ability slots like that carry over, but the amount of slots expands to 3, allowing up to 3 abilities to be equipped at once. And like Injustice 2, some abilities require 2 slots and even 3 slots for some exceedingly powerful abilities. This means that with the abilities that require 2 slots, you can equip them alongside an ability that requires 1 slot, but obviously not with ones that need 2 or 3 slots.


A fight-changing mechanic introduced in the Multiverse in Injustice 2, Fight Modifiers made fights more challenging, easier, and often more crazy for the fighters playing it; but in Injustice 3, Modifiers are redone specifically to fit into the gear system, as a modifier can be equipped to make a fighter even more chaotically destructive in battle, alongside gear.

A single modifier can be equipped to a character's loadout after it's unlocked in the Multiverse or in Story Mode (depending on the modifier) to enhance the character further by adding bonus attributes that will help extend combos further or hinder their opponent.

Latent Modifiers

Modifiers that add some kind of bonus ability that enhances the character's playstyle; these include special Gauntlets that inflict a special condition on opponents, movement enhancements (like increased air time from jumps) or even a temporary armor shell.

  • Gauntlets - Special gauntlets that inflict elemental conditions onto foes, potentially extending combos.
    • Poison Gauntlets -
    • Ice Gauntlets -
    • Electric Gauntlets -
    • Fire Gauntlets -
  • Cutter - Uppercuts (Crouch-Medium) become twice as fast to perform.
  • Temp Armor -
  • Super Meter Regen
Sidekick Modifiers

Special fighter modifiers obtained from completing Sidekick Multiverses in the Multiverse; at the push of a button, the fighter can call in an assist from a fellow Injustice 3 fighter (1 of 4 different kinds of attacks) to extend potential combos. The downside: typically having a Sidekick Modifier will disable the character's ability to perform arena transitions themselves.

  • Superman Sidekick - Heat Vision Meter Burn (Forward Sidekick), Super Breath Meter Burn (Back Sidekick), Flying Grab (Up Sidekick), Flying Smash (Down Sidekick).
  • Batman Sidekick - Straight Grapple (Forward Sidekick), Dual Batarangs (Back Sidekick), Air Elbow Drop (Up Sidekick), Slide Meter Burn (Down Sidekick).
  • Wonder Woman Sidekick - ??? (Forward Sidekick), ??? (Back Sidekick), ??? (Up Sidekick), ??? (Down Sidekick).
  • Green Lantern Sidekick - ??? (Forward Sidekick), ??? (Back Sidekick), ??? (Up Sidekick), ??? (Down Sidekick).
  • Flash Sidekick - ??? (Forward Sidekick), ??? (Back Sidekick), ??? (Up Sidekick), ??? (Down Sidekick).
  • Cyborg Sidekick - ??? (Forward Sidekick), ??? (Back Sidekick), ??? (Up Sidekick), ??? (Down Sidekick).
  • Hawkgirl Sidekick - ??? (Forward Sidekick), ??? (Back Sidekick), ??? (Up Sidekick), ??? (Down Sidekick).
  • Martian Manhunter Sidekick - ??? (Forward Sidekick), ??? (Back Sidekick), ??? (Up Sidekick), ??? (Down Sidekick).
  • Supergirl Sidekick - ??? (Forward Sidekick), ??? (Back Sidekick), ??? (Up Sidekick), ??? (Down Sidekick).
  • Talon Sidekick - Deadly Birdarang Meter Burn (Forward Sidekick), Flying Grayson (Back Sidekick), Sword Flip (Up Sidekick), Ground Blast Meter Burn (Down Sidekick).
  • Green Arrow Sidekick - ??? (Forward Sidekick), ??? (Back Sidekick), ??? (Up Sidekick), ??? (Down Sidekick).
  • Black Canary Sidekick - ??? (Forward Sidekick), ??? (Back Sidekick), ??? (Up Sidekick), ??? (Down Sidekick).
  • Blue Beetle Sidekick - ??? (Forward Sidekick), ??? (Back Sidekick), ??? (Up Sidekick), ??? (Down Sidekick).
  • Atom Sidekick - ??? (Forward Sidekick), ??? (Back Sidekick), ??? (Up Sidekick), ??? (Down Sidekick).
  • Firestorm Sidekick - ??? (Forward Sidekick), ??? (Back Sidekick), ??? (Up Sidekick), ??? (Down Sidekick).
  • Star Sapphire Sidekick - ??? (Forward Sidekick), ??? (Back Sidekick), ??? (Up Sidekick), ??? (Down Sidekick).
  • Harley Quinn Sidekick - ??? (Forward Sidekick), ??? (Back Sidekick), ??? (Up Sidekick), ??? (Down Sidekick).
  • Deadshot Sidekick - ??? (Forward Sidekick), ??? (Back Sidekick), ??? (Up Sidekick), ??? (Down Sidekick).
Assist Modifiers

Special assists that call upon attacks from characters that were either in previous Injustice games, but couldn't make it to this battle, or were going to show up, but just didn't have the time.


The Multiverse

The Legendary Multiverse


Stage Arenas Description
Gotham City
  • Wayne Tower
  • Monarch Theatre
  • Rooftops

  • Downtown
  • Ace O' Clubs
  • Daily Planet

The Watchtower
  • Power Core
  • Containment Center

Arkham Asylum
  • Front Gate
  • Prison Cells
  • Scarecrow's Nightmare

Stryker's Island
  • Prison Yard

  • Throne Room
  • Trench Queen Nursery

Fortress of Solitude
  • Command Center
  • Phantom Zone

The Joker's Playground
  • Midway
  • The Funhouse

Central-Keystone Cities
  • Central City Flash Museum
  • Keystone Square
  • Keystone Station

  • Oan Sciencells
  • Central Power Battery

  • Warriors' Hall
  • Gates of Tartarus

Slaughter Swamp
  • Swamp Port

  • Black Adam's Palace
  • The Rock of Eternity

  • Brother Eye
  • Garage
  • Armory

Ace Chemicals
  • Distillation Vats
  • Factory Floor

Insurgent Base
  • Barracks
  • Portal Room

  • Red Lantern Battery
  • Valley of Bones
  • River of Blood

The Hall of Justtice
  • Exterior Courtyard
  • Abandoned Hall

Skull Ship
  • Bridge

The Hall of Doom
  • Sabotage Chamber
  • Armory

  • Darkseid's Throne Room
  • Courtyard
  • Palace Walls

The Nexus of Reality
  • The Battleground
  • Control Center