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Injustice 3: Infinite Crisis

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Injustice 3
Developer(s) Phazonworks Engineering Division, NetherRealm Studios


Due to Injustice 2's story being unknown as of yet, the story on this page will remain unwritten until the story is made clear by the various sources.


Character Real Name Trait Voice Actor Description
Superman Kal-El/Clark Kent Solar Aura George Newbern "This world needed hope, I just didn't see it."
Batman Bruce Wayne Bat-Drones Kevin Conroy
Wonder Woman Diana Prince Susan Eisenburg
Green Lantern Hal Jordan Steve Blum
The Flash Barry Allen Neal McDonough
Cyborg Victor Stone Khary Payton
Hawkgirl Shiera Hall Jennifer Hale "You wanna take me on?"
Martian Manhunter J'onn J'onzz Carl Lumbly "I couldn't fight for my world, but I will fight for this one."
Supergirl Kara Zor-El Heat Vision Laura Bailey
Robin Damian Wayne Neal McDonough
Zatanna Zatanna Zatara Sargon's Hat Stance Lacey Chabert
Green Arrow Oliver Queen
Black Canary Dinah Lance Canary Cry Vanessa Marshall
Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes Parry Shen
Firestorm Jason Rusch/Martin Stein "How young do you think I am?"
Doctor Fate Kent Nelson David Sobolov
Star Sapphire Carol Ferris Heart of the Predator Jennifer Hale "Love is the most powerful emotion."
Harley Quinn Harleen Quinzel Tara Strong "Ready for some slapstick?"
Deadshot Floyd Lawton Matthew Mercer "I'm a professional. I can handle it."
Raven Rachel Roth Tara Strong
Batgirl Barbara Gordon Kimberly Brooks
Larfleeze Larfleeze Vicious Avaricious Dee Bradley Baker "Get away! That's mine! It's ALL MINE!!"
T.O. Morrow Trenton Oliver Morrow Mind Matter Josh Keaton "I always plan for the future."
Bane Unknown Bane's Wrath J.B. Blanc "I found new purpose with the time that Venom consumed."
Blackfire Komand'r Tamaranean Tara Strong "Girls just wanna have a little fun sometimes!"
Lex Luthor Alexander Joseph Luthor Mark Rolston "Things change, but people don't."
Atrocitus Atros Dex-Starr Rupert Degas "My rage has burned for eons!"
Gorilla Grodd Grodd Travis Willingham "Humanity's not making apes play second banana anymore!"
Scarecrow Jonathan Crane Robert Englund "Fear is all-consuming."
Captain Cold Leonard Snart "Careful, you'll catch cold!"
Black Adam Teth-Adam Joey Naber "You think to best a god?"
Poison Ivy Pamela Isley Tasia Valenza "No matter the odds, nature always wins."
Doomsday None Fred Tatasciore "I live to kill!"
Lobo Unpronouncable John DiMaggio "The Main Man is here and ready to rumble!"
Krona Krona The Guardian Clancy Brown "I was born to rule, not police. And I will do just that."
Black Hand Willaim Hand The Black's Power "By and for Nekron, I am the herald of the Blackest Night!"
Darkseid Uxas Michael Ironside "The streets will run red with the blood of billions."
Brainiac Vril Dox Jeffery Combs "Curious how lines once clearly defined become... blurred."



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