Inhale is Kirby's Standard Special in Super Smash Bros. Extreme!!. Kirby will oen his mouth and inhale an opponent that's a meter in front of him. When the opponent is sucked into Kirby's mouth, he can use the copy abiity. When used, Kirby will have an object resembling the character inhaled, and will copy their Standard Special. When inhaling Kirby (as an opponent), he won't gain an ability, (unless that Kirby has an ability). When taunting, Kirby will lose his copy ability. Kirby can also sit out an opponent when inhaling him/her.



  • When inhaling Mario, Kirby will gain Mario's cap.
  • Kirby can use Mario's Standard Special, Fireball.


  • When inhaling Link, Kirby will gain Link's hat.
  • Kirby can use Link's Standard Special, Hero's Bow.


  • When inhaling Pikachu, Kirby will gain a Pikachu hat with his head and tail.
  • Kirby can use Pikachu's Standard Special, Electroball.

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