Ingrid is a character from the fanmade Starlight Adventures series.


Ingrid is very friendly from what has been shown.Ingrid seems to be a sweet little girl.


Ingrid was the little sister of Starla and Miyako.When she was born,Miyako gave her a bear which she kept for her life.Once Ingrid was seven, an army attacked her hometown causing a fire called the Black Day.Many forgottens died from this,including Ingrid.Ingrid is mentioned several times along with the Black Day.Once Miyako has the chance to stop the black Day from happening,he saw Ingrid being attacked by army troops.Once he saw her cry he wanted to deflect the bullet from hitting her when the troop pulled out a gun.Miyako started to return to his own time leaving everything in slow motion.The bullet passed through him and shot Ingrid instead.While he turned around and watched Ingrid die slowly as she cried and fell of a cliff in pain.Later in the series,Sky tells Miyako all about Ingrid and told him what she looked like.With the description,Miyako knew it was Ingrid and was ashamed he couldn't save his sister in time.

Voice actor

Gabby Soleil is Ingrid's voice actor.

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