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Infinity Limit
Request3-Infinity Limit-Ver2
Developer(s) Pyro Enterprises
Publisher(s) Pyro Enterprises
Platform(s) Pyrohedron
1-Player Story Mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action-Adventure
Media Included Pyrohedron Disc

Infinity Limit is an Elder Scrolls-inspired action-adventure game developed by Pyro Enterprises. The game is said to be based around the concept of New Game +, or rebooting the game's story while retaining past experiences and equipment.


The Kingdom of Galanta was once the most powerful and influential kingdom in all of Kahri, with a powerful military force and massive wealth. One day, however, a mysterious time mage cast a highly destructive spell over the kingdom, effectively destroying it and wiping the inhabitants from the timestream.

Among the only surviving Galantans was Möbius, former member of the military. He discovered upon attempted suicide that he possessed the ability to reset time up until the spell's creation, and subsequently began reliving the timeline with various actions, trying to find the effects of his actions across long expanses of time.

Now effectively thousands of years old and no longer willing to live, Möbius now seeks to create the perfect timeline before ending his chronological antics for good.


Gameplay in Infinity Limit is based off of a fusion of the Elder Scrolls series and Bayonetta. The game's world is intentionally large and inspired by the former, with players being able to navigate freely and without interruptions. Combat, on the other hand, is inspired by the latter, with a focus on agility and evasion over defense.

Möbius has access to a technique known as the Infinity Limit attack from the beginning of the game. This attack involves looping a single strike over and over again, eventually dealing literal infinite damage. This is not an instant-kill attack despite guaranteeing death, as the attack drains enemy HP over time. Other upgrades can be unlocked via EXP earned from battle.


Every time Möbius dies or selects the Reset option from the pause menu, time is rewound to the game's beginning. Möbius retains all items, gold, and upgrades that he has acquired, but the consequences of his actions have been erased from the game's memory (save that of Euler and a few other NPCs).

The game keeps record of all actions the player has made in the past in the Timeline menu, which resembles an ever-expanding web of the player's actions and their consequences. This allows players to see where a playthrough went wrong and how they can change the next run.


Killing sentient beings rewards Möbius with EXP, a currency that can be spent on various types of upgrades. These upgrades have many varieties of uses, such as raising Möbius's stats, unlocking new combos, or enhancing his control over time.

As EXP is obtained through the killing of sentient beings, mass amounts of EXP can trigger Euler's negative reactions.