You may call me Infinite, but names don't matter in the end. I instead dedicate my life to assassinate... to dominate!

Infinite (Zaxinian Lifts)
Infinite effectless by jaysonjean-dbufx4i
2nd Protector of the Lifts
Full Name Infinite
Gender Male
Class Defender
Mercenary (past)
Power-hungry overlord (past)
Dr. Eggman (previous ally), Mallory (boss), Glain (co-boss), Black Eyes (adversary), Silver Heartgold (relatable friend)
Main Weapon(s) Phantom Sword
Ability/ies Virtual reality projection, spatial manipulation, swordsmanship
Idiot (by Ike)
First Appearance Fade to Black
Latest Appearance Zonal Fever

Infinite is one of the main antagonists of Sonic Forces and posed as one of the most enduring threats that Sonic the Hedgehog has ever faced. Once the key of success to Dr. Eggman's global overtaking, this once-active Jackal Squad leader fell to the likes of Sonic and the Avatar, having been overcome by their strong bond and general friendship. Upon his defeat, he flew away and seemingly disappeared forever, but was knocked unconscious from the malfunctioning of his Phantom Ruby and was escorted to another dimension.

Unsatisfied with the current guardian of the Zaxinian Lifts, Ike, Mallory pulled the strong jackal out from his home dimension and appointed him as the Lifts' new guardian in spite of his attempts to attack the queen. Having been wiped of his pre-Ruby memories, he now willingly serves as the Lifts' guardian as Ike's replacement, being more than happy to show intruders or non-obedient travelers to taste the wrath of his Phantom Sword, which is a fusion between the Ragnell and the Phantom Ruby's power.


Infinite, as the second guardian of the Zaxinian Lifts, views everyone with great scorn and threatens anyone with his lethal Phantom energy should they cross any lines to him. Like Ike before him, he hesitates to emit childish behavior and thinks wisely about an action before he executes it, but also has the unusual tendency to relish in the pain and tormenting of others that he's dealing with, and likes to change others' lives for the worse just for his own amusement. When not involved with business, he tends to show off a less cruel side of himself, willing to talk about the politics of the monarch or get interested in some great mindgames like chess. Infinite may also appreciate a fair fight and will engage if he's politely asked, though his behavior in requested battles is still merciless.

Infinite is a deeply honest individual that means whatever slips out of his mouth, and demonstrates his truthfulness with the way he toys with victims in front of him and the way he seems to not give any mercy towards anyone he talks to. He views himself as superior to all in the universe, including his boss Mallory, and exhibits those thoughts often in battle or when he's dealing with a persistent traveler that's getting on his nerves. Unlike before, however, Infinite tends to believe that bonds can make for excellent strength, and often teams up with a strong individual in the Lifts if possible if a threat comes up that dares his position as a guardian for the Zaxinian Lifts. When people have shown signs of improvement to him, he tends to welcome those changes and compliments them, even if dryly.

Unlike in the past, Infinite no longer sports an inferiority complex, having it wiped away by Mallory so that "he wouldn't annoy her to death" in Glain's words. Instead, he remains confident about his power and is positive that he can destroy anyone he wishes. Though he does not wish to be called weak, he does not seem to be offended when deemed weak and taunts his opponent instead, going at them with only more power than before.


Infinite possesses the Phantom Sword, an unusual weapon that allows Infinite to absorb power from the Zaxinian Lifts' "Never" location and power the Phantom Ruby embedded in the Ragnell base. With this sword, Infinite can scar his victims with illusions that will damage their mind simply by messing with them in extravagant ways, and victims to his power will often be paralyzed and found writhing under the dark power of the ruby. He can also alter the scenery for only a specific victim, allowing them to see things that aren't actually there, which can easily distract them or make them into even bigger set-up fodder for Infinite. With his Phantom Ruby, Infinite can warp around the world as he desires, though he's limited to being in the Lifts.








  • Infinite was introduced into the Zaxinian Lifts due to the creator believing that Infinite has seriously misused potential, and included him due to his obsessions with power, making him a fitting replacement for Ike by Mallory's standards.

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