It’s completely uninhabitable. That’s all there is to it. I can’t go back to it. And that is that.
Inferus, Metroid Prime 4

Inferus is a character in Metroid Prime 4. He was born on Aether in the Dasha Galaxy before the split was caused. He is a member of the race called the Luminoth. Inferus was just a child when the meteor that caused the infamous “Light Aether/Dark Aether” split. His family and most other Luminoths fled the planet in search of a more hospitable place to live. Eventually, they ended up leaving the Dasha Galaxy for a much bigger one, the Milky Way. They came to Earth and decided to live there. Much later, once Inferus was an adult, he left the planet to become a soul traveler. He vowed to never return to Aether or the Dasha Galaxy again. However, he is willing to travel back to it, but only on the most dire instances.

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