It's a Hero! Attack!!
A Basico, Fantendo: Infected


Three types of Infecterior Grunts and the trademark logo.

The Infecteriors is a villainous army, containing creatures with said name, debuting in upcoming game Fantendo: Infected. They are created by a brain-damaged child and they can form via Infect-Liquid, which is a black liquid with red parts, however it's not blood; It's simply part of the Infecteriors Grunts. The Fantendo Villains were upset by this fact and get Infected at their turn. But one become the I.E.H. (Infecterior Evil Henchman) and works for them. Oldton is this one. They also have a power of brainwashs that make Users, Heroes and Villains extremely violent but need to taken out first before it get up after several minutes.


Unique Ranks:

High Rank:

  • Infecteriors Evil Henchman: Oldton.
  • Infect-Clones. (They are clones that are fully complete and look and fight exactly like certain Heroes, but have red eyes and black overall appearences.)

Normal Rank:

  • All Enemies. (Click Fantendo:Infected for more details.) Those are also called Infecteriors Grunts.


  • The Infecterior is the name mixed from infect and interior.
  • Surprisely, this army is the 2nd most well-known of Fantendo, though beaten by Tiki Tak Tribe.
    • However, as Tiki Tak Tribe isn't counted does of being canon, and that the Infecteriors being fanon, this army is the most well-known in Fantendo as a Fanon Army.

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