"The Infantry is ready for battle, sir!"
Universe Advance Wars
First Appearance NESIcon Famicom Wars (1988)
Latest Appearance NDSIcon Advance Wars of Ruin (2008)
Starter Availability
Final Smash Hyper Repair
Victory March (Custom)
Max Blast (Custom)

The Infantry are a composite character that are formed by all the playable units in Advance Wars series, more specifficaly, the GBA installments. The main character is a normal Infantry unit, that can be changed for the Mech unit. The normal Infantry unit is a fast yet weak character, because his normal attacks barely give damage and the Mech Unit, while more powerful, is slower and his attacks are also slower.

Where the Infantry really shines is the fact that they can use various vehicles from the Advance Wars series as their moves.

Character Description

Role in the Story Mode

Tier list position


Ground attacks



Special Moves

To see more about the special moves, click here.
Infantry's Special Moves
Standard Special Weapon Shot Power Shot Lock-On Shot
Side Special APC Recon Tank
Up Special Anti-Air Missiles Rockets
Down Special Capture Base Capture Lab Capture
Final Smash Hyper Repair Victory March Max Power

Pummels and Throws

Idle & Taunts


Aerial Attacks

Palette Swaps

  • Red: Based on the Orange Star units.
  • Black: Based on the Black Hole units.
  • Yellow: Based on the Yellow Comet units.
  • Green: Based on the Green Earth units.
  • Blue: Based on the Blue Moon units.

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