Industrial Queen
None because i'm too lazy
Current Age Mentally 24; mirroring Valerie
Gender Female
Species Cyborg
Align Evil
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Titan Thighs
Height 5'11"
Weight 165 lbs

The Industrial Queen is a cybernetic steampunk ruler that was constructed by Bill Gates in Sweet Invader to slow down Valerie Heartgold's progress and steal her position as the best prima donna. Once a fabulous artificial pop star that was giving Bill Gates as well as herself generous amounts of fame, her various defeats to the hands of Valerie have made her into a malicious, hateful killing machine. She was destroyed sometime prior to the events of Shadows of Mallory by Nightshade, who then stole various of her cybernetic parts to aid himself in constructing a giant womb-like machine that would eventually birth the Zaxinian Lifts variation of Zellen Harley Quimbleson. Her broken down body was more recently rediscovered by Glain while Queen Mallory was working on her resurgence, however, and she was soon completely rebuilt to serve Mallory's orders throughout the Mallorian Monarch phase of the Zaxinian Lifts. Her new mission is to become the Zaxinian Lifts' hottest and most fresh pop star, destroying anyone that comes in her way... especially her rival Valerie Heartgold, who she meets in every game in the planned Sweet Invader trilogy.


Initially, the Industrial Queen was a rather sweet, happy cyborg that loved the idea of making money and fame off of making records, and displayed tolerance for her rivals as long as they fought fair with her. As evidenced in her first battle against Valerie, she does not take fighting very seriously and spends her precious time waiting by putting on make-up and adjusting her looks. This generic personality wouldn't last long, however, as she quickly turned her focuses to revenge following several (fair) beatings Valerie gave her, and has become more and more insane with time. Her abrasiveness and aggressiveness has come to a point where she'd open fire and the like in concerts when things don't go her way. Her music style has slowly progressed from happy, love-focused pop to hatred-hungry horrorcore rap. Currently, she is often depicted by herself as almighty and superior to all, and she often hypnotizes people into becoming her fans despite her in-truth poor singing talent and horrible personality. Due to the great damage she has sustained over from Valerie over the years and the intensifying insanity she's going through, she speaks with glitched out text and her body often glitches out as she speaks. Due to this effect put on her body and general speech, she often appears to be very intimidating and unstable.


As displayed in Sweet Invader, the Industrial Queen has a fair slew of abilities. Her most notable weapon is her titanium-enforced hips, which she can easily knock into enemies to either force their faces down into the gravel or otherwise pin them to a wall / to the ground. She is capable of firing missiles from little compartments stored in her thighs, which are heat-seeking ones and make an effort to crash-land into foes. The Industrial Queen wields one or two swords at a time, which are designed to look casino-like and hyper-fabulous. She can also chuck out rounds of bullets from the cannon in her mouth, which can also spit out lasers as evidenced by the second fight against the Industrial Queen. Unused concept art unveils that the Industrial Queen can also attack with sonic screeches that can keep opponents down or equip Valerie's upgrades in a potent third fight; while these elements were unused, they are still canon to her character.


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