Industrial Park
Function Second world
Terrain Concrete base
Scenery Smokestacks, warehouses, machinery
Character(s) Alex
Estimated Level 20 (entry)
29 (exit)
Previous Hillside Meadow
Next Black woods
Mutant Moth (Midboss)

A-104 BEAM (Boss)
Shadow Brian (Programmer Boss)
Demon Train (Post-Game)

The Industrial Park a massive expanse located atop various concrete slabs. All around are massive factories and warehouses, each with windows both fine and broken, as well as massive smokestacks towering overhead. Far in the distance, one can locate the signature towers of nuclear power plants. There is a river of sludge which runs through a part of the level, branching off in various directions similar to sewage; grated metal bridges run over the river. Enemies here belong under the inorganic, mutated, and machinery categories. The safezone is the hideout of the Black Smog gang, located within a deteriorating warehouse.

Zelix, Beth, and Lisa travel to this world after activating the portal through a mysterious console located in the den of the Terratroll. It is here that they meet the Black Smog gang, led by Yulyanna, a rather friendly NPC with a temper. She introduces them to Alex, another player who decides to join their party in order to rid the zone of the berserk machines killing members of the Black Smog. Upon defeating the A-104 BEAM security device, the group is shocked when Alex hacks into the console of the zone and notes that something seems off. Before he can analyze what looks wrong in the game's code, he is cut out of the system as the same automated voice from Hillside Meadow greets the team. The party is forced to abandon the Battle-Train they had commandeered from the factory in this zone, before heading on to the next.

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