The flag of Indigokla, 200 pounds and 20 feet tall.
Capital City Indigo
Largest City Indigo
Language(s) Indo
Leader(s) Indigo
Population 3,500
Abbreviation IG
Included Environment(s)
Indigokla is full of fresh water and mountains.

Indigoklo is country 38 on planet Osiris.  It supplies countries (Insert your country's name here) with fresh water.


Sometime in 1900s, in October, a man named Indigo was sailing the ocean to the Poisonmissa Isles (Country 37).  His ship was attacked by a whale and Indigo was flung 20 feet-straight into what's now called Indigoklo!  Indigo, excited, went back and told the people of Sketchiria about the land, and Sketchiria told all the other countries about it.  From that point, few people (1,000 is a low number of people to have in a country) have been moving into Indigoklo and made their houses and stores and everything out of logs found on the ground. 



  • You may not speak against another person's right to freedom or their religion.
  • Freedom of speech, religion, and expression are granted.  No leader of any country, including this one, may try to prohibit these rights.
  • You may speak against the government to advance it, not to make it worse.
  • If you argue against someone, you must argue using un-hurtful words, and you must have a reason to do it, or you could go to jail for a day up to a month, depending on what you were arguing about.
  • You may not pollute or destroy the natural enviroments.



This is Indigoklo



Basic Phrase(s)

I want breakfast! = S oimp Zanqvctej!


  • January Temperature = Hot
  • February Temperature = Hot
  • March Temperature = Warm
  • April Temperature = Cool
  • May Temperature = Cold
  • June Temperature = Cold
  • July Temperature = Cold
  • August Temperature = Cold
  • September Temperature = Cool
  • October Temperature = Warm
  • November Temperature = Hot
  • December Temperature = Hot
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