Indigo Guy
Developer(s) AlessioFuffa Co.
Publisher(s) AlessioFuffa Co.
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)
12 January 2002
1 player
Age Rating(s)
7 ages only
Genre(s) Adventure
Media Included DS Cartdige
Indigo Guy is a game for the Nintendo DS. The protagonist is Indigo Guy, the famous purple guy of the world, the world dominator was Impko, the purple demon from hell. The game has 7 worlds.



A normal day in Indigo City, there was Indigo Guy travelling all over the city, but suddenly a dark demon has comed to destroy the city once for all. He has dark powers to defeat once them all.

  • Indigo Guy: What are you doing here?
  • Impko: HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! No one can stop me!
  • Indigo Guy: Leave this city alone! We must work some things!
  • Impko: HA! Forget it! I will take all buildings so far! *takes all buildings away*
  • Indigo Guy: HEY! Please come back!

And now he must get back his buildings to rebuild the city.

Boss 1

Indigo Guy finds out that Impko recreates his metallic monster.

  • Impko: Ah! So you reached me?! WELL DONE!
  • Indigo Guy: Impko, we are coming to kill you.
  • Impko: HA! Your thiefs are you!
  • Trigger Laggar: *Trigger spawns in pieces* RRRRROOOOAAAAWWWWRRRRR!!!
  • Indigo Guy: You will better die in pieces!

Boss 2

  • Impko: You reached the top of the mountain!
  • Indigo Guy: Now get back all of your captured buildings!
  • Impko: NO! I made a monster of mud that it will cover in black!
  • Grallar Namr: *Grallar gets out his mud* HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
  • Indigo Guy: I will melt your mud with FIRE!!!!!

Boss 3

  • Impko: HA! You will never stop me soon!
  • Indigo Guy: There's no deal, you monster!
  • Impko: I've made another metallic monster that it will stomp you!
  • Impko: TAKE THIS!
  • Jumpy Smasher: *Jumpy falls down* BOING!!!
  • Indigo Guy: Your body will be squished, little.

Boss 4

  • Indigo Guy: You not!
  • Impko: You can't take that easy!
  • Impko: I have a big suprise for you!
  • Mr. Bel Bat: I AM COMING FOR YOU!!
  • Impko: Have fun dying around!
  • Indigo Guy: As you wish!!

Boss 5

  • Impko: This volcano will erupt so mucher!!
  • Indigo Guy: You destroy the volcano!!
  • Impko: HA! It will destroy your city forever!
  • Indigo Guy: You are-
  • Impko: DIE!! TAKE THIS!!
  • Lava Blaargher: RROOOOAAAAARRRRR!!!
  • Indigo Guy: Water will be so very fresh to kill that monster!

Boss 6

  • Impko: The wind must take away Indigo-
  • Indigo Guy: The wind must take away YOU!!
  • Impko: NOPE!! YOU!!
  • Impko: Prepare to summon my ultimate weapon: Ventun Tornado!
  • Ventun Tornado: I am the king of the wind.
  • Ventun Tornado: I WILL PUSH YOU OUT OF MY TEMPLE!!
  • Indigo Guy: You might die for that!

Impko Battle 1 (Floor 10 Boss)

  • Impko: I will hack Indigo's Powers!
  • Indigo Guy: I got you!
  • Impko: Battle me and you will pass!
  • Indigo Guy: As you wish!


  • Impko: Ugh...i can't believe...
  • Indigo Guy: HA! I told you! You're down!
  • Impko: You can pass then...

Impko Battle 2 (Floor 25 Boss)

  • Impko: DONE! I hacked 50% of Indigo's powers, I AM STRONG NOW!!
  • Indigo Guy: What....what i have done? MY POWERS!!
  • Impko: HA! You gotta lose!


  • Impko: WHY?!?!?!?!? WHY!??????????????????
  • Indigo Guy: You lose!

Wheel Blaster Battle (Floor 40 Boss)

  • Impko: Gotta go away, face Wheel Blaster, NOW!!!!!!!!!
  • Wheel Blaster: RRROOOAAARRRR!!!
  • Indigo Guy: This seems to be like a big giant monster truck.

Dopplerman Battle (Floor 45 Boss)

  • Dopplerman: I won't let you pass if you're the Impko Member.
  • Indigo Guy: YES I AM! DIE!!
  • Dopplerman: YOU MUST DIE!!


  • Dopplerman: AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! MY POWERS!!
  • Indigo Guy: Bye Dr. Dopplerman!!

Final Battle! (Floor 50 Boss)

  • Indigo Guy: You're a-
  • Impko: Prepare my epic weapon *transforms into Simpko*
  • Simpko: I AM SIMPKO!!!
  • Indigo Guy:*falls asleep*
  • Simpko: I will take you to the death room, hahahahah!
  • Dr. Dopplerman: YOU CAN'T SIMPKO!!!
  • Simpko: Who are you?
  • Simpko: Why you're my enemy now?
  • Dr. Dopplerman: Because Indigo Guy telled me to become my father.
  • Dr. Dopplerman: Indigo, take my powers, you will be supreme...
  • Indigo Guy: *gets powers* *transforms into...wait, what?*
  • Indigo King: I AM INDIGO KING!!!!!
  • Dr. Dopplerman: I will keep of Indigo!
  • Simpko: DIE!!!


  • Simpko: *goes back to Impko*
  • Impko: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  • Indigo King: *goes back to guy*
  • Indigo Guy: I AM BACK!!
  • Dr. Dopplerman: I will finish you, Impko!
  • the sky turns white*
  • Narrator: After the final battle with Impko, the city is turned normal and the world is saved from darkness. Indigo is a super hero. Thanks to Mr. Dopplerman, he is his assist now. THE END

Secret Cutscenes

Impko's Renegade (When going to the secret floor: Floor 666)

  • Impko: I WANT REVENGE!!!!!!!
  • Indigo Guy: Where am i?
  • Impko: You were in Floor 49, but you went on that weird capsule which he transports you to Floor 666.
  • Impko: This floor is scary, you need to get out this place! BUT YOU MUST DIE!!


  • The Devil: KILL INDIGO, KILL INDIGO, etc.
  • Indigo Guy: Must escape...

Dr. Dopplerman's Challenge (When getting to the secret path of Shade Forest)

  • Dr. Dopplerman: I am dopplerman, your father...
  • Indigo Guy: What are you doing here?
  • Dopplerman: I AM YOUR KILLER *kills the real dopplerman* DIE!!!
  • Indigo Guy: Who are you?
  • Dopplerman: I AM DOPPLERMAN (fake version of dr. dopplerman)!!!!!!!
  • Indigo Guy: BRING IT ON!!

Impkiko Guy (When getting to the secret path of Temple of Air)

  • Impkiko Guy: Who are you?
  • Indigo Guy: Who are you?
  • Impkiko Guy: You have to die.
  • Indigo Guy: Nope.
  • Impkiko Guy: Yep.
  • Indigo Guy: Nope.
  • Impkiko Guy: Yep.
  • Indigo Guy: NOPE.
  • Impkiko Guy: YEP.
  • Indigo Guy: NOPE!!
  • Impkiko Guy: YEP!! I HAD ENOUGH!
  • Indigo Guy: DIE NOW!!

Character Gallery

Indigo Guy

Indigo Guy



To view the character's informations. Click the character's name:

Indigo Guy


Trigger Laggar

Grallar Namr

Jumpy Smasher

Mr. Bel Bat

Lava Blaargher


Ventun Tornado

Wheel Blaster


and more to come...

List of all Worlds

World 1: Indigo City - The first world, Impko released some enemies there, you shall defeat them with your attacks. (Boss: Trigger Laggar)

World 2: Trippy Mountain - The second world, a big mountain ever created, but Impko maked it dangerous with the spikes, he must jump over the hazards (Boss: Grallar Namr)

World 3: Snow Bridge - The third world, a giant bridge of the Trippy Mountain, but Impko has broke the parts of the bridge, you will restore the pieces by using the Auto-Replacer. (Boss: Jumpy Smasher)

World 4: Shade Forest - The fourth world, a dark forest full of shades, but Impko has put monsters around the Trees, so Indigo Guy must avoid all monsters he jumped out to the trees. (Boss: Mr. Bel Bat)

World 5: Volcano Coast - The fifth world, a big volcano dungeon, but Impko has stabbed the volcano and maked it erupt, but Indigo Guy must avoid all falling craters. (Boss: Lava Blaargher) (Sub-Bosses: Robo-Smoke)

World 6: Temple of Air - The sixth world, a sky temple made of air, but Impko has built some traps to make Indigo Guy harder to pass. (Boss: Ventun Tornado)

World 7: Impko's Castle - The final world, Impko hides there, Indigo Guy must get through all 50 floors to get to Impko. (Final Boss: Impko) (Sub-Bosses: Wheel Blaster, Dopplerman)


Fire Flower - If indigo guy touches this powerup, it will be Red Guy, he can shoot fireballs. (Appears in Volcano Coast)

Metal Line - If indigo guy touches this powerup, it will be Grey Guy, he can shoot lazers. (Appears in Indigo City)

Air Crossbow - If indigo guy touches this powerup, it will be Cyan Guy, he can shoot air arrows with his crossbow. (Appears in Temple of Air)

Invisible Mushroom - If indigo guy touches this powerup, it will be Ghost Guy, he will turn invisible without getting dying for 10 seconds. (Appears in Shade Forest)

Ice Flower Boomberang - If indigo guy touches this powerup, it will be White Guy, he can shoot ice boomberangs. (Appears in Snow Bridge)

Stickkind - If indigo guy touches this powerup, it will be Green Guy, it can shoot sticks. (Appears in Trippy Mountain)


World 1-1: You need to save 3 people preventing to kill them.

World 1-2: Kill 100 incoming Impko's Robots.

World 1-3: Save 10 people.

World 1-4: Find the secret password and type the password to complete the level.

World 1-5: Try to pull out the big stick.

World 1-B: Beat Trigger Laggar!

World 2-1: Save 15 bugs.

World 2-2: Don't try to touch the coming smoke.

World 2-3: Kill the moving spikes, the moving spikes are hidden somewhere, kill 5 of them!

World 2-4: Complete the Mountain Puzzle.

World 2-5: Climb to the Fate Mountain.

World 2-B: Beat Grallar Namr!

World 3-1: Don't fall off the bridge!

World 3-2: Make it iced all the flames.

World 3-3: Fix the bridge pieces.

World 3-4: Enter the Moongate!

World 3-5: Explore the Moongate!

World 3-B: Beat Jumpy Smasher!

World 4-1: Save the Friendly Bat.

World 4-2: Save 50 mini friendly bats.

World 4-3: Hide from dark ghost shades.

World 4-4: Enter the Lightgate!

World 4-5: Explore the Lightgate!

World 4-B: Beat Mr. Bel Bat!

World 5-1: Freeze all the flames!

World 5-2: Defeat the Sub-Boss Robo-Smoke!

World 5-3: Freeze the Volcano!

World 5-4: Enter the Volcano!

World 5-5: Escape the Volcano!

World 5-B: Beat Lava Blaargher!

World 6-1: Climb the ladder!

World 6-2: Explore the Temple and collect all 10 sacred coins.

World 6-3: Break the Hidden Walls of the temple.

World 6-4: Escape the Temple.

World 6-5: Explore the Sky.

World 6-B: Beat Ventun Tornado!

Floors 1-49: Reach to Floor 5.

Floor 50: Defeat Simpko!

Floor 666: Defeat Impko once for all!

Shade Forest Secret Path: Defeat Dopplerman!

Temple of Air Secret Path: Defeat Impkiko Guy!

Sandbox Mode: Explore all levels you want!