Indigo Guy
Indigo Guy as he appears in Indigo Guy (game)
Full Name Indigo Guy
Current Age 19
Date of Birth 31 December 1992
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Gender Male
Location Indigo City
Main Weapon(s) Gun
First Appearance Indigo Guy (game)
Indigo Guy is a purple Human Species, he lives in Indigo City, he likes purple but he hates darkness, such as Black Holes, but he hates his evil villain, Impko, but in Legions, he has a new villain that hates so much, Xinbo.


Indigo Guy 1-8 (game)

The first appearance of this character, appears in many games, one to eight, the only playable character.

Legion Series

Indigo Guy returns in Indigo Guy Legions, now holds with a Gun that shoots lazers, which Xinbo is the new villain.

Yoshi's Block Puzzle Adventure

Indigo Guy appears as an helper, which destroy all blocks with his gun.

Indigo Guy Party

A mario party series made by Indigo guy appears as in this game.

Indigo Rage

OMG! Indigo Guy appears as in this painful game where Impko and Xinbo appears as 2 villains.

Indigo Guy Mega Collection

Many games for this collection of awesomeness. But the future games are not available.

FuSiOn MaNiAc XxX

Indigo Guy appears as a Assist character.

Indigo Bloodshed

Of course, Indigo Guy appears in this 18 ages only game where Imeirum is the main villain of the game.

Indigo Bloodshed Forever

The predecessor of Bloodshed, finally Bloodshed Forever is the 6th game.

Indigo Guy's Office Bank

Indigo Guy appears as an protagonist of the game, you need to get 10000000000$ money to be able to go in space.

Indigo Guy Legions 4: Yug Ogidni!!

This is the game where Yug Ogidni appears as Indigo Guy's doppelganger and the main villain of Indigo Guy Legions 4.

Indigo Extreme Bloodshed

More perfect violence, Indigo Guy appears as in this brutal 20 ages only game. And the main villain is Shadow Yeoarin

Indigo Guy: Project Z.E.R.O.

Indigo Guy appears in this project Z.E.R.O. game, where the codename is Zen's Eternal Rodent Observatory. And the main villain is Zen.

And more appearances...