Indigo City
First Appearance Indigo Guy (game)
Current Ruler Impko, Xinbo, Imeirum and others
Current Inhabitant(s)
Purple Human Species
Location Type Spectral
Included Environment(s)
Indigo City is a blocky city where Indigo Guy lives, most of them has a bank, where he must get many money to build a missile to fly in space. But some villains want their city destroyed. So the only guy who can stop him was thought, he must save the world.
Indigo City

The actual city.


Indigo Guy Game series

This location appears first for the first world of the game. But on some games are not.

Legion Series

Appears as the 3rd world of Indigo Guy Legions 2.

Indigo Rage

Otherwise, the city that appears is only the starting cutscene.

Indigo Legions 4

Appears as the 6th world of the game.

And more appearances...

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