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Incarnations: Umbral Endeavor is a Smash-inspired umbrella fighting game for the Nintendo Switch. It is a spin-off of the umbrella RPG Incarnations, as well as a "spiritual successor" to Super Smash Bros. Endeavor.

A Fighter Ballot for Incarnations: Umbral Endeavor can be found here! However, please note that submissions posted through the Fighter Ballot will still mostly be chosen based on author appeal - characters that the author likes or thinks would be interesting to work with are more likely to make it in than characters they've never heard of or don't care at all for.


Umbral Endeavor plays almost identically to Smash Bros. Rather than the usual fighting game battlefields, the fights are set on larger stages with voids on one or more sides. Instead of depleting a health meter, fighters' attacks increase a damage meter. The more damage a fighter has, the more knockback they receive, and being knocked off of the screen and into one of the voids counts as a stock. Special moves also function differently, and are tied to a single button rather than a complicated button input.

One difference from the Smash Bros. series is that Final Smashes are nonexistent. On the other hand, fighters now have access to a new option called Super Smash Attacks to quench their thirst for cinematic K.O.s. Landing a fully-charged Smash Attack against an extremely damaged enemy will cause the user to perform an extra-flashy attack as a follow-up. Some Super Smash Attacks even have special properties that the regular Smash Attacks lack.

Status Conditions

Umbral Endeavor leans more heavily on special conditions called Buffs and Ailments. Several abilities interact with one or the other in special ways, and so these lists have been provided to quickly define what constitutes as which.

Condition Name Type User(s) Effect(s)
Asleep Ailment Minette
Silver's Gengar
Temporarily immobilizes the user, leaving them asleep on the ground.
Buried Ailment Cragalanche
Temporarily immobilizes the user, leaving them stuck in the ground.
Burning Ailment Multiple Slowly drains the user's health. Can be extinguished by water.
Frozen Ailment Multiple Temporarily immobilizes the user in a block of ice that is affected by gravity. Can be melted by fire.
Poisoned Ailment Black Frost
Assist: Jack the Ripper
Slowly drains the user's health.
Stunned Ailment Multiple Temporarily paralyzes the user, locking them in place.
Beast Boost Buff Blacephalon Raises attack power. Can be stacked up to six times. Has no duration, but a single stack of Beast Boost won't do as much as other power buffs.
Bind Ailment Gunner Temporarily disables the Special Move used by the user immediately prior to being inflicted with Bind.
Cocooned Ailment Taranza Temporarily paralyzes the user, binding them inside of a cocoon.
Dark Magic Ailment Yuga When the user collides with a surface at high speed while inflicted with Dark Magic, they will begin to get dragged into the surface. If they cannot escape by mashing, they will be turned into a painting, which counts as a K.O.
Demonica Config
Buff Demonee-Ho Temporarily raises the duration of the user's Frosting and Fear, as well as the rate at which they can Frost enemies. Does not stack with itself.
Demonica Config
Buff Demonee-Ho Temporarily raises resistance to damage and knockback. Does not stack with itself.
Demonica Config
Buff Demonee-Ho Temporarily raises attack power. Does not stack with itself.
Devil Trigger Buff Vergil Temporarily raises attack power and speed.
Dip Down Buff Star Temporarily raises the power of the user's wand attacks and the height gained when using Wing Flutter. Does not stack with itself.
Fear Ailment Demonee-Ho Temporarily pushes the user away from the fighter that inflicted Fear on them.
Focus Buff Demi-Fiend
Temporarily raises attack power. Additionally, the user's fully charged Smash Attacks will burn Focus to activate Super Smash Attacks regardless of the struck enemy's damage.
Frosting Ailment Demonee-Ho Has no effect at first. When the user is fully frosted, they become Frozen. Can be melted by fire.
Full Cowl Buff Deku Temporarily raises attack power and movement speed while nullifying recoil damage. Can be dispelled early if the user takes too much damage. Does not stack with itself.
Gun Revenge Buff Dragoon Temporarily raises attack power by an amount relative to the damage taken by either the user or their Decoy Bunker. Does not stack with itself.
Hamon Breathing Buff JoJo
Temporarily raises attack power. Does not stack with itself.
Heat Riser Buff Adachi Temporarily raises attack power, movement speed, and Once More rate. The potency of the attack/speed buffs decrease depending on how much Adachi charges his Heat Riser move, but doing so also decreases the Once More rate buff. Does not stack with itself.
High Five! Buff Claptrap Temporarily raises attack power. Must be applied to both Claptrap and another fighter.
Leech Liquid Buff Plague Knight Temporarily raises attack power and causes the user to absorb health from the enemy when they deal damage. Does not stack with itself.
Mob's Explosion Buff Mob + Reigen Temporarily boosts overall combat performance.
Monado Enchant Buff Shulk Temporarily raises attack power and speed, and maintains the boost to attack range from having the Talent Gauge full. Does not stack with itself.
Mutation Buff Nemesis Temporarily raises attack power and regenerates health. Can be dispelled early if the user takes too much damage.
Buff Assist: Junpei Iori Temporarily raises resistance to damage and knockback.
Repulsion Gel Ailment Item: Repulsion Gel Temporarily causes the user to bounce off surfaces.
Slow Ailment Tidus Temporarily reduces movement and attack speed.
(Aurochs Stance)
Buff Kaiser Oblivion Temporarily raises resistance to damage and knockback.
(Wolf Stance)
Buff Kaiser Oblivion Temporarily raises attack power.
Teardrop Ailment Shinjiro Temporarily reduces resistance to damage and knockback. Does not stack with itself.
Webbing Ailment Spider-Man Temporarily reduces movement and attack speed and increases weight, fall speed, and length of the user's jump animation.


Versus Mode

To Be Added!

Story Mode: ???

To Be Added! A script for the story mode can be found here!

Classic Mode: Supreme Fused World Combat Tournament

To Be Added! All the characters' classic mode routes can be found here!

Side Modes

An assortment of alternate modes and minigames to entertain players when they aren't facing off against NPCs or saving the world.

Spin Ye Bottle

Mona Treasure Trove

Mona, the hostess of the Spin Ye Bottle minigame

A minigame that first appeared in Shovel Knight, and returns from the original Incarnations in a new form. This time, it's a bit more faithful to the original. And a bit more dangerous.

During this minigame, Plague Knight's significant other and lab assistant Mona summons vials of enigmatic liquid in midair, and the player(s) has to launch them into targets located at different points on the stage in order to earn points. Unlike the original minigame from Shovel Knight, however, there are no walls and ceiling, and Mona will often call in hazards to try and cut the player(s)'s game short early with a K.O. These hazards include exploding trap vials, hydraulic crushers launched from the sides or top of the stage, gusts of wind created by giant fans, and Percy firing himself at fighters using his catapult.

The "Spin Ye Bottle" track from Shovel Knight always plays in the background during this minigame.

Mr. Shakedown

A minigame that first appeared in the Yakuza series, where enormous brutes roam the streets of Japanese cities preying on the wallets of unsuspecting tourists. Though Umbral Endeavor stylizes the minigame as a fighting event, its core elements remain unchanged. Particularly its difficulty.

During this minigame, the player or players face off against a giant unflinching version of one of the roster's most ferocious and durable fighters - King Arthur, Nemesis, Steiner, the Dragoon, All Might, Cragalanche, Okuyasu, Sundowner, Black Frost, or Dr. Coyle. This fighter is the eponymous Mr. Shakedown. When Mr. Shakedown takes damage from an attack, they drop money proportional to the amount of damage dealt, and the goal of the minigame is to collect as money as possible without being K.O.'d by Mr. Shakedown. Taking down Mr. Shakedown yields more money than usual, but they will respawn an infinite number of times, and will be a bit bigger and more powerful each time. The player also drops some of their collected money when damaged. Performing well enough in this minigame can also unlock the option of playing as Mr. Shakedown, with the goal of beating the money out of an ever-growing horde of standard fighters.

The "Get Them" track from Yakuza 0 always plays in the background during this minigame.


Click an icon to jump straight to that character's moveset!
UmbEnd Makoto
UmbEnd Shinjiro
UmbEnd Kotone
UmbEnd DemoneeHo
UmbEnd Joseph
UmbEnd Caesar
UmbEnd Tressa
UmbEnd Krillin
UmbEnd Pyrrha
UmbEnd DemiFiend
UmbEnd Vergil
UmbEnd KingArthur
UmbEnd Peacock
UmbEnd Nemesis
UmbEnd Gale
UmbEnd Kei
UmbEnd PlagueKnight
UmbEnd Raidou
UmbEnd Soma
UmbEnd LynneSissel
UmbEnd Adachi
UmbEnd ReigenMob
UmbEnd KaiserOblivion
UmbEnd Minette
UmbEnd Taranza
UmbEnd Steiner
UmbEnd Dragoon
UmbEnd Olympia
UmbEnd SpiderMan
UmbEnd Deku
UmbEnd AllMight
UmbEnd Shulk
UmbEnd Ryu
UmbEnd Cragalanche
UmbEnd Gamma
UmbEnd Beat
UmbEnd Hama
UmbEnd Tidus
UmbEnd Barkley
UmbEnd Dan
UmbEnd Blacephalon
UmbEnd Gunner
UmbEnd Silver
UmbEnd Majima
UmbEnd Narancia
UmbEnd Diego
UmbEnd Okuyasu
UmbEnd Chompette
UmbEnd GoddessofExplosions
UmbEnd Giratina
UmbEnd Wheatley
UmbEnd Sundowner
UmbEnd Yuga
UmbEnd BlackFrost
UmbEnd RevolverOcelot
UmbEnd Elliana
UmbEnd Vexen
UmbEnd Kitaniji
UmbEnd Akechi
UmbEnd DrCoyle
UmbEnd Claptrap
UmbEnd Elizabeth
UmbEnd Isabeau
UmbEnd Star
UmbEnd Lady

Default Fighters

Fused Fighters

Fused Fighters are a concept borrowed with permission from Doodle's Super Smash Bros. - characters that mix and match abilities from normal fighters, resulting in an original moveset formed out of unoriginal parts.

Outsiders DLC

All the fighters in the Outsiders DLC are characters that are suggested by others. If you have suggestions for characters, you can submit them to the Umbral Endeavor Fighter Ballot here, and there's a chance that they could make it in as an Outsider!



Summon Program
Series: Incarnations
Origins: Incarnations: Umbral Endeavor
Summoning item. A mysterious stream of data that pulls an Assist Summon into the battle to support the user.
Forbidden Summon Program
Series: Incarnations
Origins: Incarnations: Umbral Endeavor
Summoning item. A corrupt version of the Summon Program that brings a Boss Summon into the fight instead. Bosses are sometimes summoned in Cross Mode, in which they gain powerful new abilities from a power that would normally be foreign to them.
Fused Shadows
Series: The Legend of Zelda
Origins: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Combining item. Four shards of an ancient magical item filled with infinite dark power. If one Fused Shadow spawns, the others will likely follow close behind, and the fighter that collects all of them will be able to transform into an enormous multi-armed monster temporarily just by pressing the Special buttom.
Series: Incarnations
Origins: Incarnations: Umbral Endeavor
Recovery item. Nothing like a bag of chips, box of cookies, bottle of soda, or Slim Jim or whatever to reinvigorate you! Eating any of these various foods will restore some health, with the exact amount increasing relative to the unhealthiness of the food eaten.
Knuckle Sandwich
Series: Knuckle Sandwich
Origins: Knuckle Sandwich
Recovery item. A dubious-looking but oddly delicious burger. Eating it restores health, unsurprisingly. If a human eats it, though, they gain more health than non-humans do when they eat it... How odd...
Sitrus Berry
Series: Pokémon
Origins: Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire Version
Recovery item. A berry that grows in the fertile soil of Hoenn and Sinnoh. Eating it restores health, unsurprisingly. If an animal eats it, though, they gain more health than non-animals do when they eat it. Maybe only Pokémon have the enzymes needed to properly digest these sorts of berries...?
Life Stone
Series: Shin Megami Tensei
Origins: Shin Megami Tensei
Recovery item. A stone radiating with an otherworldly light. Throwing it at a surface causes it to shatter and release a pulse of healing magic, restoring 25% health for anyone in the blast.
Australium Gold Paint
Series: Team Fortress
Origins: Team Fortress 2
Transforming item. A bucket of paint that some idiot not only named after the rare metal Australium, but also made with actual Australium. Fighters that pick up the bucket will automatically douse themselves in it, which temporarily increases their weight and fall speed, allows them to take most hits without even flinching... and turns them gold, too, of course. While in this state, their Super Smash Attacks also temporarily turn struck enemies into golden statues.
Dragoon Boots
Series: Final Fantasy
Origins: Final Fantasy VI
Transforming item. A pair of boots that grant the wearer the powers of a Dragoon. Equipping them boost the user's jump height and midair movement speed. As an added bonus, their down aerial becomes a falling slam attack that travels straight downwards.
Kiss Sticker
Series: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Origins: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean
Transforming item. A sticker generated by Ermes Costello's Stand, Kiss. Equipping it will cause the user's body parts to split when using certain attacks. This increases the range, doubles the number of hitboxes on the attack, and potentially allows for it to hit twice at once for extra damage.
The Power of Love
Series: Scott Pilgrim
Origins: Scott Pilgrim
Battering item. A katana that blazes with the ferocity of a certain Canadian guitarist's heart. Wielding it augments the damage and range of the holder's attacks. If they take enough damage while carrying it, it will transform into either The Power of Self-Respect, a similar-looking but more powerful weapon, or The Power of Understanding, which is larger and excels in both range and power.
Tiger Claws
Series: Kid Icarus
Origins: Kid Icarus: Uprising
Battering item. A pair of razor-sharp talons worn like brass knuckles any fighter equipped with gets a bit of a speed boost and a bit of extra length to their dodge rolls. Most interesting, though, is that their jab combo is extended to a whopping five hits! Even characters with jabs that only hit one or two times normally can reap these effects.
Eternal Flames
Series: Kingdom Hearts
Origins: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Battering/Throwing item. One of the red and silver chakrams wielded by Lea, whose Nobody once served as an assassin in Organization XIII. When a fighter picks up Eternal Flames, it transforms into Lea's Keyblade and functions as a fire-elemental battering weapon. When thrown, however, it transforms back into a chakram and flies a set distance away from the user before returning back to their hand like a boomerang. It also transforms into a chakram for Smash attacks to extend the user's reach.
Valentine's Gun
Series: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Origins: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run
Shooting item. Once owned by President Funny Valentine, this is a seemingly ordinary revolver that fires seemingly ordinary bullets. Valentine's Gun is an item that always spawns in pairs; if one is on the stage, a second is guaranteed to show up soon. Additionally, Valentine's Guns are drawn towards each other when brought to close, and allowing them to come into contact will cause them to explode, destroying both and dealing massive damage to anyone nearby.
Red Stone of Aja
Series: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Origins: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency
Shooting item. An extremely rare red gemstone that refracts light impossibly well. It is a chargeable projectile weapon that fires off a piercing beam of red light. It takes a while to hit maximum charge, but when it does, it becomes a near-guaranteed K.O.!
Bottle Rocket
Series: Mother
Origins: Earthbound
Throwing item. A homemade explosive rocket. Shortly after being thrown, it jets forwards, exploding after travelling a set distance or colliding with an enemy. It can also be ignited by fire or explosion-based attacks. Sometimes, a Multi Bottle Rocket - a similar-looking item that travels a shorter distance but explodes into several Bottle Rockets - will spawn instead.
Repulsion Gel
Series: Portal
Origins: Portal 2
Throwing item. A vial of blue liquid. Breaking it near a fighter or item covers them in the stuff, causing them to bounce off of surfaces until the gel washes off.
Red Skull Pin
Series: The World Ends With You
Origins: The World Ends With You
Throwing item. A red pin with a black skull insignia printed on it. Throwing it at an enemy equips it to them automatically, decreasing their overall mobility.

Assist Summons

Series: BioShock
Origins: BioShock Infinite
When summoned, Elizabeth will pry open a Tear centerd on the spot where she appears, creating a large circular area in which the layout and hazards of another stage blend into the current one. Don't worry - she closes it before she leaves! This Assist cannot be K.O.'d.
Jack the Ripper
Series: Shin Megami Tensei
Origins: Shin Megami Tensei II
Jack the Ripper fights alongside the summoner using flurries of slashes using his razor, Dark-elemental magic, and clouds of poisoning gas.
Junpei Iori
Series: Persona
Origins: Persona 3
As soon as he's summoned, Junpei casts Rakukaja to power up the summoner's defenses. Then, he fights at their side using his greatsword and Trismegistus's fire spells.
Series: Spectrobes
Origins: Spectrobes
Komainu runs around in the background of the stage, sniffing out items and digging them up for the summoner. It tends to have an easy time finding rare items, so following it around is usually worthwhile. This Assist cannot be K.O.'d.
Series: Shin Megami Tensei
Origins: Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne
A friend. Mothman stands in one spot, unmoving. If struck, he spreads his wings and releases a massive cloud of golden dust that stuns enemies. This Assist cannot be K.O.'d.
Primrose Azelhart
Series: Octopath Traveler
Origins: Octopath Traveler
Primrose use various dances to power up the summoner's stats while they fight, with the exact effect depending on the dance she's currently performing. She can also use Moonlight Waltz to attack nearby enemies with dark magic. This Assist cannot be K.O.'d.
Series: Xenoblade
Origins: Xenoblade Chronicles
Sharla fights with the summoner by using her ether rifle's Thunder Bullet, Tranquiliser, or Metal Blast to snipe distant opponents. She can also use her rifle's Heal Bullets to restore the summoner's health if she can get a clear shot at them.
Series: Pokémon
Origins: Pokémon Diamond/Pearl Version
Torterra fights alongside the summoner with barrages of leaf projectiles and earth-shaking stomps that bury the enemy. It's so big that players can fight on top of its back. This Assist can be K.O.'d, but it is the most durable Assist in the game, so it takes a miracle to K.O. it before it despawns.

Boss Summons


  • The concept for the game was born out of a desire for more roster freedom than what Super Smash Bros. Endeavor allowed, hence why the title of this game also includes the word "Endeavor" and why the page's tables reuse much of the formatting from the original page.
  • The word "Umbral" was chosen for the title simply because it sounded like "umbrella."
  • Multiple concepts were originally proposed by Pyrostar (tbc) on Discord, including...
    • Giving Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap to Anne as a Cross Mode.
    • Having Eternal Flames transform into a chakram for Smash attacks.
  • The concept for Revolver Ocelot's Draw! move was originally proposed by Exotoro (tbc) on Discord.