Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers DX is the fourth Strikers game.

New Features

  • Now has to be a new evolution of the Keshin Armed and Keshin:has to be called Super Keshin Armed/Super Keshin (like the Keshin Armed but now with Super Keshins).
  • The Main Objective is win the HRI (Holy Road International), like the Footbal Frointer International but with the name of the Holy Road because the Sector V.
  • Now the game has to be... 50,000,000 players!.
  • And new hissatsus.
  • And... ¡Playing with Pokémons with medium of SpotPass! And... ¡Pokémons for Indigo and Violet (at game for Baby Yoshi) by medium of DLC! (All the Pokémons including the Pokémons for Indigo and Violet has to be obtanied by day one for one and all the Pokémons has to be obtain after that has to be talk with Endou Mamoru and obtain the Pokéball with the Pokémon that has to be obtain with SpotPass or DLC).
  • Also you can make your own characters,teams and your mii's can join the game.

Exclusive New Hitssatsus/New Keshins/New Keshin Hissatsus/Super Keshins/Super Keshins Hissatsus

New Hitssatsus


Playable teams


Shinsei Cup

Galaxy Cup

  • Galaxy J
  • Tenmas
  • Inazuma Legend Japan
  • Inazuma Japan
  • Neo Japan


Teikoku Cup

Goseiger Cup

  • Goseiger
  • Gokaiger
  • Go-Busters
  • Kyoryuger
  • Gatchaman


Pokemon Cup

  • Pokemon
  • Digimon
  • Keroro Team
  • Tamagotchi Team
  • Dragon Ball

Gundam Cup

  • Gundam
  • Ultraman
  • Mazinger-Z
  • Godzilla
  • Sailor Moon


Chaos Cup

  • Chaos
  • Aliea Gakuen
  • Sekai Senbatsu X
  • Little Gigant
  • Orpheus


  • SOS Brigade
  • S Witches
  • Negima Team
  • Azumanga Daioh
  • Hokago Tea Time


Girls Cup

  • Girls Team
  • Dark Emperors
  • Dark Angel
  • Ogre
  • Zero

P-Omega Cup                                                             Soccer stars cup

  • Protocol Omega                                                        Viimii
  • Kakumei Senbatsu                                                    Monster United fc
  • Fifth Sectors                                                               Kettle
  • Zanark Domain                                                           Mushroom Kingdom fc
  • Destructchers                                                             Chaos Emarald fc

Teams (History Mode)

Post-Histoty Mode Teams

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