Inazuma Eleven: Super Strikers is an upcoming installment of the Inazuma Eleven franchise, unlike the other installments, Super Strikers is more like arcade-like soccer game, instead being an strategy-like one. The game is going to feature teams from Inazuma Eleven and Inazuma Eleven GO. The voice cast of the anime will voice the characters in this game. More info at Fantendo Carnival Showcase.




Icon Name Coach Captain
IESSRaimon Raimon Hibiki Seigou IESSEndou
Endou Mamoru
IESSInazumaGirls Inazuma Girls Ootani IESSRaimonNatsumi
Raimon Natsumi


Special Ability

To see which characters can use any of the techinques below, click here.


Name Data Element Type
25px-Flag of USA2 Heel Kick
20 TP
Power: 50
IESSFireIcon Fire Shoot hissatsu
Arashi Tatsumaki Hurricane 85 TP
Power: 190
IESSWind Wind Shoot hissatsu


Mixi Max

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