The great demon as he appears in Indigo Guy (game).
Full Name Impko
Current Age 32
Date of Birth 23th 1979th sweeps
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Gender Unknown
Location  ???
Main Weapon(s)  ???
Ability/ies Black Hole, dark magic.
First Appearance Indigo Guy (game)
Impko is the purple demon that appears first in Indigo Guy (game). He's the main villain and he likes to kill Indigo Guy every time.


Indigo Guy game

Impko appears first the game. and his the villain of the game.

Indigo Guy Party

Impko appears only when every character goes on a Impko Space, like the Bowser Space from every mario party game.

Indigo Rage

Impko appears as a dark priest. But not really the main villain.

FuSiOn MaNiAc XxX

Impko appears as a bad character, who fails and destroys other's fusions.

Indigo Bloodshed

Impko appears only on the sequel. His face has too many blood splatterer to be a punisher.

Indigo Guy's Office Bank

Impko appears as a money stealer, to make not allowed to reach making a rocket.

Indigo Guy Legions 4: Yug Ogidni!!

Impko appears as the true form of Yug Ogidni, because has make a clone of him and changed colors.

And more appearances...