Imperium, the weapon with a mind of it's own.
Full Name Imperium
Current Age  ??
Date of Birth  ??
Gender Referred as Male by The Silent One

Referred as Female by Unten

Species Weapon
Location Underground (Earth)
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Class Weapon
The Underground
Family and Relations
Unten (current wielder), The Silent One (past wielder)
Cool air, belts
Spewage expiration, being misused
Main Weapon(s) None
Ability/ies Carving, Mist-Emitting, Stretching
Vulnerable To None currently known.
Nationality Blade
Ethnicity Sharp
Height Roughly as tall as Unten
Weight 5 pounds
First Appearance Beorn Hallow
Latest Appearance Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Imperium is a living weapon, literally, that appears in Beorn Hallow. It is mute and many of it's past wielders don't know that it really is alive. When it is first seen, it is under the possession of The Silent One.



Imperium's sword form is a sharp and blunt object with cyan lines across the edge of the weapon. It has a handle and it's cyan lines sometimes spew out glowing cyan mist if the area is dark enough, to light the way ahead.

Inner Form

Imperium's "inner form" resembles a woman with dark blue horn like hair and pale blue skin. Her eyes are entirely cyan and emit cyan mist. She wears a wrap-around coat that covers most of her left and is shaped like the sword, including the glowing lines. She has black finger-less gloves. She wears a dark blue-ish green sweater and grey leggings with neon cyan lines crossing at the top. The leggings also have heeled soles.


Although it doesn't really have much of a personality considering it's mute, it's actions show that it can be somewhat possessive of it's owner, both in beneficial and harmful ways. If it is unhappy with it's current owner, it will stop helping them. Imperium can stretch out and carve to reflect it's thoughts if needed. If Imperium gets too attached with it's current chosen wielder, it will tend to wrap itself around the chosen wielder and attack anyone that gets too close to them.



Powers and Abilities

Imperium is able to stretch itself out, becoming as long as a football stadium if needed. It also emits a glowing cyan mist in the darkness, allowing the owner to be easily spotted by group members, although it knows when to be "silent". It is impressively sharp and powerful, able to carve stone with ease and create elaborate sculptures in seconds. It is also seems immune to rust or any kind of natural degeneration.

Imperium cannot speak in the mortal plane. It's inner form does not speak to anyone unless they are the wielder.

When under the influence of Hyper Energy, it becomes Bleeding Imperium. Bleeding Imperium drips a neon ooze, that appears to be some kind of blood for it. Inner Imperium also bleeds from their mouth, and it is clear that Hyper Energy appears to damage Imperium in some kind of way, although when the user reverts to their normal form, Imperium seems to be completely fine.


Beorn Hallow


Fantendo Now

"Imperium Dance"



Imperium's likeness makes several cameo appearances in FantendoQuest as part of Izzy Skarp's Unten merchandise store as the Imperium Noodle and the Unten Umbrella, which has a Imperium-like design on the handle. Izzy Skarpe's design also utilizes Imperium's likeness across her gloves and skirt.

Additionally, Mimikunten uses a wood stick that is carved to look like Imperium.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory



The Silent One





  • Although sometimes called a sword, it's more like a ballistic battering ram with edges.
  • The inner form takes on the opposite gender of those who wield it.

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