The Southern Expansion Dowloadable Content of Imperialist is an optional expansion to the original title. The expansion adds a continent smaller than the main continent of Eternite, named Saharia.


After seeing the increasing growth of the Aeonian military power over the course of the war against Zodsa, the nation of Peruhyn on the neighboring continent of Saharia asks for assistance. This nation has a struggling economy and severely lacks the military strength to keep its increasingly violent riots under control. They wish for Aeon to lend military aide to keep the riots under control.

Aeon agrees and makes a small, controlled claim of territory in the Central Desert in order to keep the unrest under control in Peruhyn. The Central Desert is vast, taking around 40% of Saharia's landmass and is completely anarchic. The population is large as well, estimated being up to 30 million civilians who must fend for themselves. Aeon decides that it is their responsibility to set up a government in the Central Desert.

The player has three possible endings.

  • Aeon sets up a government in the Central Desert and successfully stops the riots in Peruhyn.
  • Aeon claims full control over the Central Desert (and possibly other territories), becoming a major power in Saharia. Peruhyn becomes an ally and gains an increase in military strength, threatening its allies and civilians.
  • Riots in Peruhyn fail to be stopped. Peruhyn grows exponentially weaker until collapse, and the new government pledges allyship to Aeon.

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