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This article is currently under construction and many things may be tentative. It is recommended that this article is viewed with Monobook, however it looks fine enough in Wikia.

Imperialist is a rehaul of the original Conquest Aeon project, in development by RosettaChiko for the PC with a set release date for late 2017. The game is centered around the leader of a developing imperialist nation in a continent resembling World War II-era Europe. The gameplay is purely strategic and the story tackles themes of imperialism and war.



In Imperialist, the player controls a medium-sized nation on the continent of Eternite, named Aeon (the player may name the nation on their own) in the year 5055. The nation has a long-lasting rivalry against the expanding empire of Zodsa. In recent years Zodsa has expanded its land claims from its home continent of Zuldsaria to territory on the continent of Eternite. This land was acquired either by force or by democratic annexation.

  • In 5043, the Harra Islands had a referendum concerning annexation to Zodsa. The vote to entire the Zodsan empire was won by a landslide, though skeptics from the west were unsure of the legitimacy of these results. Nonetheless, this annexation was the first connection between Zodsa and Eternite.
  • In 5045, the emperor of Zodsa announced plans to expand territory to the contintent of Eternite, with a goal of subjecting at least 100 million more civilians to the emperor's laws. This land would be acquired through any means necessary.
  • In 5047, the emperor went through with his plans and launched a full-scale attack on the southern nation of Mohdul. The Mohdulans fought back, yet their power was not enough to defend against the powerful Zodsan military. In 5049, Mohdul was annexed to Zodsa.
  • By 5048, fringe groups supporting the regime of the Zodsan empire rose up across Eternite. These groups had more powerful control over different portions of the continent due to higher population density of their supporters.
    • In 5050, a civil war broke out in Quallenta. The central government fought against rebels in the five southeastern provinces of the nation. The rebels did not stand much of a chance; however, the Zodsan Empire began to give military support to the rebels. To avoid long-term consequences of fighting a war with such a powerful nation, Quallenta surrendered and the five provinces were annexed to Zodsa under the name of Quallemme.
    • The non-elected government of the lowly populated Bovenlands was very supportive of the emperor's regime. They gave full support to the Zodsan Empire and were annexed in 5049.
  • In 5051, Zodsa launched a full-scale attack on the small island nation of Ulei Bay. Standing no chance, Ulei Bay lost the war and was therefore annexed in 5052.
  • In 5053, Zodsa announced plans to invade the nation of Aeon to its civilians. Aeon's position was incredibly strategic for the invasion of the rest of the continent of Eternite and its adjacency to the northern continent of Hollaske makes it a prime territory for claiming further land.
    • This caused a formation of an alliance of nations to combat the Zodsan Empire, led by Aeon. This alliance was known as the Peace Powers and worked to protect nations across Eternite from invasion.
  • In 5054, Zodsa placed troops within the small nation of Mikro, which neighbors Aeon. The Peace Powers attempted to combat Zodsa, though the northwestern provinces of Mikro announced sovereignty from the Mikronian government and loyalty to Zodsa. Tensions continued to rise.
  • In 5055, Zodsa launched a full-scale invasion on the nation of Occi, also neighboring Aeon. The Peace Powers finally made their move, though the government of Occi was hesitant due to their struggling economy. The Peace Powers were unable to successfully remove Zodsa from Occi due to lack of local military support and as a result, Occi was annexed to Zodsa.
  • Later the same year, Zodsa placed troops within the Ranzhyv Islands and Niedan, the two final neigboring nations to Aeon. Aeon and the rest of the Peace Powers then began their full-scale military attack on Zodsa. This is where the story of the game begins.


The player has many options on how they may deal with the conflict against Zodsa. There is no recommended route and there are nine different possible endings to the storyline depending on the options the player chooses. They are as follows:

Name Description Difficulty
Peace Powers Aeon frees all Zodsa-held colonies and overthrows the emperor with help from one or more nations within the Peace Powers. This is recommended for first time players. This ending is considered the "canon ending". Easy
Esper League Reunion Aeon frees Zodsa-held colonies with aide from Espimme, so long as Aeon fights alongside Espimme in conquering the other Esper League countries that had seceded. Zodsa's capital city is split in half with Aeon and Espimme control. Medium
Imperialist Ally Aeon frees Zodsa-held nations with aide from Urzulana, Niraie, and Sitenne. These nations help in the conflict because Aeon had promised to expand the borders of each nation. Control of the Zodsan capital city is split between the four nations. Medium
Zodsan Ally Aeon becomes an ally of Zodsa in order to become a global power. The two gain full control over the majority of the Eternite continent, with territory being evenly split between the two countries. Medium
Global Power
(the "good ending")
Aeon frees Zodsa-held colonies and overthrows the emperor without any help from outside nations. Hard
Imperialist Aeon Aeon expands its borders massively while also defeating the Zodsa Empire. Aeon also gains full control over the Zodsa mainland, save for its capital city which it leaves in control of the emperor after an agreement. Hard
Isolationist Aeon defeats the Zodsa Empire without freeing any of the empire's controlled colonies first and without the help of any allies. Hardest
Totalitarian Aeon becomes an ally of Zodsa in order to become a global power. The two gain full control over the majority of the Eternite continent, though Aeon turns on the Zodsa Empire and gains full control over the Eternite continent. Hardest


  • Nova - This character is the head of Aeon and may be male, female, or non-binary. The player may also name this character. They are pretty ambiguous and do not speak much, but they make major decisions for their nation.
  • Cia - Cia is the player's secretary. They are the opposite gender of the player, or randomized between male or female if the player is non-binary. They inform Nova on all of the essential decisions for the country, and are completely loyal to their country.
  • Michelle - Michelle is the supreme general of the military. She is very blunt about each situation and has a heart of stone in order to make the right decisions for her military.
  • Theodore - Theodore is the treasurer of Aeon. He makes informed decisions based on the nation's economy.
  • Ignatio - The emperor of Zodsa. He is the one subjecting hundreds of millions to his corrupt agenda, and is a major threat to the rest of Eternite.


Imperialist is a strategy game. The game centers around many aspects regarding imperialism or globalism. The player's goal is up to their personal choice, though they have many options. They may wish to strengthen their military, expand their borders, defeat foreign threats, or form foreign alliances and relationships. In the end, the ultimate goal seems to be for the nation of Aeon to survive and to dismantle the Zodsan Empire.


The main screen of the game is the navigator. This is simply a map of all nations which have been found (the nations which the player may not yet access are blocked off by fog). The player may select a nation and see its statistics on a sidebar to the right, then may make any of the following options: Trade, Alliance, Invade, War. These are all explained in further detail below.

On the top left of the screen at all times is a drop-down menu. This gives the player the options of: Stats, Treasury, Military Info., and Secretary. Upon choosing one of these, the player is taken to a second menu.

On the stats menu, the player may see all of their stats (which are explained in full below). Here they may also see the experience points each stat needs in order to level up, and how much wealth is needed for it as well. On the treasury menu, the player may speak with Theodore. He informs the player on how to gain wealth. This menu is optional. The military info. menu is the same, except with Michelle and information on the military. On the secretary menu, the player may speak to Cia. They will inform the player of any speculated attacks from other nations, or what Zodsa's next move seems to be. Cia will also tell the player what their next best move would be, based on their stats and wealth.


The player's nation has default stats based on the leadership option they choose (see Head of State below). These stats level up as the player progresses through the game, depending on how often they are necessary. The stats are as follows:

  • Military Strength (MTS) - The strength of the player's military. This is important based on battling other nations or threatening other nations. This is one of the most essential keys to becoming a global power. This stat is special in that it is divided by four sub-stats.
    • Navy Strength (NVS) - Strength while battling other militaries at sea.
    • Army Strength (AMS) - Strength while battling other militaries on land.
    • Air Force Strength (AFS) - Strength while battling other militaries in the sky.
    • Defensive Strength (DFS) - Strength multiplier while battling in your own territory.
  • Charm (CHM) - The approval rating of your nation to other nations. Determines how easy it may be to form alliances or make threats to other nations. The higher your charm, the more other nations will trust you.
  • Loyalty (LTY) - Loyalty goes hand-in-hand with every other stat. Loyalty determines how quickly and easily the player can complete a task using any stat. This determines how loyal all of your civilians are to your government. This is based solely on the head of state, and thus may be considered the main determining stat in player difficulty.
  • Force (FRC) - How easy it is to invade other nations. In a sense, force is the polar opposite of the loyalty stat. The higher your force, the easier it is to invade or conquer other nations. However, this is dependent on military strength as well.
  • Wealth (WLT) - This is essentially the most important stat behind loyalty. Wealth is gained or lost by every action the player does, and is a threshold for being able to level up any stat.


Wealth is, as aforementioned, one of the most vital stats to a nation's growth. Thus, it should be described that there are many different ways in which the player must gain wealth.


Trading with nations is the ideal way to gain wealth. Giving nations their requested resources will not only gain wealth with the player, but it will likely improve the player's charm stat.

Natural Resources

Natural resources can be found across the land, and each nation seems to specialize in one or two. Getting an expensive natural resource within the player's territory will improve the player's wealth until that natural resource has run out in the area. Cia will inform the player on where natural resources may be found at a certain time of year.

The following are natural resources in Imperialist:

  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Diamonds
  • Oil
  • Natural Gas
  • Fish
  • Red meat
  • Poultry
  • Livestock
  • Domestic Animals
  • Wood (Forest)
  • Clean Water

Invading nations is the most risky way of gaining wealth. If the player successfully invades a nation, their wealth will grow. If a player fails to successfully invade a nation, their wealth will decrease. Thus it is suggested that a player only invades a nation if their military strength allows for it.

Head of State

At the beginning of the game, the player first must name their country and the ruler (alongside their gender {the player may choose non-binary}). The player then has the option of six styles of heads of state to have control over their country.

  • Monarch (KQM) - The king or queen is an absolute ruler of a monarchy. They have absolute control over their nation, and their civilians are completely loyal to them. The monarch is the best option for quickly building military strength.
  • Emperor / Empress (EMP) - The emperor or empress is an absolute ruler of an empire. They have full control over practically every aspect of their civilians lives, though their civilians are not loyal. The emperor is the best option of quickly expanding territory.
  • President (PRS) - The president rules a republic. They are democratically elected, and thus do not have full support from their nation's civilians. The president is a neutral role with no perks but no particular downsides.
  • Prime Minister (PMN) - The prime minister rules a democracy. They are elected but have slightly more control over aspects of life compared to the president. There is little patriotism but also low military strength. This can be seen as a hard mode.
  • Socialist (SOC) - The socialist has minimal control over their nation and thus is controlled by the civilians. There is minimal military strength but absolute patriotism and ability to expand alliances or partnerships.
  • Anarchist (ANR) - An anarchist implies lack of government control, and therefore all of the stats of the player's nation are randomized when the player chooses to control a nation in anarchy.


War is one of the more notable aspects of the game. Their are many different things which should be noted when a player is at war. A player can declare war on a nation at any time. By default, the player is at war with Zodsa. This may change based on how the player deals with this war.

The player will always be gaining wealth but losing military strength while they are at war. Thus, it is necessary to constantly be backing up the MTS stat or else the player may lose the war.


The player can invade nations regardless of whether or not they are officially at war. This will usually start a battle with that nation. Most nations must be invaded multiple times from different parts in order to be successfully conquered. Once a nation is conquered, they will


Battling is an important aspect of the war. Battling is typically based on military strength, usually in more than one category. Thus battles tend to be mostly mathematical. The outcome of a battle is important in determining whether or not the player may win a war; however, as the popular saying goes, winning a battle does not equal winning the war. Multiple battles are necessary.

Battles take place in the background and take several minutes to complete, however the player may see the progress of their battle at any moment. The player may multitask with battles as they take place in the background.


If the player loses a battle, they will lose wealth and military strength. The player may lose a war by having enough of their military strength depleted to where it is impractical to continue fighting. If the player loses a war in their home territory, they have lost the game and will need to start over from a recent checkpoint.


Multiplayer mode is akin to that of the Sid Meier's Civilization series. Multiplayer mode can be played with up to five competing players over the internet who take control of one of the following nations: Aeon, Niraie, Urzulana, Sitenne, or Zodsa. All of the previously mentioned aspects come into play in multiplayer, and the players compete to have the most control of the continent.

The game ends after every nation has collapsed except for one. Due to this, wealth depletion and military strength depletion run out much more quickly than in singleplayer. Multiplayer games tend to last approximately an hour to two hours.

Downloadable Content

There are two currently planned downloadable content packages, adding two continental landmasses to the story. These are both smaller than Eternite and have different conflicts to be resolved.

  • Northern Expansion DLC - Adds Hollaske, an arctic continent to the north being plagued by disease and fascist rule.
  • South Expansion DLC - Adds Saharia, a desert continent to the south being plagued by anarchism.


Main Article: Nations

The following section describes very briefly each nation and their purpose within the game. For a more in-depth description of each nation, please click the link above which more fully describes each nation and their role within the continent from a more broad context than the story of Imperialist.

The total population of the continent of Eternite is approximately 812 million, not including the mainland of the Zodsan Empire. Including the empire, the population adds up to 914 million.

Image Flag Description Population Difficulty
AeonNation AeonNationFlag Aeon
(Monarchy of Aeon, Empire of Aeon, Aeon Republic, Democratic Republic of Aeon)
Aeon is a grassy country controlled by a power-hungry ruler. The name, ruler, and language may all be chosen by the player. The nation seems to be in the middle on global conflicts but generally wants its own nation to be protected.

Capital City: Aeoncia (may be changed by player)
Head of State: Nova (see heads of state section)

51 million N/A
AeonNorthNation AeonNorthNationFlag Northern State of Aeon
Aeon North was formerly a province of Aeon, with a moderately low population. The nation seceded as a result of a domestic conflict very recently, though the heads of Aeon intend to negotiate with the government of Aeon North in order to reunite the two. The official language is the same as in Aeon.

Capital City: Nova Nicia
Head of State: President Abbott

40 thousand Tutorial
RanzhyvNation RanzhyvNationFlag Ranzhyv Islands
A very tropical, basic island nation. Neutral on many issues, though Aeon is its closest neighboring ally. The nation's official language is Ranzhyv.

Capital City: Enschees
Head of State: Prime Minister Koolen

29 million Hard
NiedanNation NiedanNationFlag Niedan
Niedan is a small but densely populated nation lying between nations that have vastly different cultures. Due to this, it is seen as a melting pot of sorts. Niedan's official languages are Aeonian and Altaisan.

Capital City: Costa Norte
Head of State: King Upton III

11 million Easy
AltaisNation AltaisNationFlag Altais
Altais is another nation with densely packed population in some areas. However, all the areas on the eastern half of the nation are dense rainforest or mountain. The official languages in Altais is Altaisan.

Capital City: Altais
Head of State: Queen Ophelia IV

8 million Easy
HazgelNation HazgelNationFlag Hazgel
Hazgel is a loyal ally to Aeon, though it is very lowly populated due to being especially mountainous. The nation's official language is Aeonian.

Capital City: Sandpoint Bay
Head of State: Chancelor Whitcomb

2 million Easy
NiraieNation NiraieNationFlag Niraie
Niraie is the closest large nation to Aeon. The nation is very powerful, with a totalitarian government. The western provinces are densely populated though the eastern portions of the nation are vast rainforests. The national languages are Niraikan and Mikrocipal.

Capital City: Federal City of Niraie
Head of State: Empress Yusawa

55 million Hard
BovenlandsNation Zodsan Provinces of the Bovenlands
The Bovenlands is a landlocked nation with high populations of extremist supporters of Zodsa. Because of this, it is a province of the Zodsan empire. The nation is lowly populated, because most of the nation is filled with the highest mountain range on Eternite. The national language is Ranzhyv.

Capital City: Monschees
Head of State: (de jure) Emperor Ignatio, (de facto) President Ariesen

3 million Medium
QuallentaNation QuallentaNationFlag Republic of Quallenta
Quallenta is the nation with the second most powerful military on Eternite, however it does not stand a chance against Zodsa. It is constantly in a state of domestic disputes due to its corrupt leader who was democratically elected. The nation has a wide variety of terrains including mountains, rainforests, and wetlands. The official language is Quallentian.

Capital City: Stroules
Head of State: President Celestina

72 million Hard
QualemmeNation Qualemme Zodsan Provinces of Qualemme
Qualemme originally was a region of five provinces in the southeast area of Quallenta. After Zodsa began to gain power, political groups supporting the empire began to grow and Qualemme successfully was independent from Quallenta and, in turn, dependent on Zodsa.

Head of State: (de jure) Emperor Ignatio, (de facto) President Celestina

3 million Medium
KhladNation KhladNationFlag Khlad Republic
The Khlad Republic is a micronation in Quallenta, formerly classified as a decently sized coastal town named Khlad. The mayor claimed independence for unknown reasons in 5032, and no efforts were made to stop the nation from becoming sovereign.

Head of State: Mayor Cruz III

25 thousand Easy
UrzuleesNation Urzulees
Urzulees is a small, neutral, mountainous state with a strong economy due to industrial opportunity. It is neutral to all foreign affairs except for its strong rivalry against Urzulana over control of the city of Urzula. The national language is Uruzulan.

Capital City: Middleton
Head of State: Prime Minister Sebastien

4 million Medium
UrzulanaNation Urzulan Confederation
The nation is informally known as Urzulana and is a decently sized nation in the mountainous region of Eternite. It has a struggling economy yet high industrial value, though it is constantly under pressure from Urzulees for control over the city of Urzula. The national language is Urzulan.

Capital City: Urzula
Head of State: Queen Urzula XII

8 million Medium
LottesNation Kingdom of Lottes
Lottes is a very isolationist nation which sticks to its traditional values. It refuses to take part in any foreign affairs and has been known to intentionally send soliders to their death to defend the nation, thus it has a ruthless military. The nation's official language is Lotte.
43 million Hard
CostanaNation Costana
Costana is a very tropical nation. Its economy is strongly based on its tourism value. It has an alliance with most nations on Eternite, and thus an attack would have to be very well planned to be successful. The official language is Silvian.
19 million Hard
VessnaNation Vessna
Vessna is the largest landlocked nation in Eternite. The nation is filled with mountains and rainforests, though most of the population resides in the grasslands at the north. The official language is Silvian.
10 million Medium
MikroNation FerriFlag Free State of Mikro
Mikro is a small nation of formerly oppressed people by the Niraikan government. They officially declared independence in 5040 and were backed by majority of nations in Eternite, thus a conflict was averted. However, they now have growing pressure from Zodsa after half of their territory was taken. Their official language is Mikrocipan.
9 million Medium
MikrocciNation Zodsan Provinces of Mikrozzi
Mikrozzi was claimed by Zodsa very recently, and majority of the population of this region accepted Zodsa as their leader. Those who didn't fled to the free state.

Head of State: (de facto) Emperor Ignatio

10 million Medium
SitenneNation Sitenne
Sitenne is among the largest of the nations in Eternite. Their position is prime for making trade deals with other nations in western Eternite. Their military is powerful-- and considered stronger than that of Zodsa. However, their economy is struggling, and thus they are isolationist. However, they could be coaxed into joining the Peace Powers. The official language is Silvian.
83 million Hard
OcciNation Zodsan Provinces of Occi
Occi is a neighboring nation to Aeon. The largest problem plaguing Occi is its extreme bipartisanship. The extremist left wing party and extremist right wing party are constantly at a war for power, and with every single election the presidency switches hands. However, Occi was annexed to Zodsa forcefully, putting these problems to a halt yet putting the economy and stability at a larger priority. The official language is Silvian.

Head of State: (de facto) Emperor Ignatio

41 million Hard
SarevonNation Sarevon
Sarevon is an island nation which is a communist state and a prominent member of the Esper League. Their official language is Espian.
32 million Medium
EspimmeNation Empire of Espimme
Espimme is one of the largest nations on Eternite and is the leader of the communist Esper League. The nation is known to have a powerful military due to mandatory military service for all civilians. Their long-term goal, though secret, is to unite the Esper League and former Esper states into one massive nation. The official language is Espian.
66 million Hard
EspiumNation Democratic Republic of Espium
Espium is the third member of the Esper League. Its name is misleading, though its Esper membership is also misleading, as it is not a democratic republic nor a communist state. Espium is an oligarchy with little concern for social laws or safety. The official language is Espian.
20 million Medium
EspiamaNation Espian Republic
Informally referred to as Espiama, a nation which was freed from control of the Esper states. The nation is on the road to recovery and is currently unstable, though is rapidly developing due to outside help. The national langauge is a unique dialect labelled Espiama-Espian.
13 million Medium
ValheraNation Kingdom of Valhera
Valhera is a small nation situated on an inland sea. The nation was also formerly a member of the Esper League due to outside pressure, though seceded with support from Espiama. The nation was a major ally of Mohdul prior to Mohdul's annexation to Zodsa. The official language is Mohdulan.
11 million Easy
MilitNation Milit
Milit is a fascist state. It has a great rivalry with the Esper League and has insider sources which plan to aide Milit in forcing the collapse of the Espers. Meanwhile, their economy is struggling and quality of life is the lowest in all of Eternite. The official language is Espian.
12 million Medium
GlasiaNation Kingdom of Glasia
Glasia is a medium-sized isolationist nation with little notable facts. It is a tropical nation, and its name is intended to throw off its enemies in preparation of war. The official language is Mohdulan.
39 million Hard
MohdulNation Zodsan Provinces of the Mohdulan Republic
Mohdul is the largest nation on Eternite, with a great span of latitude. It is greatly populated and formerly had one of the highest qualities of life on the continent. However, its military power is practically nonexistent. It was forcefully annexed by the Zodsan Empire and now all of its great number of citizens are subject to Zodsan rule. The official language is Mohdulan.

Head of State: (de facto) Emperor Ignatio

90 million Hard
AntausNation Antaus Islands
The Antaus Islands are a melting pot and safehaven for people of Eternite. Those who are fleeing the rule of the Zodsan Empire are welcome here. The quality of life is the highest out of all nations on the continent. Their official language is Urzulan.
38 million Medium
Ne'suNation Ne'su
Ne'su is a small island nation which is majorly dependent on an alliance with Costana. It is very densely populated and has one of the most powerful coastal guards on the continent. The official language is Mikrocipan.
1 million Medium
UleiBayNation Ulei Bay
Ulei Bay is small nation of three major islands. It has prime location in Eternite and is mostly neutral to foreign conflict. They were forcefully annexed by Zodsa after a short war that they lost crushingly. The official language is Mikrocipan.
4 million Hard
HarraNation HarraNationFlag Harra Islands
The Harra Islands are two large islands which are considered a connecting point between Zodsa and Eternite. They are tropical and an ideal vacation place. They had a referendum in order to join the Zodsan Empire, which had a landslide victory in order to join them. It is widely speculated that the results were rigged by the federal government. The official language is Zodsan.
25 million Hard
ZodsaNation ZodsaNationFlag Zodsan Empire
The Zodsan Empire is the empire under corrupt rule which intends to conquer all of Eternite. They successfully claimed control over many states across the continent, though their largest goal is to take control over Aeon. Their military strength is incredibly powerful and thought to be unmatched by practically every nation in Eternite. Opinions on their rule are vastly divisive across all of Eternite, thus it is hard for nations to take an absolute, non-conflicted stand against them. Their rule subjects over 260 million civilians across the continent. The official language is Zodsan.

Capital City: Zodsa City
Head of State: Emperor Ignatio

102 million (mainland)

260 million (total)



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