The Shiekah Warrior
Universe Legend of Zelda
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances ---
Recent Game Wii U Hyrule Warriors
Availability Starter
Final Smash Water Chasm/Gate of Time

Impa makes her first appearance as a playable character to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5. Impa is a powerful Shiekah warrior that possesses a stern will, a steel resolve, impenetrable strength, and a huge sword called the Giant's Knife. She wields this massive blade with such power and speed that she becomes a force to reckon with while in a fight. However, due to the nature of her attacks, they tend to have a lag to them. In addition, she sometimes finds herself at a disadvantage as the Giant's Knife becomes weaker with attacks and can even break forcing Impa to focus on using her Water Magic and what is left with her sword. Despite this, she is a very dangerous fighter that prefers a "in your face" fighting style. Asthmatically, she appears to be based off from the Hyrule Warriors design.


Impa is the sword protector of Princess Zelda and one of the last remaining Shiekahs, She has many impressive abilities such as fast speeds, enhanced power, water manipulation, and the ability to swing her mighty Giant’s Knife. She can easily and quickly cut through enemies like a hot knife through butter. She is aided by her ability to manipulate water and utilize it in magic to enhance her already impressive strength. However, the weapon she wields does come at a price in that it is fragile meaning that with use, it can break. When this happens, she is only left with the handle and a little bit of the sword. This drastically weakens her attacks but highly increases her speed and evasive maneuvers. She constantly keeps her weapon sheathed and will even use the sheathe for attacking. Impa’s main strength lies in breaking through opponents defenses, closing gaps, and quickly and effectively applying damage.


Move Set

Name Damage Description
Neutral Attack Giant Knife, Giant Knife (2), Knife Dash, Backward Strike 3%, 4%, 2%, 5% A very strong jab combo that does more knockback on the first and last hit than the second and third. Impa slashes her Giant Knife vertically and then brings it back again after the second input. The third input causes Impa to pause briefly and then dashes slightly forward while cutting with her blade. This does zero knockback but can be punished during the pause. This puts Impa behind her opponent. Finally, pressing the final input causes Impa to twist around and slam her Giant Knife's into the opponent. This does the most knockback.
Forward Tilt Shiekah Slash 8% (clean), 6% (late) Impa steps forward slightly, pauses, and then slashes downward with a wide hitbox. It only does one damage on the clean hit rather than a late hit. It can be punished during the pause.
Up Tilt Upward Slash 3% (first hit), 6% (last hit clean), 4% (last hit late) Impa slashes from a downward position upward vertically; kncoking opponents upwards. It has two chances of attack, the first part of the attack and the last part of the attack.
Down Tilt Foot Jab 5% (close), 3(far) A weak but very quick foot jab that can be used a sa shield poke. It can be spammed but doesn't do knockback but only hitstun.
Dash Attack Heaven Ripper 5% (upward swing), 4% (mid swing), 9% (final swing), 7% (finals wing far) One of the more powerful yet laggy dash attacks in the roster. Impa jumpward, twists and uses the momentum to carry her sword around and then slams it in front of her with a lot of force. It has some lag at start up and ending. It does multiple hits and caries opponents along with her. It also has very impressive reach. It can spike airborne opponents when she brings the Giant Knife down.
Forward Smash Wave Cutter 28% (charged clean), 21% (uncharged clean), 24% (charged late), 18% (uncharged late), 20% (charged area clean), 15% (uncharged area clean), 18% (charged area late), 13% (uncharged area late) Impa quickly slashes her sword forward which deals damage and causes water to splash effect as she cuts through water It deals more damage up close with a clean hit but does area damage from the water as well from opponent out of the swords reach.
Up Smash Water Spear 20% (charged clean), 15% (uncharged clean), 6% (charged late), 12% (uncharged late) Impa summons spears of water above her head and fires them. They also travel 1/2 Impa body away but does multiple hits and hitstun. It does less damage if it catches the opponents during half the attack's duration.
Down Smash Knife Cyclone 24% (charged clean), 18% (uncharged clean), 19% (charged late), 16% (uncharged late) Impa twirls in two full rotations. She carries the opponents along with her though less damage if all the rotations do not connect. While she twirls she extends her Giant's Knife for enhanced reach.
Neutral Aerial Skyward Slash 8% Impa slashes forward in a slightly upwards diagonal from her sword. A quick attack that deals less damage but has good enough knockback.
Forward Aerial River Dash 4% (first hit), 7% (last hit) Impa dashes forth quickly in the air and slashes forward; dealing damage. The dash does damage and then the attack as well. It has horrible ending lag and can cause Impa to suicide if she is too close to the blast line so it is not recommended as a recovery attack when close to the bottom blast line.
Back Aerial Heaving Slash 19% (sweepspot), 10% (soutspot) Impa pauses while moving the air and uses her momentum to swing her Giant Knife around slamming it hard into the opponent. If it connects at the mid point of the attack, it does freezeframe and a sweetspot but the start up and ending animations does a sourspot.
Up Aerial Wide Arc 3% (first hit), 6% (mid hit), 4% (last hit) Impa swings her sword from one direction to the other direction a wide hitting arc. It deals three hits, one in the start up, one during the midpoint, and one at the end. It knocks opponents at the angle of the hit box but doesn't carry/hitstun opponents.
Down Aerial Water Sword Rain 4% (per hit) Much like her Down Smash, she summons multiple swords made of water to shoot down 2 and 1/2 Impa bodies downwards. It does hitstun but doesn't deal knockback.
Grab --- --- Impa grabs the opponent.
Pummel Sheathe Smash 3% Slams the sheathe into the opponents stomach. A slow and weak pummel.
Forward Throw Wave Crasher 4% (3 hits) Impa slams her Giant's Knife down which causes a wave to push the opponent as well as anyone caught up forward for some distance.
Back Throw Suffocate 2% (per hit) Impa envelopes her opponent's head in a water bubble which slowly suffocates them. It deals damage per hit and hitstun but zero knockback.
Up Throw Aerial Slam 9% Impa pauses slightly and then swings her blade upwards; knocking the opponent high into the air.
Down Throw Knife Stab 3% (throw), 7% (stab) Impa slams the opponent into the ground and then stabs them with the Giant's Knife. It knocks opponents upwards.
Floor Attack (front/back) Duo Strike 5% Impa spins while standing up, slashing on either side.
Floor Attack (trip) Wave Push 4% Impa causes a wave to push opponents away around her while dealing damage.
Edge Attack Dashing Strike 9% Impa pulls her self up, pauses, and then slashes forward; dashing past the enemy.

Special Custom Set A

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Shiekah Slash 32% (charged clean), 26% (uncharged clean), 27% (charged late), 23% (uncharged late) Impa gathers water magic around her sword and can charge it. Once she releases, it creates a vacuum effect that pulls opponents in and then launches them far away. It has amazing KO potential. When it is released at it's maximum power, it causes Impa to be slightly vulnerable with extreme ending lag.
Custom 1 Quick Slash 25% (clean), 18% (late) A much faster but weaker slash that doesn't need to be charged when performed.
Custom 2 Torrent Slash 26% (charged clean), 20% (uncharged clean), 22% (charged late), 17% (uncharged late), 4% (charged wave), 2% (uncharged wave) Much like the default but weaker and creates a wave effect that continues to push forward dealing damage according to the charged time.
Side Special Hyrule Combo 3% (first hit), 6% (second hit), 7% (third hit), 10% (neutral special), 8% (forward special), 3% (per hit 4 hits), 13% (down special), 6% (back special) Impa dashes forward with her sword and slashes. Pressing the Special button causes her to jump up, twist, and slam down her Giant's Knife in front of her. Pressing the special button right after causes her to do a another jumping slam in midair. The last combo is different depending on what direction plus special is inputted. Then pressing special again causes her to slam the sword downwards; dealing horizontal knockback. Pressing forward special causes her to dash forward much like her last jab combo. Inputting up special causes her to slightly jump in the air and flip several times; dealing multiple damage. Pressing down special causes her to jump slightly and then bring her sword down; stabbing the ground. Finally, inputting the back special causes her to turn around and slash backwards behind her. The attack can be performed int he air but travels less but causes her to float slightly.
Custom 1 Watery Combo 4% (first hit), 6% (second hit), 8% (third hit), 10% (neutral special), 5% (forward special), 1.5% (per hit 4 hits), 15% (down special), 4% (back special) Impa envelopes her blade in water magic which reduces the speed of the movements but increases the knockback and damage but makes linking the attacks harder. The neutral and down special final attack do more damage.
Custom 2 Magic Combo 2% (first hit), 5% (second hit), 6% (third hit), 8% (neutral special), 4% (forward special), 2% (per hit 4 hits), 10% (down special), 5% (back special) It deals less damage but attacks link better together and come out much quicker albeit they deal less knockback.
Up Special Surfing Charge 2.5% (per hit), 8% (slash) Impa causes water to form underneath her and moves upwards at a diagonal angle. The attack pushes opponents forward while dealing damage. Impa then slashes her sword at the end of the attack; dealing damage and knockback and then entering into a helpless state.
Custom 1 Freezing Surf 4% (freeze), 6% slash) Instead of pushing opponents forward, it causes them to freeze and knocks them upwards. It deals more damage but the slash deals less.
Custom 2 Velocity Surf 1% (pr hit), 5% (slash) Does less damage than the default but moves at faster speeds with a greater recovery distance.
Down Special Naginata 15% (far), 10% (close), 20% (far aerial), 15% (close aerial) Impa summons a large Naginata which appears upright and then crashes down and slams to the ground. It also pushes away nearby opponents due to the force. If performed in the air, it does even more damage.
Custom 1 Scorching Naginata 25% (far), 20% (close), 16% (far aerial), 13% (close aerial), 4% (fire damage) Much stronger than the default but much slower and makes Impa more vulnerable. The attack is very laggy. It deals more damage and creates an explosion when it lands. It doe smore damage on the ground than in the air.
Custom 2 Sheikah Naginata 0% It is much quicker but doesn't deal any damage. Instead it does continuous hitstun and pushes players away. Any opponents nearby it when it falls down are pushed back.

Special Custom Set B

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Goddess Guard 2x reflected projectile, 2.5 melee attack Impa envelopes herself in a transparent gold pyramid that has magic ruins on it. The magic shield can held for a duration of time before it vanishes. It can reflect projectiles for double the damage or shock the opponent who attacks it for 2.5 damage more. It becomes weaker with more damage.
Custom 1 Rotating Goddess Guard 3x projectiles, 1.5x melee Does more damage to reflected projectiles but less damage to reflected melee attacks. Tilting the control stick causes it to slightly move in that direction through sliding.
Custom 2 Bursting Goddess Guard 1.5x reflected projectiles, 3x melee attacks Deals less damage to reflected projectiles but causes a burst effect to melee attacks.
Side Special Doppelganger 14% (counter) Impa sends out a Doppelganger that is made out of water. It will attack with the Giant's K ife which deals less damage than normal but a larger radius of attack. If the attack connects with an opponents attack, it will be a counter. Impa will vanish causing Impa to vanish and then strike the opponent from behind; launching them away.
Custom 1 Charging Doppelganger 14% Acts much like the default but, instead, the Doplleganger can be charged which lengthens it's traveling distance. This also causes Impa to teleport a further distance for the attack.
Custom 2 Doppelganger Counter 10% (counter), 3% (area) Instead of Impa attacking, the Doppelganger performs the counter attack. It explodes in a burst of water with above average knockback with area damage to further opponents.
Up Special Spiral Giants Fang 3.5% (per hit), 8% (final hit) Impa ascends vertically upwards while thrusting her sword forward and spinning. It knocks opponents with her and she then launches them with a final strike.
Custom 1 Vortex Giants Fang 10% Has less vertical recovery but will launch opponents either horizontally or vertical if they make contact with her during her descent
Custom 2 Watery Giants Fang 1.5% (per hit), 4% (final hit) Sacrifices damage for recovery distance. It moves at more horizontal trajectory than the default.
Down Special Waterfall Blade 2% (warp), 2% (warp), 7% (aerial descent), 14% (ground) Impa vanishes and appears on a higher level some distance ahead of her. She then takes her blade and descends downward. When she stabs her blade in the ground, it causes it to explode causing water to push everywhere; knocking opponents away.
Custom 1 Splashing Blade 1.5% (per splash), 6% (aerial descent) ,10% (ground) Deals less damage but has further traveling distance. After she vanishes, water bursts appear as she travels showing where she is traveling to. This causes damage and vertical knockback. When she reappears, she takes her and blade and descends much like her default but with less damage.
Custom 2 Reverse Waterfall Blade 2% (warp), 2% (warp), 7% (aerial ascent), 14% (aerial) Reversed version of the default where instead of striking down to the ground, she strikes upwards; dealing more damage to aerial opponents. However, she has less traveling range compared to her default.

Final Smash

Name Damage Description
Final Smash 1 Water Chasm 11% (per hit), 18% (last hit) Impa jumps to the top of the stage, hovers, chargers, and then unleashes her sword. It causes the entire stage to turn blue. From the base area of stage, it causes water to gush out in a straight line and continues until it grows to a huge swell of water. It does damage and vertical knockback. The water retracts a bit and then explodes upwards; dealing the last hit and upwards knockback.
Final Smash 2 Gate of Time 55% Impa summons the Gate of Time and causes it to create a portal in the middle of the stage that has a vacuum effect. When someone is sucked in, it shows Impa kneeling in the middle of a black space. It shows the opponent(s) stuck in the Gate of Time. She takes her Giant's Knife and cuts it half along with the opponents. It then reverts to the match and knocks opponents upwards with high damage.


Italics means they have to be unlocked.

  • Impa stands up straight, leans forward, and raises her fist out while going “TCH!” (Up)
  • Impa stands up straight, puts her hands on her hips, and looks to the side while saying “Hmmm….” (Right)
  • Impa holds out her Giant’s Knife in the sheathe and slightly unsheathes it while going “Haaaaaaa!” (Left)
  • Impa takes her Giant's Knife while in it's sheathe and spins it while holding it. (Down)

Character Selection Screen

  • Impa swings her sword forward and says “Hya!!”
  • Impa unsheathes her sword and points it forward.
  • Impa causes the water orb to appear from her hand and closes it.

On Screen Appearance

  • The clock-like adornment that the Old Impa from Skyward Sword appears swings forward and then swings back; showing Ima gradually appearing as if from time.
  • Impa appears from the ground as water and then solidifies herself.
  • Impa appears from a water warp portal and steps out.

Victory Animations

  • Impa throws her Giant’s Knife into the air and then catches it within her sheathe.
  • Impa slashes her sword twice at the camera and then does a pose where she holds it in front of her face.
  • Impa unsheathes her sword, steps up valiantly and then points it slightly upwards while shouting.
  • A water doppleganger appears next to her and they high five each other.
  • Impa kneels while holding her Giant’s Knife in her sheathes, she then slashes it quickly in front of her.
  • Impa takes her Giant’s Knife and sheathes, slams it in front of her her, sits down with her back to it, and then falls asleep while facing away from the camera.

=Losing Animation

  • Impa slowly claps while holding her head down.
  • Impa is leaning forward, breathing heavily with one eye open.
  • Impa is grimacing while folding her arms

Crowd Cheer

Female voice yelling “Go Go IMPA!! Go Impa Go!"

Victory Fanfare

A flourished remix of the he first :27 seconds of the “Ending Theme” from Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past.

Fighting Stance

Impa holds out one hand forward while holding the pommel of her sword that is in the sheathe on her back. She doesn't move much.

Idle Poses

  • Shakes her outstretched hand and clenches it into a fist.
  • Impa slightly unsheathes her sword and then returns it back.
  • Impa stands up slightly and exhales while closing her eyes.
  • Impa shakes her head side to side while closing her eyes.

Misc Animations


Impa crouches down but retains the same posture as her fighting stance.


Impa jumps into the air with her arm stretched upwards and her other arm holding the pommel of the sword.


Impa vanishes in smoke and then reappears a very short distance away.

Ground Dodge

Vanishes in a puff of smoke and then reappears.

Air Dodge

Vanishes in a puff of smoke and then reappears.


Impa walks forward rather quickly while still holding her sword's pommel.


Impa dashes quickly forward while still holding the sword's pommel


Impa sits seiza on the ground and holds her head down close to her knees.


Impa falls on her butt.


Impa stands on both feet but tilts back and forth while waving her arms.

Home-Run Bat

Impa uses both hands to swing the bat.

Star KO

Impa goes "GAHAHHHHHHH!!!"

Screen KO

Impa slams into the screen with holds hands off the pommel. Her eyes are open and she is yelling.


Impa's trophies can be earned by completing Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, and Boss Battle mode. In addition, further trophies can be found during matches and at the Trophy Shop.


Unlock: Classic Mode

"Impa is the bodyguard for the Hyrule Royal Family and the sworn protector of Princess Zelda. She wields the powerful Giant's Knife which is capable of cutting through foes like butter. Not only can she wield her sword with such ease but she can even run at fast speeds while carrying it. However, the Giant's Knife is rather fragile due to it's sheer size and is capable of breaking thus reduce the length of the blade so Impa must be careful with her attacks. When not using the Giant's Knife, she is also skilled at magic such as protection magic and water magic."

Impa (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode Console/Red

"Impa is a capable warrior that wields the famed Giant's Knife. However, she is capable of wielding other weapons besides it. She is able to summon the powerful Naginata, a very long and hevay spear. However, the Naginata she summons and wields are much different; especially in size. The usmmoned version is a huge Naginata that will slash forward from its standing position until it hits the ground; dealing massive damage. It has amazing reach and will continue to push back enemies as it swings downward. It has even more reach when performed int he air so watch out!"

Impa (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode Handheld/Magenta

"When not cutting through her enemies with the Giant's Knife, she is a highly capable water magic caster. She can seemingly combine both her swordfighting skills and water magic ability together for high damaging attacks. However, she is also capable of performing defensive water magic. She can create a water doppleganger of herself which will dash forward; slashing with it's Giant's Knife. It isn't as strong as the regular Giant's Knife but it does more area wide damage! It can also be a counter if an opponent's attack connects with it's attack. Impa sees the chance and will teleport behind the opponent to deliver a powerful! Either way it's a win win!"

Kimono Impa

Unlock: Boss Battle Console

"Impa may be a warrior but she is still a lady at heart and enjoys wearing fine clothes when the need arises. As the last Sheikah warrior and apart of the Hyrule court, a certain level of etiquette and grace is to be expected; even from this hardened warrior. The kimono she wears is of a traditional Shiekah design and has been passed down from generation to generation. Despite it's beautiful yet fragile appearance, it is unable to be damaged and soiled will automatically mend itself when damage! That is pretty impressive! If I could have that sort of magic, I wouldn't have to always buy new clothes!"

'Samurai Impa

Unlock: Boss Battle Handheld

"Impa the Captain Guard of the Hyrulian Army and the bodyguard of Princess Zelda. With titles as lofty as these, Impa earned the right to don on the Hyrulian Samurai Armor. From where it came from, no one knows but it is quite fearsome to behold! The mask she wears appears to be based on the Mask of Truth which is said to be of Sheikah origin. When she dons this armor into battle, it will strike fear to even the most fearsome enemy. She also hides her expression from her foes making her quite the figure to behold. Coupled with the armor and her Giant's Knife; people will think twice wanting to fight her. Of course, the armor doesn't actually have any purpose in Super Smash Bros. save for looks!"

'Impa (Hyrule Combo)

Unlock: Complete a Character Challenge Black

"What is more fearsome than Impa charging at you with the Giant's Blade drawn> Well, Impa charging at you after becoming a literal siwrling mass of pain and blades! The Hyrule Combo is the product of intensive training and meditation to perfect Impa's skills. Impa can string several attacks together that will freeze th eopponent and put them at her mercy. She can cancel the attack at anytime but pressing the special button will initaiate the next attack! Her last attack has four different types of attacks: a downward slash attack, a dashing attack, a jumping windmill blade attack, an aerial downward stab, and a slash attack that causes Impa to turn around. These are decided by how the player tilts the controls tick! That's is an impressive combo!"

Impa (Waterfall Blade)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge Blue

"Impa is capable of combining her water magic with her Giant's Knife to not only increase the damage but how far the opponent is knocked back. Her down special, the Waterfall Blade is a perfect example of this combination. Impa will seemingly vanish in with a splash of water and then reappear in the air some distance away. When she reappears, she infuses the water magic and descends down to the ground with a downward thrust. When she makes contact with the ground, it does area-wide water magic damage that only hurts foes but pushes them back even further. That's not all! If she hits an opponent while in midair, it creates an area-wide splash damage that can damage opponents who aren't even that close to Impa!"

Impa (White)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

"The Mask of Truth is a mask worn by Link in the events of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. This mask is a mystical and powerful mask that holds a secret power. It is capable of listening to what the Gossip Stones have to save. Both the Mask of Truth and the Gossip Stones bears the Shiekah coat of arms so it is possible they are all connected. In addition to hearing the Gossip Stones, it can also listen to the thoughts of animals thus giving the wearer an advantage. While Impa doesn't wear the mask, the colors she wears in this outfit is based off the Mask of Truth."

Impa (Pink)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

"Impa is the royal bodyguard for the Hyrule Royal family but also Princess Zelda's sworn protector. If Zelda is ever in danger, it's her job and duty to protect her from harm. This becomes a rather difficult task as Princess Zelda is usually in danger from the forces of darkness and Ganondorf's schemes. While it isn't unsure, if she wears these pink clothes as way to idolize Princess Zelda or maybe as a decoy but they look good on her nonetheless. And who says that warriors cannot wear pinks clothes! Link wears green, Shiek wears blue, and Midna"

Impa (Down) Purple

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

"While the Giant's Knife is the usually name for Impa's sword, it has a long history within the Legend of Zelda universe. In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the Giant's Knife is a fragile sword that is easily broke when hit too many times. Line received it after purchasing it from the Goron blacksmith, Medigoron. Despite it's impressive size and power, it is fairly weak. Link could upgrade the knife to the Biggoron's Sword but in order to do so, he had to find the huge Goron eye-drops. This initiated an extensive and laborious trading quest. Once upgraded, the Giant's Knife became the Biggorn Sword and was unbreakable. It's unknown how Impa gained this weapon but it's bit different from the The Legend of Xelda: Ocarina of Time version.

Skyward Impa

Unlock: Complete a Impa Character Challenge

"Much like Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf; Impa has had many incarnations of herself throughout the ages. While Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf all have retained (mostly) their usual appearance; Impa has had a wide range of looks throughout the years. The first appearance of Impa in history was during the events of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword when she spirited Zelda away in order to protect her from the evil schemes of Ghirahim. Though she was able to utilize powerful magic, it was nothing compared to Ghirahim's level. With the aid of Link and a certain old lady; she was able to carry on with her duty."

Water Chasm

Unlock: All Star Mode

"Utilizing the power of water, Impa can cause a fissure in the ground to open up with a single cut of her Giant's Knife. This causes a massive rush of water to surge up like a geyser. Anyone unlucky enough to be caught in this torrent not only becomes drenched but is overcome by the sudden surge of water. The bubbling geyser increases to it's maximum height which covers the stage and knocks opponents up and to the side with it's natural power. And if that tidal wave wasn't enough, it will explode with watery rage at it's breaking point; dealing even more damage to those opponents caught in it's fury."

Gate of Time

Unlock: Unlock all Matthew's trophies

"The Gate of Time is a mystical and ancient construction that allows passage between one era to the next. This seems pretty OP, right? It also has the makings of a plot device. Appearing in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, the Gate of Time was used by Impa and Zelda to escape from the current era and travel back in time in order to escape Ghirahim. Despite it's power, it can be broken and is destroyed by Impa to prevent Ghirahim from chasing after them. In Super Smash Bros., Impa can summon this gate to transport opponents to the Sacred Realm in which she imprisons them within the gate. Using her power, she slices through it with her Giant's Knife. Literally splitting both gate and fo ein half and deal tremendous amounts of damage!"

Alternate Costumes

Color Title Color Notes Status
Default Cyan Impa's default appearance from Hyrule Warriors. Starter
Pink Pink Based off Zelda's color scheme. Starter
Green Green Based off of Link's color scheme. Starter
Blue Blue Based off of Shiek's color scheme. Starter
Magenta Magenta Based off of Impa from Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. Starter
Red Red Based off of Impa from Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds. Starter
Brown Brown Based off of Impa from The Legend of Zelda. Starter
Black Black Fashioned from Link, Shiek, and Zelda's dark color schemes. Starter
White White Based off the colors of the Mask of Truth. Starter
Gray Gray Based off of Twili Midna. Starter
Kimono Impa Purple Slightly based off of her costume in the Hyrule Warriors master quest. Locked
Samurai Impa Red New costume based off a samurai design. Locked
Skyward Impa Black Outfit based off the clothes worn by Impa. Locked

Reveal Trailer

The setting is in a barren valley devoid of life. Within the valley; a fight rages on. Mario, Link, Bowser, Marth, and Meta Knight are fighting in the valley below. Mario attacks Link with a Fire-powered punch but is attacked by Bowser who drop kicks Mario. However, Bowser is then stabbed upwards by Link who is then slashed by Marth. The fighter is fairly balanced with there being no winner. The scene then cuts to someone walking along the ground with only dark red-brown boots visible. The scene then cuts back to the fight with Meta Knight slashing at Mario but then looking backwards and vanishes. The scene cuts back to the walker and stops on the edge of cliff. The camera transitions to behind the unknown person with only a yellow scarf and blue jacket visible. The battle rages down below. The figure raises his hands and the ground begins to shake; startling the fighters. Suddenly, the earth expands and launches the players upwards. The bones of the earth shoot up, turn around, and slam down on the airborne fighters; forcing them to the ground. The unknown figure sighs while the dust settles but suddenly turns around and encloses himself in a dome of rock. Meta Knight strikes at the dome of rock several times and performs a Final Smash; slashing it with Galaxia Darkness. There appears to be no damage on the dome of rock.

However, the dome of rock crumbles away and explodes outward; smashing Meta Knight full of rocks and launching him into the air. From the crumbling rocks, Matthew stands up. His newcomer banner appears and the announcer says “Matthew!” He dusts off his t-shirt and points his sword forward while Psyenergy glows in his hand.

The reveal trailer then cuts to the actual game play footage. The first part shows Matthew jumping from above and landing. He then performs a taunt where he charges up his Venus Psyenergy. It then cuts to Matthew fighting against Mario, Bowser, and Link. He jumps forward and performs his F-air which produces a sword of solid rock that slams into Bowser; knocking him far away. Upon landing, Link tries to perform a D-air and Matthew erects his Down Special Granite Guard that produces a dome and protects Matthew from damage. It then cuts to Matthew fighting on Biosphere against Samus and Marth. He causes the ground to shake which trips Samus and does a dash attack that knocks away Samus.

The next scene shows Matthew on his handheld home stage, Elemental Lighthouse fighting against Marth and Link. Matthew performs a taunt where he stabs his sword high into the air along with Marth and Link. The next shows Matthew performing his Push ability that knocks away Zero Suit Samus as she tries to get to the stage. The next scene shows both Matthew and Sandile on a desert like stage. The next scene shows Matthew erecting up a thorny plant in front of him that does damage to both Kirby and Pikachu. The final scene is Matthew taking his fist and slams it onto the stage which knocks up Mario and Link. He then swings his sword and holds it up while glowing yellow with Venus Psyenergy. Then the Super Smash Bros. logo cuts it.

Following the logo cut in, the scene transitions to Matthew standing on a console stage Sol Sanctum. The camera then swings around to behind Matthew and jumping from the top is a familiar figure. The camera then swings and shows Isaac. They both power up with Venus Psyenergy and clash toward each other.


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