Imp's BIG Game is a game developed by Namcom that serves as a spin off to the Skip and Sqak Series. It is the first game Imp serves as the Main Protagonist. It is developed for the PS2, Gamecube and Xbox and released in October 10, 2004 in NA, November 25, 2004 in Europe, and January 14, 2005 in JP.

This game is considered to be slight darker and scarier unlike other games in the series.


The game involves Imp trying to be a hero in his friends dreams literally as he travels with the Dream Machine Dr. Tron built for him. The game is a 3D environment with set areas Imp can travel around each Dream World. The enemies you fight in the game are ghost creatures called "Nightmare Ghoulies" rather than Red Ants.

To defeat Nightmare Ghoulies, Imp has to shine his flashlight at them and suck them up with the Ghoul Sucker 9000 Dr. Tron also made for him. Each Ghost has their ability and each you can do a strategy to defeat them.

Imp isn't the only one playable, Croco and Tubby are also playable characters helping Imp by opening passages. Croco has to sneak passed Nightmare Ghoulies (since he is very afraid of them) and Tubby's stomach alerts all the ghosts in the area so you have to run away from them.



One night, Imp gets scared of the thunder storm going on outside and Dib makes fun of him. Ashamed, Imp walks away and discusses his problem with his girlfriend, Selena. Selena tells Imp that he needs to believe in himself to conqure his fears. Taking Selena's advice, Imp goes to Dr. Tron to ask if he can help him show his friends he can be a hero.

Tron builds the Dream Travel Machine, a device that looks like a washing machine, to go into his sleeping friends dreams where they each struggle problems. Imp goes into the Dream Travel Machine and goes into his friends dreams so he can show his bravory. In each Dream World, Imp encounters Ghosts called "Nightmare Ghoulies" who love scaring people.

After helping each Dream World, Imp goes back to the Real World where he and Tron relize the thunder storm caused a blackout in the Palace, and the Nightmare Ghoulies are running amuck trying to scare Imp's friends. After Imp saves his friends from the Ghoulies, a Giant Ghoulie attacks the gang but Imp defeats it. Seeing how brave he was, the team give a cheer for Imp as Selena kisses him on the cheek.

Dream Worlds

  • Skip's Dream: In a world of Pogs, Skip wants a fresh apple far away.
  • Sqak's Dream: In a beautiful forest, Sqak is locked up by Ghoulies and Imp has to save him.
  • Roshan's Dream: In a giant library, Roshan lost his memory book and without it he doesn't remember anything.
  • Cheatsy's Dream: In a pirate theme world, Imp wants to help King Cheatsy find a treasure chest.
  • Robin's Dream: In an antarctic setting, Robin needs to reconnect the power to her computer. But the Nightmare Ghoulies won't make it easy for Imp.
  • Dib's Dream: In a haunted mansion, Dib's Piccelo is stolen from the Nightmare Ghoulies and Imp has to find it.
  • Cynder's Dream: In a house of pink, Cynder's Make Up is stolen by the Nightmare Ghoulies and Imp has to get them back.
  • Tubby's Dream: In a world of cartoons, Imp's TV Satellite is off the air and Imp has to find a way to get it working again.
  • Croco's Dream: In a carnival world, Croco is dissapointed that all the rides are sabatoged by the Nightmare Ghoulies but Imp is here to fix them all.
  • Blackout: This is NOT a dream! The palace had a Blackout and now the Nightmare Ghoulies are running about! It's up to Imp to prove everyone he can be a hero!


Rather than Red Ants, the enemies are ghosts that scare people and cause mischief.

  • Short Ghoulie: These small blue ghosts can be found in every level. They are Imp's size and can only punch and boo.
  • Big Ghoulie: These big yellow ghoulies are bigger than Short ones, but they have the same moves.
  • Pog Ghoulie: Ghoulies that resemble and act like Pogs can run fast.
  • Ninja Ghoulie: These ghosts can turn themselves invisible so shine your light all over before the sneak up on you.
  • Brain Ghoulie: These ghoulies with big brains have telekenisis and can throw objects at you.
  • Pirate Ghoulie: These ghost pirates can swing a sword around than a living pirate.
  • Zombie: These undead enemies aren't like ghosts, but they are immune to your flashlight.
  • Lady Ghoulie: These female ghosts can do one heck of a spin attack, and can also kiss you that fogs up the screen.
  • Belch Ghoulie: These fat ghosts can be found sleeping rather then patrolling a set area and can be awoken if they get approached to quickly. They can burp at you which blows you away from their reach.
  • Clown Ghoulie: These clown ghosts can swing a hammer, bomb, or boxing glove at you.


  • King Poggy: The king of all pogs who grew fed up with listening to the Poggy Song in his throne room all the time. He transformed into a denomic spider and kills anything he sees.
  • Spooky Tree: A huge scary tree with sharp branch claws and can walk on its roots. Imp has to shoot the rotten apples the Tree drops down back at it.
  • Evil Book: This book has sharp teeth can kill ya in one bite! Imp has to lead this killing machine to a sticky situation...
  • Ghost Ship: The mysterious ship Cheatsy's and his crew were fighting is actually a ghost! Imp has to fire the cannon at the ghost's head to suck him up.
  • Ice Titan: This monster made out of ice has caught a terrible cold... And I mean literally, his cold can freeze ya. Imp has to light a fire to melt this chilly creature.
  • Polt Piper: This musical ghost stole Dib's piccelo and he's summoning Ghoulies with his music! Imp has to outshine this ghost to capture him.
  • Madame Ghoul: The leader of the Ladie Ghoul bunch is having an Opera Concert. Imp has to crash in and try to ruin her concert.
  • Tyrant TV: A giant TV with a scary face tries to eat Imp, but Imp knows he has to unplug all it's plugs to shut it off.
  • Mechanical Monster: A huge merry-go-round turns out to be a Ghost! Imp has to put an end to it's screaming terror.
  • Shadow Ghoul: The most scariest Ghoulie of them all attacks Imp and his friends in the Blackout! Imp has to protect his friends and capture the strongest ghost, this time for real!


A sequel for the game, Imp's Next BIG Game, came out on March 2013 for the Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PS Vita. The sequel lets you go into new dreams such as Kaida's, Drogo's, Tron's, Mia's, Selena's, and others.