Imp is one of the main characters in Skip and Sqak, and later one of the 10 playable characters in Skip and Sqak 2. He is a small, purple 10 year old (then 13 in the second game) imp who is scared of many big and scary things.

Skip and Sqak

Imp has a mini game ha does with Skip and Sqak through the whole game. His mini game involves the duo running away from dangerous animals or land slides with Imp and they receive a gold medal at the end. Imp is shown to be afraid of many things, such as spiders, ghosts, and others.

At the final level, Imp is locked in a cage with his other friends. After Skip and Sqak free him, He gets very happy and goes off to find a "very safe place", and is later seen cheering for the 2 heroes after they defeated Emporer Dante.

In the 100% ending, Imp is at the big dinner dancing to the radio with Cheatsy, Robin, Justin, and Plumber.

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