Immortus' Story
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Thriller, Origin Story
Chapter(s) 1

The Universe has known many great stories, but none as legendary as this...

In the year 1992, Mario, the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, is on a quest to rescue Princess Daisy, whom The evil King Koopa has kidnapped and placed in a castle, on his way to the deserts, Mario goes to visit the Pharaoh of the Pyraminds, Dominus, the King among Kings, agreed to help in Daisy's rescue.

3 hours it took for them to get to the castle, King Koopa had also set a deadly trap for Mario, when they finally arrived, Mario abandoned Dominus and ran in to save her, Dominus then followed him, Mario dodged the trap, and Dominus was left for dead inside the trap, it severed his soul and ripped it out, Mario just stood there, watching his companion die, while Daisy did the same, they walked of together, in hope and mourning.

Dominus' soul managed to escape the tomb his body was preserved in, and then rose with a mighty green glow, it's eyes glowed crimson with revenge against Mario for his lack of helping him, and the age of Immortality began.

The End