Immerse Go
Developer(s) Fantasize Studios
Console Type Handheld console
Connectivity with Immerse,
Backward Compatibility Gamecube, Wii

The Immerse Go is the first handheld made by Fantasize Studios, announced shortly after the release of the Nintendo Immerse and releasing in winter 2013, about 5 months after the Immerse. It features connectivity with the Immerse along with 3D and graphics nearing the Immerse itself.


The Immerse Go is similar in terms of features to the 3DS, but with various differences. For one, the graphics are quite high quality, nearing the Wii U and Immerse in terms of graphical presentation. Another difference is the use of mini-discs, allowing you to play Gamecube and Wii games on the go. It also features Immerse Linked, allowing it to connect to the Immerse.


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