An Imitation is a species that can only imitate someone else, and cannot have a true form.


An Imitation's very existence brings up several questions. The first of these is what happens when one was born. When they are born, they do not see anything and therefore must have a true form. However, this can be explained as such: before an Imitation is born, it gathers DNA from it's mom, causing it to look very similar to it's mom upon birth. (unlike humans who can gather features from relatives, but not look near-exactly like them.) This raises the question of what the first Imitation looked like. If we choose to think that the species evolved from another (possibly chameleons or an advanced form of a chameleon) than the first Imitation would look like the species it evolved from. If we choose to think that an Imitation was artificially created in a lab, the scientists could decide what it would first look like (a form it could not take again having entered another). If we choose to think that a deity created the Imitations, then he or she would decide the Imitation's first thing to copy, or possibly have it copy the deity his/herself.

Current Standing

An Imitation is not a common being. Most Imitations have blended in with humans or other intelligent species because they cannot find any of their species. Occasionally minor Imitation colonies are formed or an Imitation will openly use their powers in front of Humans and other such creatures. Usually, this results in humans killing or experimenting on them. Some Imitation's hate the idea of being studied so much they have committed suicide when captured. The biggest Imitation colony is Freezeville, a legion of Imitation's that chose to resemble very furry humans in live in the uninhabited regions of Antarctica.


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