Capital City Ursa Major
Largest City Orion
Language(s) Blenderian
Leader(s) Smâh Blenderius
National Anthem
None (currently)
Government Monarchy
Population ca. 9,500
Currency Imblendi
Demonym Imblederopians
Date Format DD/MM/YYYY
Abbreviation IB
Included Environment(s)
Largely tropical

Imblenderopia (known by some as just Blenderopia) is a country on the eastern side of Sytiria. On the tropical side of the country, most people speak the language of Blenderian, although some speak other languages. The population of Imblenderopia is around 9,500, and their capital city is Ursa Major. Most people prefer to live in the tropical area while a small portion of people live in the plains on the western side of the country.

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