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Illusion Favourites is a project by Illusion Works to breathe new life into video game franchises that may be under represented or have lost their way in current instalments. In a statement during the Illusion Works Exotoro Entertainment Exclusive 2016, Illusion Works stated:

"First, we want to discuss a programme we are going to be directing for Pacifico titles. There are a lot of video game franchises that are majorly recognised for a particular instalment, which often is the fan favourite. In conjunction with a lot of major companies, we have decided to start the Illusion Favourites project, which is us remaking a lot of older video games that the fans and us particularly enjoy."

A lot of the games in this project will be worked upon during late 2016 and during 2017.

Other people are also free to add their games into this collection or make games as part of this project if they wish.


+ more to be revealed!

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