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Due to us no longer participating in the Fantendo 9th Anniversary Showcase, we are instead hosting our own show in advance! We'll be showing off some of our new titles as well as new information on existing titles. Well then, let's get the presentation running!

Hymns of Helios

The first title we will present is Hymns of Helios. Our comeback title with a complete new cast of characters. The first character of the game is Liana, who is a rogue that has always had to rely on the trust and kindness of strangers to get anywhere in her life. It's now time to reveal her official design!


As you can see, her colour palette mainly focuses on the colours red and black. She also has a very special red necklace, which grants her access to the power of fire. There are seven more characters planned for the game, which we will reveal as and when. 

The game has been thought of as a mix of Professor Layton like puzzles, with Final Fantasy like open world fighting. There are a ton of different things to do in the game apart from the main questline. There are side quests you can gain access to through talking to local people, and they may give you exclusive rewards that you can only earn through them. 

As stated previously, there is also a levelling system in the game for the characters. You can level up your characters to level 100, and you can battle other friends to fights with your own customized team. There are a lot of ways you can customize your team, such as giving them different items to hold during the fight, as well as giving them different moves to attack with. Each character will have a move pool of over 100 moves, so there is a lot of opportunity for customization!

In the puzzle aspect of the game, your goal is to explore an island that holds many mysterious secrets. You will be given self assigned missions, which help you to explore the island, also discovering the secrets behind the island itself and the secrets of the characters.

Melting logo

Our second title to present is: Melting. Melting is a film that we're making, and it is going to be the send off to the Illusionverse, as there were a lot of events that we left unsolved at the end of the universe's timeline. We're hoping that this will be a quick little project put together to give closure to the universe, and to say hello to the new universe. As of now, we're unsure if any events that happened in the Illusionverse will carry over (however, it is very unlikely), but we're excited to finally start more productive work on the new universe as well as finishing the old universe to the best of our ability!

The movie will focus on Tess, in her final battle against Grieve, the mastermind. However, as you can probably assume, it's not as simple as that. There will be a lot of different events going on which will affect the outcome of this war. It's definitely going to be a fun thing to make, and I hope we can deliver the product that we hope to achieve with this feature film. 

A new trailer begins to play.

A scarecrow is tending to a set of crops in a field. Days pass as the scarecrow continues to do the field work, however, she realises what her life has become, and she packs up her belongings and leaves the town. The local townspeople realise that the scarecrow who did all of the work for them has disappeared, and they make it their mission to find and reclaim the scarecrow to force it to continue to do their work for them. 
It is the job of Syi the scarecrow to either find a way out of her miserable life, or die trying.

Afterdark is our upcoming fusion of Syi-Fi and Bayonetta. The main plot will focus on Syi running away from her hometown of Hynau, the gameplay will be similar to Bayonetta with Syi gaining extraordinary powers which allow her to attack her foes with deadly attacks, for example she can force hay to become sharpened and slash at enemies with the sharpened pieces of hay. We're planning to release this title very soon.

Mario Kart Pacifico Logo

Mario Kart Δ is our upcoming Mario Kart title exclusive to the Pacifico. Here is a new trailer for the title.

The trailer begins showing off different scenes from the game in high definition. One of the scenes slows down, as Mario and the gang begin to race against each other on the track. The trailer then goes through the characters on the track one by one, revealing Mario, Luigi, Daisy, Peach, Rosalina, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Nabbit, Birdo and finally Honey Queen. The camera then shifts back to Mario in second place, and a special effect plays as he activates a special move, which wraps Mario's kart with a spring, allowing him to jump really high up and access new areas, as well as jump over opponents.

In the title, each character has a special attacks meter that fills up as they collect coins on the track. There are three notches to the meter, the first notch gives you a boost on the track, the second notch is a faster boost which allows you to go through other players on the track. The final notch allows you to activate a special move for that character which can revolutionize the race. We're expecting to release this title very soon along with our other upcoming titles.

Thanks for reading our first presentation as Solarrion! We hope you enjoyed the presentation, and I'm sure it won't be too long before we have another one all lined up for you all! Thank you all once again, and take care!

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