Flag of Illusia
Capital City Bayone
Largest City Wraith
Language(s) Illusionease // English
Leader(s) President Liam Illusion
Government Monarchy
Population 800,000 (Estimate)
Currency Illusia Dollars
Drives on the Left
Measuring System Metric
Date Format DD/MM/YYYY
Abbreviation IL
Included Environment(s)
Savanna // Mountainous // Desert
Lower Illusia
Upper Illusia
Illusia is a country located in the southern west corner of the planet of Osiris, in the Dolenia continent, bordering Sven-Sventeino, Sketchiria and Vallveve.

Illusia is known for being a peaceful country and never partake in acts of war or violence, but after democracy collapsed and the country became more resourceful, the country took to modern views and take part in wars where allies were concerned. It is known for having a special allyship with Vallveve, as the two are also neighbouring countries.

Illusia has two parts, Lower Illusia which is home to plains and tropics, and Upper Illusia where deserts and savannas are common. The country was split in half after Lumogonia and Sketchiria were formed, often causing controversy between the three nations.

Later on, Illusia acquired an entire new nation, which was across the globe to where Illusia is. The government decided to give this territory a separate name due to it being so much more different and diverse to the home nation. It was titled "Pyreos" for the time being, which is a combination of the words "Pyro" and "Helios". It could be changed at a later date, but that is uncertain at this point.



There are two predominant languages spoken in Illusia, being Illusionease and English. Illusionease deprives from English, but also has hints of German comprised in the dictionary as well, even though Illusionease is regarded as its own language. 

Television and Theatre

Illusians are very theatrical and love to visit theatres to see plays acted. Illusians are also renown for being firm supporters of Illusia in the Osirisvision Song Contest, which Illusia is still yet to win.

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