Ike Jamison
Full Name Ike Stephen Jamison
Current Age 22
Date of Birth 13th November
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Auckland, New Zealand
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Laura Palmer (cousin), Brendan Palmer (cousin), Tayshaun Fitzgerald (friend)
Ability/ies Quick, can jump very high
Nationality New Zealand / 25px-Flag of USA
Ethnicity Caucasian
First Appearance Amy vs The Future

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Ike is a human from New Zealand. He has a boggled up past.


Ike has a blonde Mohawk, a rugby shirt with the New Zealand logo on it, blue jeans and orange trainers.


Ike has lived a normal life up to this point. Sure, he has a telekinetic sister, two cousins who can transform into goddesses for some damn reason that happen to be from a planet in the depths of space that's nowhere near Earth and another cousin with a 4-digit IQ (somehow), but aside from that, it's normal. He is a superstar NBA player with nothing to lose and he enjoys it. He was born in New Zealand but moved to the USA when he was 8. His younger sister (aforementioned telekinetic sister) Kim was born when he was 4. Kim gained telekinetic powers when she was 14 and Ike's life was made a little bit harder, but he powered through it. He met two cousins (goddess alien duo) that were only his cousins because of adoption from his real cousin, Chase and met Laura and Brendan, two more cousins, when he was 20. As events began to escalate around him, he started to feel the pressure mount around and started to realise what kind of world he was living in, and the Fantendoverse portal ultimately showed him the universe's bizarre factor.


Ike is very laid-back. He is generally upbeat and jokes around. He is very carefree.


  • Ike speaks Maori fluently.