Roy (Fire Emblem Awakening)

AETHER! Ike uses his great sword to defeat everyone who will separate him from the victory. He is a Brick character and his main elements are Fire and Iron. He has got also a notable outfit: Roy!

Special Moves

Standard Special: Eruption. Ike charges his blade and when he's ready, releases it, inflicting from 10% to 37%. When charged to much, Eruption damages Ike too, inflicting 10% of damage.

Side Special: Dancing Blade. Just like Marth

Up Special: AETHER! Ike throws his sword, jumps and then goes into the ground. The full attack inflicts 23% of damage.

Down Special: Counter. Just like Marth but more powerful (the damage is attack's damage x 1.2)

Final Smash: GREAT AETHER! Ike throws his sword into the field and if it touches an opponent, he and Ike will go over the stage and Ike will do an attack like AETHER! but more powerful. The attack inflicts 78% of damage.

Unlock Criteria

Meet him in Story Mode or do 2 Matches with Marth.

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