Ihsoy art
Full Name Ihsoy
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) Yoshi's Powers

Ihsoy (pronounced, ee-soy) is an evil clone of Yoshi that is one of the many enemies in the Diaper Duty Series. It is unknown how he was created.


Yoshi's Island: Diaper Duty 11

Ihsoy is revealed to be an old enemy of Yoshi. Prince Boo accidentally releases him from the Golden Yoshi Egg, where he has been imprisoned inside for many years. Yoshi (along with the babies) must imprison him before he takes over Yoshi's Island.

Diaper Duty RPG

Ihsoy once again appears in the Diaper Duty Series as one of the main villains. After being imprisoned in Yoshi's Island: Diaper Duty 11, Ihsoy gets freed by the Anderobots, who make him their leader. Soon Dry King Koopa comes and takes over the Anderobot clan, making Ihsoy his sidekick. At the end of the game, Ihsoy is turned into a Pineapple by Kamek by accident and is eaten by Yoshi.

Diaper Duty Baseball Resort

Ihsoy appears as a playable character in Diaper Duty Baseball Resort. He shares chemistry with Baby Bowser, Morton Koopa Sr., and Kamek.


  • Ihsoy's name is Yoshi spelled in reverse.