Mario! Welcome to your end, I'm going to make you burn!
Ignis Koopa, New Super Mario Bros. NX

Ignis Koopa
Ignis Koopa
Ignis in New Super Mario Bros. NX
Full Name Ignis Koopa
Current Age 16
Gender Male
Species Koopa - 50%

Chameleon - 50%

Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Bowser (Adoptive Father)

Chamero (Biological Father) Unknown Mother

Main Weapon(s) Fire, Chameleon Genetics
Vulnerable To Ice
First Appearance New Super Mario Bros. NX
 Ignis is one of Bowser's adopted Koopalings, and among some of the oldest in terms of age, being older than Lemmy. Due to where he grew up he has an affinity towards Fire & Volcanic locations. Unlike other Koopalings, Ignis is not 100% Koopa but is also part Chameleon due to his father. This gives him camoflauge capabilities that the other Koopalings can only use with technology. He likes Fireworks as they were the first time Bowser let him play with fire and wasn't causing damage to the Koopa Kingdom.


Like most Koopalings, Ignis sports a shelled back protecting him if he hides within the shell. In his case, Ignis' shell is Medium Blue with Green Spikes. He is one of the only Koopalings with Facial Hair and like most Koopalings has two spiked bands around his wrists. He has a Dark purple forehead and colourless eyes, due to his Chameleon genetics. He also has a grey mouth unlike other Koopalings and has Orange-Red Skin as opposed to the common Green or Yellow.

His hair forms a large crest going from Red to Green. It appears to be parted in such a way that it forms three to five spines in each colour.


Due to growing up near the Koopa Volcanic Range, before being adopted by Bowser, Ignis has an appreciation for Fire & Volcanic activity and often when on his own, he attempts to find ways to spread fire or awaken volcanoes. In terms of his behaviour, Ignis is hot-headed and often will get angry at anyone or anything that attempts to lower the temperature. This is possibly due to his Chameleon DNA making him more prone to changes in temperature than other Koopalings.

He often prefers to work with creatures in Bowser's Army who are Fire Elementals or able to withstand extreme heat, such as Podoboos & Dry Bones. Ignis is also able to keep his composure even in the extreme heat as he can change his skin colour to increase or decrease the amount of sunlight he absorbs.


Like most Koopalings, Ignis is capable of breathing fire, as a defensive tactic he can also retreat into his shell, in which he will spin and jump around while shooting fire out of his shell. His power with fire is surprisingly advanced for a Koopaling as he is able to breathe Fireballs & Flamethrowers as well as conjure Lava Bombs.

His Chameleon DNA (unlike a real Chameleon) allows him to change his colour making it near impossible to see him, as only his two armbands are visible. This makes him even more dangerous in battles he's had with Mario where he was one of the last koopalings protecting Bowser as he would combine his Chameleon DNA with his Shell Retreat Tactic to create an invisble Flaming Spiked Shell.

Game Appearances

New Super Mario Bros. NX

Ignis along with 7 other Koopalings appear as Special Bosses in the Special Worlds of the game, Ignis being the second oldest of these Koopalings is the Boss of Special World 6, mirroring Lemmy in World 6. Unlike Lemmy however, his World is similar to Bowser's in the sense of Lava themed & Cave themed levels.

Relationships with Other Characters


Generally well recieving of the Koopalings in general due to almost all of them posessing some form of Fire Magic, Ignis gets along with most.

  • Ludwig - Ignis has a very minor rivalry with Ludwig as Ludwig believes that Blue Fire is a more advanced Fire Magic while Ignis believes Lava is.
  • Lemmy - Ignis & Lemmy while rarely associated in game with each other, it has been revealed that they value each other's company and often plot ways to combine their abilities to beat Mario.
  • Roy - Due to Roy's obsession with Desert themed locations, Ignis sees Roy as a good Koopaling and that people often mistake Roy's tough love as aggressiveness.
  • Iggy - Whenever these two meet, Iggy often tries to analyse Ignis' Chameleon capabilities as he believes they are very fascinating. Ignis doesn't mind Iggy, although dislikes that Iggy often stays in Jungle areas.
  • Wendy - Ignis' least favourite of the original seven Koopalings, due to her desire to use water in battle. Ignis often ignores Wendy and vice versa.
  • Morton Jr. - On the rare cases when these two meet up they often discuss the power of their abilities although Ignis' Fire Magic often outmatches Morton's Ground Pound.
  • Larry - Ignis and Larry have a rough relationship, Larry sees Ignis as obsessive and Ignis sees Larry as childish.
  • Bowser Jr. - This duo often work together as the Koopalings of Volcanic areas, Bowser Jr. seems to aspire to be as powerful as Ignis in Fire Magic and Ignis often is shown teaching Bowser Jr. to breathe Flamethrowers when Bowser can't.


  • Ignis' Chameleon DNA renders him very weak to Cold/Ice attacks hence his aversion of Icy locations & Water locations
  • Ignis is one of few Koopalings without an eye colour. This is likely due to his Chameleon DNA but some suspect that it could be that Ignis has a Grey Eye Colour


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