Ignis by drebbles
art by Dr. Drebbles (tbc)
Current Age 18 (from the future)
Not born yet (present time)
Date of Birth July 6th
Gender Male
Species Human
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Making dramatic entrances, declaring himself "EVIL", evilly laughing, playing villain-themed music when he's in a room, special effects to emphasize his alignment, thunder and lightning after he says his name, shooting down heroes, insulting heroes, stealing money, throwing out offensive material, making the bad guys look good, working on mechs, being a pickpocket, claiming he reads Playboy
His plans getting foiled, people calling him names, people interrupting his introductory speeches, the special effects not working, his insults and offenses not being taken seriously, people who betray him, getting caught watching My Little Pony on his spare time
Height 5'07"
First Appearance The Children Program: Generation Z
Ignis is the son of Nightshade and Glain, being one of many future children introduced in The Children Program: Generation Z. Ignis is a lunatic obsessed with the idea of being evil, going to great extremes simply to show that he's the most evil one can possibly be. He dramatically introduces himself with long speeches and evil music playing on a record player nearby and with special effects that are intended to make him look way more over-the-top than he actually is. Ignis is packed with a vocabulary of minuscule, kindergarten-quality insults and a brain that's just smart enough to make plenty of simple inventions. Ignis is especially known for his "roasts", which are actually quite good when he's pissed off enough to seriously fire them off, and he has made many enemies thanks to his carelessness of throwing them around. While not particularly famous in the New Fantendoverse, he has made enemies there as well in the future he emerges from.

Ignis has always been neglected by his psychopath mother, who often attempts to decapitate him on sight as she often forgets that he's his daughter. As such, most of his raising comes from his father Nightshade, who trained him to apparently be the best villain ever and to crush everyone who dares challenge his power and wit. Something backfired on the way, however — Ignis ended up taking a lot of his villainous inspiration from cartoon characters and spent a lot of his money on getting props to make himself look flashy and handsome, and intends on being intimidating to every single soul out there. He was reluctantly taken to the present timeline by Minute after Nightshade couldn't bother with him anymore, and he ended up joining Asimi and her friends' team in hopes that he can learn to be an "even more awesome" villain from them.


Roasts and insults are the name of Ignis' game, they are the things he fires out the most often in society, and tries to make himself look superior to all by bringing everybody down. Ignis is very self-absorbed, and does not wish to be interrupted or insulted while he gives his evil introductory speeches or while his minute-and-a-half-long evil theme plays. He is often seen shuffling his hands, pulling malicious grins, and licking his lips around things he desires or wants to prove the point of him being super evil. Even around other villains, Ignis tries to make himself look superior to them all and goes as low as trashing what they do to give what he makes more value. He also goes as far as to boast that he's stolen from the following people: Valerie Heartgold, R. Vogue, Zellen, various Tiffts, F.A.N.T members, and the Gone trio, although none of this information is true. Yet, he made these stories circulate around the Mallorian Monarch via newspapers.

Other than this, Ignis prefers to keep a lot of his personal life silent, not wanting to tell the shows he watches or the machines he works with, but he has been confirmed to watch "My Little Pony" and that's basically it. Everything else that's known of him is something he's said.

Relationships with other characters


Ignis has always been a super big fan of his father even if Nightshade hasn't always had the greatest feelings towards him. Ignis has been greatly inspired by his machines and his will to be the best villain ever, and Ignis had taken those cues from him and applied them to his own personality. Ignis hopes that one day that he'll please his father, although Nightshade secretly hoped that one day Ignis would die, deeming him his unworthy and foolish successor that doesn't deserve to bear the Nightshade blood.



  • Ignis takes many hints and morals from the Spongebob Squarepants character "Sheldon J. Plankton", to the point where he shamelessly uses the Verve track whenever he appears to an audience, which Plankton uses in his debut as his record player music.

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