Igne (Forgotten Unity)
Igne 2
Igne, The Fire Spirit (Forgotten Unity 2)
Full Name Igne
Current Age 17
Date of Birth June 21, 1995
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Great One's Followers
Main Weapon(s) Burning Gate, Fire Element
Vulnerable To Puresoul
Master of Fire
First Appearance Out of Many
Latest Appearance Forgotten Unity 2
Igne (real name Ian Auctora) is the Souless of Fire, and a major antagonist in the Forgotten Unity series. Igne serves The Great One, the goddess that created the Souless race and gives Igne his most invaluable weapon: the Burning Gate.

He is the primary antagonist of Forgotten Unity 2, where he interrupts Nick and Megan from going home for an (as-of-yet) unknown reason.


Igne is a very arrogant teenager, displaying his power constantly to intimidate foes. He will use words and his tone of voice to intimidate as well, projecting loudly but always clear and never to the point of yelling. Despite these factors, he at the core is an easily-angered, largely immature individual. This is most clearly shown when someone can match his ways of intimidation, to the point where they are ineffective. If this happens, Igne becomes angry and resorts to physical violence, using his firepower to aid him.


Igne is at home in his element of fire, and as such, wears light clothing to prevent overheation. He also wears two bands of red cloth, one in his hair and one around his neck. Igne's yellow gloves are lava-resistant, so he can easily use and control lava like water. Despite frequently being in very hot areas, his skin is relatively pale and his hair is a light, sand-like color.

In Forgotten Unity 2, being revived by an unknown entity, he is has human features and qualities but is actually a spirit, taking to the colors of his fire element.


  • Igne is the only Souless considered a child, and is the newest to be made.
  • Igne shares his Souless name with the ruler of the Fire territory in another (yet unsuccessful) Dk64rules (tbc) story, Regime.
  • The concept of Souless being corrupted people was created around the time the character of Igne was also made.
  • Igne is the Latin word for fire.

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