Ifeyani Okadigbu
Full Name Ifeyani Okadigbu
Current Age 21
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Timbuktu, Mali
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Fast, able to make crafty attacks
Nationality 25px-Flag_of_Mali.svg.png
Ethnicity Mande
Height 5'10"
First Appearance Tayshaun & Amy - The Saviors

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Ifeyani is a human from Mali. He moved to the United States to try and find a better life.


Ifeyani has very short black hair, a red T-shirt, black jeans and green trainers.


Ifeyani lived in Mali for a good part of his life. He resided in his hometown of Timbuktu for 17 years and never faced problems. He decided to see what the world was like outside his home country and ended up moving to California, where he felt he'd get to know people better. However, he was not prepared for some events that went down during Amy vs The Future and ended up hiding away from the action. During his hiding, he got dragged into a different fight with a different group of people who decided to put some of the world's fate in their hands.


Ifeyani is a kind-hearted guy who will tend to be forgiving. He tries to see the good side of people rather than judging them.