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Ice Mario
Ice Mario
Original Character(s) Mario
Achieved By Collecting Ice Flower
Forfeited By Taking damage
First Appearance New Super Mario Bros. Wii (2009)
Main Ability/ies
Shoot ice balls
Ice Mario is one of Mario's power-ups which can be obtained by collecting a Ice Flower. It first appeared in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Once Mario has transformed into Ice Mario, he can shoot ice balls at enemies, similar to Fire Mario. If an enemy is hit with an ice ball, they will freeze and Mario can pick them up and throw them, as well as using them as a platform to reach things that are far away. A frozen enemy will slide on land.

Ice Mario also can walk on water, and the section of water he is walking on will freeze over, creating a bridge that he can walk across. This was also possible on poison, lava, quicksand and waterfalls. After a short period of time, the ice will disappear, meaning that Mario will have to keep moving or he will fall into the liquid underneath him.

There are two variations on this form, being Ice Mario and Frozen Mario. Frozen Mario is the type as seen in Super Mario Galaxy, where Mario's body is completely frozen over, whereas the more common Ice Mario's appearance is similar to his ordinary appearance, however he wears a blue hat and shirt with red overalls.



  • Ice Mario looks similar to the Classic Mario in Mario Bros. The only difference is that the blue is more cyan.
  • Ice Mario also looks similar to Shadow Mario, although the blue is lighter.

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