Ice Cream Arctic is the fourth world in New Super Mario Bros. X-treme. It is snow/ice themed. The boss is Wendy O Koopa.

4-1: Snow Spike's Mountain

The first level of World 4. You will climb up a mountain with Snow Spikes

4-2: Cooligan's Caves

A frozen cavern level with Ice Bros, and Cooligans

4-Fortress: Fire and Ice's Elevator Tower

A fortress level with an elevator and Bone Piranhas. The boss is Fire and Ice

4-3: The Frozen Lake

A level where you on ice blocks and a Porcupuffer chases you

4-4: Aurora Clouds

A sky level with Yoshi, Paratroopas, Piranha Plants, and Coldboos

4-Ghost: Haunted Ice Palace

Another ghost level with Big Boos, Squeaky Rats, and frozen ice blocks

4-5: Freezeflame Glacier

A level that is right by a volcano. Fire and Ice Bros, and Banzai Bills appear in this level.

4-Castle: Wendy's Crystalfrost Castle

The castle of World 4. It has an icy snake block with bombs, golden rings, and freeze rays. There's blue lava too. The boss is Wendy


Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice will be shooting ice and fire balls at you. You fight with Yoshi. The way to defeat them is to chuck and fireball to Ice or a icefall to Fire. If you defeat one the other one retreats.

Wendy O Koopa

There will be 4 blue pipes in the room. Wendy will throw a ring at you then she'll go into a pipe and have 2 dummies just like in SMW. Wendy will throw a heart at you too. Hit her on the head 3 times to defeat her.

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