Ice Craniac is a character owned by GamerTendo.

Ice Craniac
Coming Soon
Full Name Ice Craniac
Current Age  ???
Date of Birth  ???
Gender Male
Species Ice Cream Monster
Ability/ies Electricity Manipulation

Technology Control




Powers and Abilities

Technology Control

Ice Craniac has the ability to melt into any technology and take control over it. This is also where he get's his electric powers, and this is mainly what he uses at all time in battle. He normally cowards out in computers, and if he finds powerful technology he uses it to cause destruction.

Electricity Manipulation

From going into several technological devices, he gained the ability to control electricity. He can fire lightning bolts, charge up blast of electricity, or use it for several other purposes.



  • He's strangely inspired by when GamerTendo spilled ice cream on his 3DS while playing Street Fighter.

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