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Ice Climbers Blizzard
Ice Climbers Blizzard (known as Ice Climber 2 in PAL Regions) is the sequel to the original game, Ice Climbers for the Wii U. In this game, the Ice Climbers face many new challenges, as well as make some new friends.


The Ice Climbers here about this fun new place, called the Mt. Winter Resort. They decide to go and have some fun, and to peruse they're dreams of mountain climbing. They get there, but before they can climb any mountains, a big blizzard hit. They decide to wait until the blizzard is over, and head back to the resort. On they're way in, they bump into some people, who seem to be on their way out. They give them their apologies, then introduce themselves, Nana and Popo. The other two say that they're the Snow Climbers, Rick and Nicky. They ask the Snow Climbers why they are going outside even though there's a big blizzard. The others say that they are Blizzard Climber's World Champions, and that they climb mountains all over the world, blizzard or not. The Ice Climbers think they can do it too, so they challenge the Snow Climbers. They accept, and they start the race!


Ice Climbers

The stars of the show, they can do anything, the super Bro. & Sis.! They continue their second journey at the Mt. Winter Resort, and are hiking their way through blizzards, avalanches, and a yeti's cave! Help them scale the mountain before their new rivals win the gold!

Snow Climbers

The usual Blizzard Climber's World Champions, they are now competing with the Ice Climbers! Can they get to the mountain top first, or will they become snowman lunch?

Worlds and Levels

Snowflake Mountain

  • 1-1: How to Climb
  • 1-2: Snowflake Climb
  • 1-3: Icicle Lake
  • 1-4: Snowy Drifts
  • 1-5: Snowflake Peaks
  • 1-6: Mr. Snowman's Cave

Snowball Mountain

  • 2-1: Snowball Paloza
  • 2-2: Christmas Forest
  • 2-3: Snowing Downfall
  • 2-4: Snowball Foothill
  • 2-5: Snowy Mountaintop
  • 2-6: The Abominable Cavern

More Coming Soon!

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