Ice Climbers (USBIV)
Universe SSB Ice Climber Series
Appearances in SSB Super Smash Bros. Melee

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Iceberg
Tier A (18)

The Ice Climbers, Popo & Nana, suprisingly return back to Ultra Smash Bros. IV since Super Smash Bros. Brawl after founding a solution from a hardware problem in the SSB4. They make a third appearance as an unlockable character for the first time in the Smash-history. The Ice Climbers are the protagonist of their own titular platforming game Ice Climber for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Since Melee, their beginning to now, the Ice Climbers are supposed to fight together as a team for more double damage. However, Nana disapears when Popo was been smashed like all other Smash Bros. games. They were been confirmed after the Excitebike Rider and Black Mage were also been anounced as the last characters, together with R.O.B., Duck Hunt, Little Mac, Dr. Mario and Mega Man at the Famicom Smash Week, including Mr. Game & Watch.

Sanae Kobayashi voice them again for the third time, but with different voiceclips for this game.

The Ice Climbers are placed in the 18th place of the 103rd (A) in the tier list behind Shulk and after R.O.B., placing them at the top of A+ tier as top tier characters. This is a slightly drop for the Ice Climbers but they maintain their spot as a top tier team since Brawl

They make a excellent team for the tournaments for their unescapable and famous chain-grab combo from 0% to death. They have a good projectile and zoning game from their Ice Shots.

But their traction is a little nerf for their significant use; they have needles in their ice shoes to not slip on the stage unlike Luigi's traction attacks. However, the Ice Climbers nerfed for their lightness, they can be knocked out easily. Their Squall Hammer nerfed for their less hitboxes causing opponents escape them easily. Their up-special, Belay, deals less knockback as 10% and touched opponents goes now sideways. This has been reduced 6% from Brawl.

However, the Ice Climbers have a great matchup overall, they can deal with characters above them thanks to their chain-grab gamestyle such as LuigiMarioCaptain Falcon and of sorts for Bayonetta and Yoshi for her combo potential. Cloud is the only hardest character play agianst due to his long ranged sword.


Ground moves

Aerial moves

Grabs & throws

Special Moves

Name Special Move Percentage Description
Neutral Special
Ice Shot Default
Quick Ice Shot C1
Heavy Ice Shot C2
Ice Throw C3
Side Special
Squall Hammer Default
Soaring Squall Hammer C1
Dashing Squall Hammer  C2
Rolling Snowball C3
Down Special
Blizzard Default
Instant Blizzard C1
Powerful Blizzard C2
Blowing Blizzard C3
Up Special
Belay Default
Quick Belay C1
Rebound C2
Nitpicker C3
Final Smash


  • At the Famicom Smash Week, the Ice Climbers were confirmed at Thursday alongside with R.O.B. that they born at the same year in 1985.
  • The Ice Climbers are the only characters that they don't slip on ice unlike the other characters.
  • Thanks to the Ice Climbers' announcement, more than 800 people (adding more 200 with 256.000 people who reserved this game (probably Smash Bros. fans) reserved this game in Amazon and Ebay which it makes the biggest reserving sale of the Smash-history. 
  • At Level 10, the Ice Climbers only regrab opponents 3 times performing possibly a chain-grab gamestyle.